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Posted by Chuggsy
@Enns said:
" Vinny/Jeff videos always come off powered by weed. More  V/J please. "
No, no. That would mean that they never stop laughing at their own jokes and nobody else thinks they're funny.
Posted by Jack_Daniels

I have now chosen the game room quicklook over watching the cleveland show.

Posted by nintendoeats

That Atari football game was very impressive.

Posted by Irishranger

Jackal should be put on XBLA with cheevos and leaderboards.  I'd play it.
Posted by Rox360

It's such a bummer to see all the highest level plays on Game Room always being people spending two hours cheezing out on some exploit. It's depressing! Who even cares? It's not like Jackal has a specific achievement for getting a million points!

Posted by CaptainFish

Why are all the people who have high scores in game room the worst people?

Posted by ComradeKhan

Oh my god what is she doing here?! She's got the highest heat signature in the city!!!

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My reviewing score for Game Room is 1-5 broken avatars.
Human Cannonball was fun at the time.  ††
Mini Golf was fun too, I played the shit out of it. ††
Super Football was great considering the platform, but the NES was out by then. †††
I do like the bonus fake video game voices added to the mix.
Every Game Room QL should end with Jackal.
While cheesing the game for points is weak, it's what people did in arcades too so I can't be too pissed about it.

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Posted by Undeadpool

I don't understand the desire to simply be #1 at something, anything that drives some people to just cheese these games by sitting in one place hitting a button for...one hour? Two? And let's face it, someone could just come along who's got more patience and beat him. It'd be like spending your entire life writing zeroes at the end of a one, and then you die and someone comes along and writes one more zero.

Posted by Crushed

Is it strange that I totally understood Vinny's dream?

Posted by TadThuggish

Game Room really shit the bed.

Posted by DarkbeatDK

They are gonna come back with Gameroom with Capcom and SNK and we are gonna have games from the 80's and the 90's like Neo Geo games and it's gonna be awesome... Right, right? ;_;

Posted by cooljammer00

I guess Ryan refused to show up.

Posted by Sarumarine

Ha ha! I love how Vinny totally called the cheesed million Jackal score. And that would be great, if you went through and beat his score. It would take a lot of time... but the result would be priceless.

Posted by gakon

I bought a sealed copy of Super Football for the 2600 within the last year or two.

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Golf is amazing. Fuck you, Game Room.

Posted by JohnnyMcmillen

Vinny's dream was the best thing about this quick look.

Posted by Hoshnasi

Miniature golf is WAY more competent then the regular golf game.

Posted by Natalia

I wish I had dreams like that.

Posted by jonnyboy

Whoh double broken man! So vivid! What does it mean?
It means Krome are looking for work.

Posted by FightTest

I don't think I've ever laughed so hard watching a quick look as I did watching the Golf bit.
Wow.  Tears in my eyes.

Posted by huntad

I love it when Vinny's in the videos. He always makes everything positive and fun!

Posted by DukesT3

Why do I watch this... why... WHYYY...  
Not even Vinnys eternal optimism can save game room... 


why keep wasting money on this? Instead of giving MS money hand over fist why not buy the PSN Japanese Imports and do them? Buy WiiWare Games, Virtual Console Games, PSP Mini's- ANYTHING other than giving MS money money money. GB is 360 centric but there must be a limit?

Posted by dragonzord

Wait... Is Game Room still using the old avatars?

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Posted by Death_Burnout

The awesomeness of Vinny's dream explains a lot. Makes me feel so lucky to dream the way i do.

Posted by TobyD81

Am I the only guy who thinks that Jackal is ready for a series reboot? A somewhat arcadey combat driving game where you roll around and pick up/drop off military dudes? Maybe a few different upgradeable vehicles and weapons...might be cool!

Posted by LiK

LOL, I had to laugh when Vinny started talking about his dream.

Posted by LordAndrew

Super Football looks playable. Golf looks the opposite of playable. Miniature Golf looks better, but still not good.
More Jackal Quick Looks please.

Posted by heatDrive88
@TobyD81: A couple friends I used to play a lot of Battlefield 1942 (and even into 1943) used to rock around in jeeps specifically just to basically re-imagine ourselves playing Jackal.
I guess you could technically do the same in Humvees in BFBC2, but when we do that, we roll out just humming the A-Team theme music through the microphone.
Posted by CraigAA1028

Can Vinny dream analysis be a part of Game Room or the Bombcast from now on?

Posted by Dallas_Raines
It's funny, that's why they keep doing this.
Posted by ESREVER

Vinny's commentary on Jackal was hilarious. 
"Aw no it's cool, next time don't come in a jeep!" 

Posted by DeathbyYeti

indeed the predators are coming

Posted by Garrick_Greathouse

Oh God.. Atari Golf...

Posted by 234r2we232

I really enjoyed this Quick Look of Vinny's Dream.

Posted by Cybexx

I'm perfectly fine with these Game Room quick looks transitioning into Jackal endurance runs.

Posted by DigTheDoug

I can't believe how incredible the Golf game is. That might be my newest favorite segment on the site.

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I vote to have a dream analysis on the bombcast of any of the 4 members, if all 4 had it, discuss, if only 1 had it, discuss it. GO GO!

Posted by spiceninja

I vote for a new Dream Journal segment for the Bombcast.

Posted by steelknight2000

Vinny's dream means he is a replicant.

Posted by DougQuaid
@CraigAA said:
" Can Vinny dream analysis be a part of Game Room or the Bombcast from now on? "
Posted by SuperfluousMoniker

Oh thank god, T pose man is back! T pose man will save us.

Posted by SleepyDoughnut

Boy, $3 for Golf for the Atari 2600! What a deal for such a quality game!

Posted by kerse
@PlasmaBeam44 said:
" I vote for a new Dream Journal segment for the Bombcast. "
Posted by jorbear

I don't care what year GOLF came out. 

Posted by Jost1

      /   \

Posted by Nux

Vinny's dream means......