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Can't wait to see Jungler

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still wondering if I should get this :P
Thanks for the video dudes.

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Just felt i should keep this going.

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Get me some jungler yo

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It can't be... 
Wait ...

IT IS !!! 

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Jeff, I will top score battle Jungler with you. Crazy that XBLA is going so niche. I figure people into these games just have maim machines.

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It's a Quick Look BONANZA and everyone's invited!

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So that's jungler. I'm less excited than I expected to be.

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I have met Joe Decuir. He's a pretty awesome dude.

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God I haven't played Astrosmash in 25 years! And I can live without playing Astrosmash for another 25 years.

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I love Shao-Lin's Road.

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I'm a little surprised that Jeff doesn't play in Cabinet mode. I LOVE that they even include some screen glare!

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While I haven't bought any of the games. It's kind of cool for it's novelty factor. 
And a reminder of just how far games have come since the 1980s.

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I would probably be all over this if it was 200 points. 400 seems a bit much.
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I know Jeff said he thinks the new releases are on Thursday, but does anyone know for absolutely certain? You know, so I could get something on the first day and get the mascot...ugh

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I see "Adventure" in the Atari room. That was the first home video game I ever played. Brings back good times...

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Are any of these games even worth getting? I'd rather save my points for when XBLA games go on sale for about the same price

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Am i the only one who thinks that this is even worse than home? (Yes i do realize that game room basically has nothing in common with home except the fact that both are very boring).

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Retro for me was the Master System but now I can experience all the 70's and 80's  have had to offer!

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No St. John's River in Finalizer!? Man, forget this game.

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So i entered gaming during the N64 era, because i was born in 91 and my family was broke haha. Which of the games in the game room are must plays?

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Lol, "Jeff goes straight to the jungler."

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this is so much worse than home. they told me it was free to play the games, the lying bastards i dont wanna waste all my money on some crappy remake of a forgotten classic
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Oh come on, Jeff. Astrosmash is a GREAT game. Games take too long to ramp up difficulty, maybe, but if you didn't find it any fun near 100,000 points, when the game gets both intense and freakin' insane, then I cannot stress how sorry I feel for you.
Yeah, I'm an obviously biased party, but geez. That's a heck of a slap in the face for Intellivision fans.

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Jeff needs to do a Game Room endurance run. Play a bunch of game room games once a week.

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Game room would have been cooler if you can deck out your room with the XBLA games YOU previously bought.

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On most games you can zoom in on the cabinet and watch the game through cabinet view. Hit start then change the graphical options from "Arcade" to "Cabinet" and it makes some games like Red Baron significantly better.
Filters cant be messed with as much though.

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Invisible tank pong GO!

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This really needs to be subscription or something.

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I want a durger

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I just bought Jungler, Super Cobra, Crystal Castles, and Tutankham.

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"Like my all-Jungler room."

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Needs more ZX Spectrum  . I can dream right?

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I played a bit of the PC version of Game Room; seemed alright, if only a way to squeeze money out of people by buying each game individually. Plus, at the moment, none of the games on offer for purchase are particularly great, even if they are "classic". I played a tiny bit of Adventure for the 2600 and was instantly lost and eaten by something. 
"Has it been more than 2 minutes? It feels like an eternity doesn't it?"
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Shaolin's Road and Finalizer are both excellent old school games, infact most of the Konami stuff is worth getting.

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Yesssss!!!!   JUNGLERRRR, I can't wait!!!  :D

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Seems pretty neat, love the classic sounds. 

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All Jungler, all the time.

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a m a z i n g - now give me a time machine and make me 8 years old again too, Krome Studios :)

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So happy this happened, I NEED to get a card and buy some classic games!!!

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The way you make this work is by making all the games free and putting advertisements around the room and next to the games themselves. I'm not paying 90 bucks for games that are 2 decades old.  it's not like you can't emulate these games on even the most basic of hardware.  
This is a clear case of NosCon

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First thing I did was play a game of Jungler, and then I turned it off, probably FOREVER

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@99X:  The era of banner ads being effective advertising is pretty much over. On the internet people either block them, resent them or ignore them.  On the 360 people would probably ignore them and they couldnt click through like on the internet.  Basically, everyone says they want things like this to be free with ad support because we like free things. But companies like microsoft are wise to this.  They know we have no intention of buying the things they advertise, so i dont think you are going to see pure ad support much anymore. And that is the right thing to do. They cant make enough money just doing ad support.
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Those games are a bit too old school for me. I hope they eventually get to some 90's stuff like Sega Rally, Virtua Fighter and Daytona USA.

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