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Aw yeah, new Game Room!

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No sunset riders?

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Finally. Venetian Blinds.

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Venetian blinds! 

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Off into the sunset... with blinds.

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Only Game Room can make the holidays better!!

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Konami Code is used to change between the two different types of cabinets for Konami games. I think its also used to get a cocktail Asteroids too after you get all 3 gold medals in that game. 

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42 minutes?  fuck yeah!

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Great early Christmas gift!

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They say suicides increase this time of year. The people in charge of these game packs are just doing their part to help those people along.

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sunset riders....sunset riders....SUNSET RIDERS!!!!! PLEASE BE SUNSET RIDERS!!!

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Dammit, I was hoping this would be a 40 minute quick look of Sunset Riders.

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GAME OF THE YEAR! If it counts as a game...?!

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Nothing stops the game room QL not even santa

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They all look like tiny Fidel Castros.

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ITS ON LIKE ****** ****

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Best Xmas gift evar.

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Game Room blowout woooo! 
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3 bucks for a demo... wtf?

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Yay! Finally! Sunset Riders! 

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I want to see a Venetian Blinds Replay. 

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Yeah, that does look like a fucking bouncing leaf.

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No sunset riders? Oh Microsoft.

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Ryan couldn't handle 12 gameroom releases. Who could blame him?

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Game Room would benefit from the Steam "let's charge people not a lot of money for games they don't really want but will buy at this price."  Like, you look at football on the Atari 2600.  There are four games (Football, RealSports Football, Super Football, and Super Challenge Football), and maybe two of them are halfway decent, at least with two players.  But you can't sell those for $3 each.  Sell all four for $3-5 as an "Atari Football Pack".

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Merry game room everyone!

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I can't believe they actually went through with charging 3 bucks for a demo... although, I wouldn't mind that Venetian Blinds avatar for some bizarre and twisted reason.

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Oh my god.
Venetian Blinds?

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Game room delivers as usual.
Pray for it to keep on in 2011

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The Venetîan Blinds ending was fucking amazing!

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Venetian Blinds....GIT HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Venetian Blinds is GAME OF THE YEAR!!!!!

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So can you... Can you raise the blinds?

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The last game was easily worth the $3.

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Having blinds just floating around the game room is the best.

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The ending was actually pretty beautiful. Very good send off.

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BREAKING NEWS! Venetian Blinds is now part of the GSL Tournament! 

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Venetian Blinds CE?

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Venetian Blinds: Quite simply the best window covering simulator on ANY console.
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A very Game Room Christmas. I love you, Giant Bomb.

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At the beginning I figured the Venetian Blinds was just a Game Room award that Jeff wanted to do a Quick Look of because he'd gone crazy.
Turns out I was half right.

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How much will the DLC cost for Venetian Blinds?

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@Lavos said:
" Venetian Blinds CE? "
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Jeff was right, the copy for that Venetian Blinds description was totally lifted from AtariAge.  Makes me wonder if they've been doing that all along.

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I should start a Venetian Blinds let's play

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Loved Venetian Blinds, GOTY 2010. 
Someone make a screensaver from this.