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Posted by SuperfluousMoniker

I don't understand how Jeff could memorize Pitfall 2 yet hate Megaman 9.
Also Set Riders? The arcade version? That's awesome.

Posted by Kajaah117
Current Tally!
162 games = $486.00
Edited by SBYM

A fine showing for Game Room this week. Blades Of Steel was hilarious, Pitfall II was a revelation, Trick Trap didn't seem to be bad at all, and featured a Giant Bomb legend as it's top player, and Vectron was at least interesting in its madness. That laundromat background was pretty bitchin', as well.

Posted by Skittlenizzle

Agent Zach Morgan must be a pretty awesome Trick Trap player. 
And something decent from Game Room? This is quite a surprise.

Posted by Mattalorian

I'm deeply in love with the Genesis/VOPM-esque synth bass in TrickTrap. So good.

Posted by WolfmanJenkins

That laundromat room is the most amazing thing ever.

Posted by XcL

Game room getting good ???

Posted by DrJota

Labyrinth Runner south of the border?Mexican David Bowie is not pleased...

Posted by cordialsnail

Game Room ... doesn't suck horribly this week?
I'm  feeling joy and disappointment at the same time ... happy thanksgiving?

Posted by fox01313

Enjoying watching the variety of having the non-airplane broken female avatar roaming around on this, plus game room awesomeness that mikes up for some previous sucky weeks. 

Posted by President_Evil

Also, I want an 80's 7-11 themed room.

Posted by TheHT

R: 'Who's Rhonda?'
J: 'My niece.'
R: 'She disappeared...'
J: 'I collected her.'
Best exchange from this QL haha. Significantly more entertaining when the games actually seem pretty good. Congrats GameRoom.

Posted by Woodroez

2010's 1984 game of the year is...Pitfall 2.

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

I'm not sure, but it sadly appears that they've patched Broken Guy in this update.

Posted by danimal_furry

Game room has scored a point. They totally rectified the hole they have been sinking into! I am in shock. 
New room designs: Wicked! 
Blades of Steel: one of the best early hockey games ever. 
Pitfall II: Awesome sequel.  
Trick Trap: A good overhead game from the early years. 
Vectron: Sounds and looks like a Strongbad game. Who knows?
Edited by Krystal_Sackful


  Thank you Jeff.

Posted by kalmis

There is hope

Posted by DefaultProphet

Sunset fucking Riders?!  WHAT?!  WHY IS IT NOT OUT

Posted by ch3burashka

Gameplay aside, the Trick Trap music is awesome - GMotD worthy, even.

Posted by paulosaurus

Microsoft does care! Hooray!

Posted by D_W

Was Pitfall 2 the 1st Metroidvania?

Posted by scottygrayskull

I bought Jackal, and two days later there's an update and some good games! 
I take full credit. ^_^

Posted by soralapio
@Krystal_Sackful said:


  Thank you Jeff.

Glad to see I'm not the only one who immediately thought of Eegah! :)
Posted by DukeTogo

Solid entries in Game Room.
Blades of Steel was a great hockey game and filled a niche for arcades usually held by air hokey tables.
Pitfall II was crazy and far ahead of it's time for the generation of consoles it came out on.  I played that game for weeks before beating it.
Yet another Konami arcade game I've never heard of.  Those dudes were at least diverse, plenty of odd games with different themes.
Vectron defines the Intellivision experience.

Posted by SlimJimmothy


Posted by sushisteve
@soralapio said:

" @Krystal_Sackful said:


  Thank you Jeff.

Glad to see I'm not the only one who immediately thought of Eegah! :) "
If only Pitfall 2 had an unnecessary cutscene of the characters driving in circles in a roadster yelling "wheee!"
Posted by scarycrayons
@SuperfluousMoniker said:
" I don't understand how Jeff could memorize Pitfall 2 yet hate Megaman 9.
Pitfall 2 is about the exploration of hundreds of non-linear screens with infinite lives.
Mega Man 9 is about getting game overs across 12 linear screens until you get the pixel-memory down and can move onto the next stage, where you repeat the linearity and crazy difficulty once again.
They're kinda different.  One is fun and relaxing.  The other is brutal and punishing.
Personally, between the two options, I'd happily take the 'fun' choice!
Edited by NeilRapalee

Finally a couple of games I would actually buy.  Sunset Riders and Blades of Steel. 
Way to finally wake the fuck up Game Room. 
Side-note:  I have both of these on MAME so no, I'm not actually going to spend money on Game Room.  I"m just saying had Game Room been like this since day one, I may have actually jumped on board.

Posted by RipTheVeins

This week's Game Room was a Thanksgiving miracle.

Edited by SuperfluousMoniker
@scarycrayons: I haven't played Pitfall 2 but it looked like it could get pretty rough. One hit kills and those checkpoints were pretty spaced out.
Posted by Gearhead

Trick Trap's music is fucking awesome.

Posted by buft

Fuck! i cannot wait for sunset riders, that game was awesome. Pitfall 2 seems interesting, never played it all those years ago and to be honest im surprised as how complicated it is.

Posted by EvilDingo

How can Ryan continuously sound so negative. 
This week seem miles above anything previously seen in Game Room. 
@IntramanDW said:

" Was Pitfall 2 the 1st Metroidvania? "
Well... There is no power-ups. 
It's not like you have to return to previous locations, because new abilities allow you to progress. 
Also the term really should be metroid-like, since the Castlevania-games like Symphony of the Night and onwards simply are Catlevania-games with metroid-like exploration and mechanics. 
... But plenty of other people have addressed this :-)
Posted by madroxcide

I have very fond memories playing pitfall 2 when i was really really young, I never realized it was released a year before i was born though. Have always loved the music in pitfall 2 and remember playing it a ton. 

Posted by MasterKickface

Finding out Sunset Riders is coming to game room has made watching all these videos worth it.

Posted by Foxillusion

Look out for waterrrr snaaaakes

Posted by PJ

AgentZackMorgan is the best   Trick Trap player in the world. Thats fucking awesome.

Posted by Teaspoon83

Sunset Riders... wow. If they worked in online multiplayer... I will gladly pay for it. I will happily make it my first purchase.

Posted by 1trained_n00b

"Shoot it all over me" - Jeff.

Posted by Deathpooky

I feel like some random Game Room problem solved in the title update kept them from putting out all the games in this pack.  I mean, there's no point to destroy the system with Intellivision crap if they still have real games left to sell.  Compared to what we've seen the last couple months, this was a fucking miracle release of games.

Posted by Zamir

9 "Real" Arcade games, YES, that means at least 9 more weeks of "Game Room"

Edited by Hourai

Laughed at Ryan's sarcastic "oh fuck!". 

Posted by bryGPO

they keep sounding more and more depressed every game room quick look...

Posted by CookieMonster

C P U 

Posted by ExitDose

Holy balls! Pitfall 2 and Blades Of Steel. Two of my favorite games from my childhood. Is Game Room finally turning this shit around?

Posted by TheH1ppo

"Shoot it all over me!"

Posted by DG991

ryans laugh....lol

Posted by DeadDorf

Wait, Trick Trap isn't a game about undercover vice cops?

Edited by Fearbeard

Wow...  I'm actually going to buy some Game Room games.
Pitfall 2 is what I've been waiting for, and some of these upcoming Arcade games sound promising.  Though what's up with no ranked mode?  It has points

Posted by Connelo

Anyone else notice the number 1 high scorer's gamertag on Trick trap -1771?

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