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Posted by lizardspike

More Game room?

Posted by fwylo


Posted by rentfn

Woohoo Pitfall

Posted by TheDoubleJ

are they going to do this every update
Posted by Somadude

Hmm, maybe this will convince me to buy some games for gameroom?
Posted by Banzai_NL


Posted by blueman90

go! Game room.
Posted by DeathbyYeti

Gameroom is still overpriced

Posted by Gibbs_Acolyte

Addon pack GO!

Posted by VoshiNova

love me some game room

Posted by JerkFace

I picked up Megamania, Pitfall, Nightstalker, and Super Breakout.  They're all good additions, though Super Breakout is wicked hard.  One welcome evolution that came to be over the years after this game was made?  Widening the friggin' bumper.
All in all, a good update.  Hope it gets more people playing.  I also noticed on the 'preview' channel, in game, ads for upcoming titles not yet spoken for.  That's a good sign that more content is on the way!

Posted by ooofafa

reach beta

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I have strong suspicions that we will see Game Room retail compilations.  Best of Konami, Best of Intellivision, etc. They might come with branded USB sticks instead of on disc.
Just sayin', it's about the only way they could get my money for some of this stuff.
Considering Microsoft dudes are on record saying Game Room wouldn't be about re-releasing XBLA games, I can't wait to see the double dip rage for that.  But it's Time Pilot. I'll buy Time Pilot for anything.

Posted by Mr_Skeleton

He is doing the vitruvian man.
Posted by Moridin

I'm interested in Game Room, but can't get over the fact that it's a little pricey for what you're getting.

Posted by MachoFantastico

Pitfall, so awesome. 

Posted by gakon

Is that some British English on that control screen?  Top centre?

Posted by Trace

Appreciate you guys looking at the weekly selection of Game Room titles, especially since my deciding factor on whether to pick up Pitfall! or not was the gold medal requirements for points. 20,000? A bit high for my skills.
Also, Night Stalker is awesome, and George Plimpton would like you to know that the Intellivision has more power and better graphics than the 2600.

Posted by kingando420

game room pretty much sucks

Posted by wrecks

Megamania was the bane of my childhood. Still maddening. But Gameroom as a whole is a big disappointment.

Posted by Crono

super breakout and pitfall are about the only games i care about in the gameroom so far.  Oh and crystal castles

Posted by TadThuggish

JEFF:  You should finish the original game room reviews!
Though having quick looks for the new stuff is nice, too :3

Posted by Sil3n7


Posted by PeasForFees
@gakon5 said:
" Is that some British English on that control screen?  Top centre? "
Yes, that is indeed proper English.
Posted by mrbasehart

Awesome.  I hope they do this for every Game Room update.  Imagine the size of Jeff's arcade at the end of the year!

Posted by Veektarius

I remember them talking about how Game Room is supposed to work its way up through the years until it's emulating the dreamcast.  I can hardly believe they turned a profit off the initial release, and they're certainly not going to maintain it with anemic releases like this. 

Posted by LordAndrew

So Pitfall and Super Breakout it is then.

Posted by White_Silhouette

Night Stalker is a reminder to how horrible the 360 D-pad is.

Posted by PirateNeal

Thanks Jeeeffff

Posted by chogi


Posted by Robitt

Jeff describing the mechanics of Pitfall is like music to my ears.

Posted by Ghostfish

OMG, Megamania!  I spent so much time on that game as a kid.

Edited by fox01313

Too bad that there's not more arcade cabinets for this week, it's the only thing I know of that really shines in the Game Room atmosphere. Wondering where Wizards of Wor is in the lineup? Would rather have Blasteroids & Arkanoid than the classic games for the atari/arcade.
With me for some reason I see the first game Pitfall & it reminds me more of the next in the series: Pitfall II (yes the one with the damn bats).

Posted by spiceninja

I've played a lot of Pitfall and I never knew you could run to the left.  My mind has been blown.

Edited by Slab64
@kous18 said:

" are they going to do this every update "

Pretty sure they already missed a week.
Edit: Neeeeevermind.
Posted by Death_Burnout

That is how Calvert rolls!

Posted by Jasonofindy
@Slab64 said:
" @kous18 said:
" are they going to do this every update "
Pretty sure they already missed a week. "
Nope this is the first new batch of games since launch.  Even though there is nothing for me this week, I'm glad they finally got the bowl rolling.  I'll check back in next week.
Posted by Rodiard

Wait, MEGAMANIA... Mega Man Iowa? 
Oh...oh. Megamania.

Posted by RedSox8933

It's about fucking time! I hope they come out with new packs every week, otherwise Game Room is going to flop.

Posted by Capum15

This just in, Pitfall's still awesome. Also: Left? Holy fucknuggets.
Another good Quick Look.

Posted by RVonE

You can run left?! FUCK!
Posted by Brunchies

I'm not a fan of the pricing but Pitfall is a good sign. 

Posted by nmarchan

I don't think I want to play any game that is on Game Room right now.  Maybe when Galaga comes out or something like that.  MAYBE.

Posted by RazielCuts

That is all. 

Posted by Blkthorne

The games on tap for May 12th in the Game Room are Battlezone(Atari arcade), Keystone Kapers(Activision 2600), Soccer (INTV), Canyon Bomber(Atari 2600), Night Driver(Atari 2600), Oink!(Activison 2600), and Mega Zone(Konami arcade).

Posted by Floppypants

You'd have to hate your money to buy this stuff

Posted by cravins90

I'm glad you guys are doing this. I mean I would never want to play any of these, but it's interesting nonetheless.

Edited by twosided

Pretty sure this is the first time Giant Bomb has covered Game Room without mentioning Jungler. I'm not sure how I feel about this.

Posted by dvorak
@twosided said:
" Pretty sure this is the first time Giant Bomb has covered Game Room without mentioning Jungler. I'm not sure how I feel about this. "
It's a better world we live in today.
Posted by Rawrz

Hell yes, Pitfall!

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