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Posted by Sauson

Trick Trap has some bitchin' music

Posted by TurboMan

Pitfall II = 2010s 1984 Game of the Year

Posted by prestonhedges


Posted by Zaccheus

That... That was almost good. What is happening? Is it the end?

Posted by Pop

wow this was a great game room, when the guy in blades of steel said ACK! I almost died.

Posted by WEGGLES

Anyone notice the #1 Trick Trap player?

Posted by JetForceGemini

Finally some interesting games! I think Trick Trap actually looks pretty awesome. 

Posted by stinky

first known appearance and best i think, of the one eyed spider that i know of was from the original Johnny Quest. 

Posted by Make_Me_Mad
@WEGGLES said:
" Anyone notice the #1 Trick Trap player? "
I was extremely upset that they didn't mention that.
Posted by zaglis


Posted by nail1080
@TurboMan said:
" Pitfall II = 2010s 1984 Game of the Year "
haha genius this! 
actually I really think they should add a 'Game Room' category 
Posted by NuclearKnight

I am friends with AgentZachMorgan. i was talking to him when this went up and i think he creamed his pants.
Posted by Brake

Agent Zach Morgan is the illest Trick Trap player in the world. 
And GameRoom not sucking completely? Wat.

Posted by PassiveKaerenai

Oh snap, MST3K reference?
I'm mailing Jeff a cookie.

Posted by RAGEosaurus
@Make_Me_Mad said:
" @WEGGLES said:
" Anyone notice the #1 Trick Trap player? "
I was extremely upset that they didn't mention that. "
Me too:(
The amount of times they comment on top scorers or view replays and they did neither! Last time i spend 3 hours getting to #1
Posted by Garadon

Lol I remember some of these from the Double Vision episode of AVGN.

Posted by scarace360

I hate you game room DIE ALREADY!

Posted by ThatFrood

1st place player of Trick Trap is AgentYorkMorgan.
Hell yeah.

Posted by Wes899

Oh man this week actually seems decent.

Posted by Terjay


Posted by MisterSamMan


Posted by RE_Player1

All the games were actually good this week.... WTF!?!?!?!

Posted by HassaniSabbah


Posted by EOT

When the not-Beholders split....I thought i'd gone cross eyed 

Posted by pickassoreborn

Looks like someone at Microsoft was listening and started to make Game Room... better? Exciting times!

Posted by AttackedCamo

This kinda makes me want to go play Game Room.
Posted by ghostNPC

So... wait. Who is doing this Game Room stuff now? I thought Krome closed down?

Edited by MooseyMcMan

My Thanksgiving is now complete! :D  
Also, the guy with AgentZachMorgan as his GamerTag now has my respect, because that is an amazing GamerTag. 

Posted by Video_Game_King

Somebody should remix the Blades of Steel stuff. I can just imagine somebody pumping Blades of Techno at a crowded night club.

Posted by zitosilva

Sunset Riders? Can't wait!

Posted by Gutlieb
@xSUFFOKATEx said:
" Trick Trap has some bitchin' music "
I agree. That was the best part of the video
Posted by Kefkaesque

I came here expecting hilarious bashing of terrible gameroom games. 
I was blown the fuck away. Blades of Steel? Pitfall 2? Sunset Riders in the near future? What the fuck

Posted by Undeadpool

It's weird, Sunset Riders is the game that always popped into my head when I thought about Game Room's ideal candidate. 
It's not even my favorite arcade game, but it was always there.
Posted by Aeterna
@Make_Me_Mad said:
" @WEGGLES said:
" Anyone notice the #1 Trick Trap player? "
I was extremely upset that they didn't mention that. "
And me.
Posted by HubrisRanger

After weeks in the wasteland of awful games, we seem to be about to hit a small oasis of hope. Here's hoping someone got their head out of their arse and this won't be an anomaly in the longer run of awful crap.

Posted by charlie_victor_bravo

Wait, good games on the game room?  What is going on?

Posted by Swoxx

How did they miss AgentZachMorgan as nr1 on the Trick Trap? gheez!

Posted by Rox360

... I... I called this all-arcade nonsense? I was joking, Game Room! You're not supposed to actually do this...!

Posted by shenstra
Posted by JoelTGM

aside from Vectron, those games weren't awful.

Posted by NickNorman

Shoot it - all over me! I couldn't stop laughing at Blades of Steel. That announcer is amazing. Game Room lives on!

Posted by zef40

yes updated games room! i was worried they'd give up and then there'd be no more quick looks.
(i hope in 20 years we are having 360 games on gameroom QLs :)

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

I really liked these videos all along but it seems like Game Room releases might even pick up and get better. Awesome, since I really don't want the series to end!

Posted by LiK

Pretty sweet. Can't wait til Sunset Riders comes out!

Edited by MeatSim

Game Room is alive and well! ....for now.

Posted by DeathbyYeti

Bullshit. Sunset Riders is coming? Really? This is happening? 
I love Gameroom in a non ironic way now

Posted by nintendoeats

dude, check the guy with the high score for Trick-trap (or whatever its called)!!!

Posted by kollay

Look at that fucking sexy old Konami logo.

Posted by Darksaw
@RAGEosaurus:  Fuck yes, worth the three hours easy.
Posted by gormanator

Jeff, what is wrong with you

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