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Posted by T0mF5

Is Game Room a part of the laundromat  or is the laundromat a part of Game Room?

Posted by TehFlan
@Wes899 said:
" Also this  
Is it just me or does this remind anyone else of Mega Man?
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Holy crap... I remember a little bit of that game Twinbee, but it didn't seem quite right. So a little trip to youtube and I recognize the nes version better. I think I had it on an old 101 in one famicom converter cartridge thing with a blue ribbon on it so you could pull it out of the nes easier. I had another favorite game on that cart too, but I could never remember the name. All I remember is that it was another vertical scroller and you could go into different sized tanks the further up you go otherwise you were just a dude. Ahh memories.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Game Room has risen, WITH A VENGEANCE! 

Posted by Patman99

I have the 2600 version of Amidar.... ahh the memories....

Posted by Nux

I really liked twin Bee. Thats the best game game room has.
Posted by Pop

soo... best pack ever? huh? huh?

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@TehFlan said:
" @Wes899 said:
" Also this  
Is it just me or does this remind anyone else of Mega Man? "
My favourite is Pastel. She is soooo sassy.
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Amidakuji, I believe also "amida" for short (hence the name Amidar!) was also used to great effect for the bonus stage in Psycho Fox. A couple of bosses in the Mega Man X series use the same concept. It's a very interesting chance mechanic, if you're into stuff like that.

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Awesome game room week. Maybe its not dead.

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I loved me some Pop N' Twinbee on the SNES. I used to go around my mates and we'd play it all the time. Very hard game.

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Cunning Blackbird...best enemy ever?

Posted by WrathOfBanja

This isn't Sunset Riders...

Posted by NobleJon

These videos are awesome. There both informative and entertaining. I'm getting mixed feelings from simultaneously laughing and learning. Not even my best college professors can pull that off on a regular basis. Thanks for playing everything as well. It might actually be making sales as we can actually see when something good comes out. Keep 'em coming.

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That TwinBee music is rad.

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I love how the kung fu guy de-rezzes

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Oh man I remember twinbee and having to juggle those bells!

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Wow all good games for once. I think i will get those. I used to spend hours playing the 2600 version of Amadar (which had different types of characters per map and in that one you were technically painting walls)
So awesome. See, this is what I've been wanting from game room.

Posted by JohnZimmerman

funny as always.  to bad i already gave up on gameroom :(   
krome's epitaph shall read "we made gameroom and blade kitten" 'nuff said."

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so game pack 12 seems like gameroom might be awesome

Posted by danimal_furry

Game room wins again. Just enough to keep everyone interested. Yay! I love you, Game Room Quick Look. 
Also, you guys had a little harmony going on that crash.
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Amidar reminds me of a mix between Pac-Man and Zoom! for the Genesis.

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A strange revival for gameroom. But unless it gets new licenses, it's still the walking dead at this point.

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@T0mF5 said:

" Is Game Room a part of the laundromat  or is the laundromat a part of Game Room? "

Posted by Ronald

I want a Twinbee soundtrack on iTunes.

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Damn, Twinbee brought back memories. Played it in some bootleg Nintendo rom back in the 90s. Really enjoyed it and I would totally play that again.  
Bells and Whistles huh? Hope the 3DS plays DS cartridges.

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That cunning black bird looks more like a pterodactyl.

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You win one Feser point for being awesome.
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This is a version of Amidar I used to play:

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I LOVE how dank that laundromat is.  That's arcade atmosphere man.  Get out of here with your bright lighting and clear air and clean floors.

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Current tally! 
165 games = $495.00 
*Edit: Could that sound in Off the Wall sound any more like Mario flying in Super Mario Bros. 3?
Posted by lasafrog

My favorite QL of the week. As always, Giant Bomb makes Game Room viable. Thanks guys.
Posted by sharma55

That game was..
Off the wall.

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da da da da da da dada dad ad a KABOOM. 
No wait.

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twinbee looks awesome, might be the first gameroom game I get

Posted by ZmillA
@m2cks said:
" @T0mF5 said:

" Is Game Room a part of the laundromat  or is the laundromat a part of Game Room? "

nicely done
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vegetables are bad and fruit is good
game is racist

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" Also this  

AWW hell ya!
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I remember playing TwinBee to death on the NES. Great game!

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Twin Bee FTW - another banner week for the Game Room. Now if only my Game Room would actually LOAD THE FUCK UP! Get's stuck mid way through everytime I try and start it.

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That's a lot of bells and vegetables!

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like others have said, music in twinbee is awesome

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Yeah!!! I'm in a GiantBomb video!! at 9:25 6th on the leaderboard ;)

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TwinBee sure brings back fond memories. *sniff*

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Is that the Superman theme?

Posted by karatetron

Ooooh, cunning blackbird!

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@sharma55 said:
" That game was..
Off the wall. "
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@Hamst3r Sounds like you have material for a new song at 4:35. LOL
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Nothing stops the game room quick look.