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Tempest, bitches!
Although I had a hell of time adjusting to the 360 controller.

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I don't know about you guys, but the first thing I went to was Lunar Lander.

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I must say that the first game I played when I downloaded Game Room was Jungler. Thanks Jeff...

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This has shown me I would much rather listen to Crystal Castles than play Crystal Castles.

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@Teeknuts said:
" This has shown me I would much rather listen to Crystal Castles than play Crystal Castles. "
Also, Jungler and especially Finalizer look pretty fun.
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Jungler is the shit. Day One purchase, dudes.

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Yars' Revenge challenge was awesome.  

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That Finalizer game looked pretty sweet.
But I don't know that this thing is for me, since I was born way past the Atari days.

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The PC version doesn't support your 360's avatar and you can't create a new one (just select from a few pre-defined). So I'm a trill black dude on PC and a bald white dude on 360.
Also the game rooms are different for each platform, but the achievements are linked. So I have no clue which one of mine a friend would end up visiting. Anybody else test this out?

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I was pretty pessimistic about Game Room but after watching this, it shows what Home could have been.

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Cant wait to try this.

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Best thing I found for games you're unfamiliar with is to look at the leaderboards at the top score, cleared up a lot of issues not knowing all the tricks of Jungler (or just check out the replay to see how it ends). 
Edit: think that the best thing for game room is sticking to the arcade cabinets & maybe early PC games like M.U.L.E. or Archon as well as skipping past most of the atari/intellivision stuff (in regards to buying it).

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HOME copy

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I remember this time when my friend hacked an arcade machine somehow and made it take no quarters, so we sat there for like 2 hours playing for free.  It was a cabinet that was like Namco classics or something.

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And for the life of me, I don't remember the game "Red Baron" at all.

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I may get Yars' Revenge.  That Finalizer looked pretty great, though, too...

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You guys need to JUNGLE at higher levels. Pro levels.

Posted by Terjay

Yayyy! A whole bunch of old shitty games!

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A lot of this stuff looks cool, like the replays and challenges, but my least favorite thing about game room is the games.

Posted by ZmillA

I think this is one of the better things MS has done extra game stuff wise.

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Ha ha, all Jungler room.  Nice!

Posted by Gabriel

Crystal Castles wtf....

Posted by NickL

did anyone who has never seen jungler expect it to look like that?
i have never seen it and i expected it to include ... you know... a jungle

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Looks really awesome. Definitely interested in checking this out.

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wow this is friggan amazing. i was really dissapointed by jungler after all that pimping from the podcast =[[[

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are leaderboards shared between xbox and pc?

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Yeah...I'll pass.

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Game room: more reason to waste your money and horrible games for unreasonable prices!

Posted by buzz_killington

AKA Jungler: The Movie.

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That tree is NASTY!

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About Tokens; tokens only let you demo the game for 10 mins like demoing the game for the first time. It's a bummer that you can't play ranked games with tokens and just spend MS points on more tokens rather then whatever the asking price for one buy in is...and i don't even know if that buy in is a ranked game or not, be damned if i'm gonna test it.

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Hey Dudes you can enable full cabinet mode by selecting that mode in the game room options. You can also take a bit of a look at the cabinets in your game rooms by using the right analogue stick!. Hope this helps you out.
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Shit sucks. It's got Microsofts special brand of confusing cash grabbing all over it. Also, does anyone really want to play these games for more than a minute or two? I mean seriously? 
I'd rather play ball-in-a-cup.

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Jungler is fun, Crystal Castles looks incredibly difficult to control, and Tempest just looks hard.

Posted by LordAndrew
@NickL said:
" did anyone who has never seen jungler expect it to look like that? i have never seen it and i expected it to include ... you know... a jungle "
I saw screenshots of the game on Giant Bomb and figured it looked like Pac-Man. It turns out it sort of is and sort of isn't.
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"No! No.. thats friend's world."

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I got almost 100 points out of this and I didn't even buy a single game. But I did play Jungler and then stopped.

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This is the first and only game I bought in Game Room....sad...sort of...

Posted by Redbullet685
@Vager said:
" I would probably be all over this if it was 200 points. 400 seems a bit much. "
the games are 240 ms each
Posted by Woocifer

Kinda crappy setup if ya ask me...and the game selection is not worth the cash...

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Tank Pong is still such pure fun for me. Love it.
Oh, and I totally remembered the Crystal Castles warp zone jump points, too. But do you think I can remember my mother's birthday? No chance.

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Yeah Franz Lanzinger, sounds like a dick!

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finalizer and yar's revenge look pretty playable lol.

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"My all Jungler room!" 
I have one of those too!

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How could you not show Red Barron!? That's the best one! DAY ONE BITCHES!

Posted by Tebbit

Oh... the JUNGLER! Now I get it.

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Man, I wish this had the game sounds. The sounds for tempest are AWESOME. 

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Man, Yar's Revenge, take me back! I love playing that game back on my Atari. Tempting to get this but no! I swore off games till I finish what I got, last thing I need is cheap games.

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In retrospect, Game Room would have benefited greatly from a beta. Hopefully they fix it soon so I can buy some Atari 2600 games.