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Oh yeah

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Broken avatars :D

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2 hours earlier then normal. Awesome.

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Extra long sadness.

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Now you're just spoiling me.

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How much longer will they be releasing games for this? I thought it was over with Krome finishing?

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I actually ran into a bunch of, um, "NBA Elite 11 cosplayers" in the PC version of Black Ops. THEY COULD NOT BE KILLED.

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Vinny's Dream is the greatest story ever to be told.

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I really want an ex-Krome employee to come forward and give some details on what the hell happened with Gameroom. Just do it anon blog style, that seems to be popular nowadays.

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Ball is in... parking lot.

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jeff hitting the ball backwards with his weird noodle club is the best thing 

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Haha Vinny im worried about you man, thats one messed up dream.
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I wanna hear more about Vinny's dream. That sounded epic.

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Game Room fix first thing in the morning! ! :D

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Good old Game Room, never disappoints... with it's awfulness.
Seriously, Vinny as some messed up dreams.

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Wooo gameroom! I though I was the first to see a post for once.. I shouldn't have been watching the  Call of duty quicklook.

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The Golf part of this is the most ridiculously awesome thing I've ever seen. Cannot stop laughing.

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It's always a party with Vinny around.

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I found a Game Room man in Black Ops on PS3 on the second mission through the base with the monkeys, in the room with the four monkeys in the center in a smaller room. He was just chilling in one corner of the room.

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The broken avatar looks like Jesus? Dammit, I knew it! I knew that Game Room had some religious undertones hid in there somewhere. 

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Vinny should totally pitch that dream to Syfy.

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Finally someone wrote the script for Ghostbusters 3.

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lame at first I was like "woah the 1st place highscorer actually PLAYED for his score...ahh nope cheesed it"

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Jeff's laughs during that first golf game were the best part of this quick look

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Thank God Vinny told his dream story. The rest of this was fucking boring.

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Vinny ruled this quicklook.
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Vinny is my favourite <3

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Keep up the good work Jeff! 

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Vinny's dream was awesome.

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i admit my love to vinny..!

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i wonder if "Game Room" will scrap the bottom of the barrel and put out " Custer's Revenge" or " Porky's" because at this rate it looks like it.

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More Vinny dreams please.
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This is why Giant Bomb is my favorite website. Vinny and Jeff, you are wonderful.

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I want a formally petition the staff for a weekly podcast of vinny's dreams, a Dreamcast if you will

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I like how this turned into a mini Jackal endurance run.

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I still find it bizarre that Sears and Roebuck used to be a notable player in the videogame world.

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Vinny what the fuck.

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Vinny is pretty much the definition of "fun".

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Vinny/Jeff videos always come off powered by weed.
More  V/J please.

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@Vlaphor said:
" I still find it bizarre that Sears and Roebuck used to be a notable player in the videogame world. "
Weird things happen with games, man. Like Nintendo of America owning a baseball team and a Chuck E. Cheese. 
And I think Macy's used to have a game section. 
Different times...
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Current Tally 
155 games = $465.00
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In keeping with the plethora of zombie-related things everywhere nowadays, we have Game Room, the service that just won't die.

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Vinny needs to discuss his dreams more often.

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 You can't put a price on the happiness yielded from watching Jeff spin Game Room.

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I used to play the hell out of that Mini Golf game.

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@Blair:  Bless you sir, for you speak the truth.
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Apparently that football game features Bo Jackson

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Those are some pretty fantastic dreams, I gotta say.
Also, I'm gonna beat you guys to it and patent moon-based ad technology. Watch out GB guys!
I really liked that you took a little time to mess with Jackal some more, since those are the things that make these videos still worthwhile against all odds. Very cool video!