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Compression artifacts on this video got really bad into the middle... It's a shame.

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Posted by Klei

@DJJoeJoe Just try to roadie run. Try it.

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@Klei: I think your missing the point

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Posted by Nomin

Bah~ Bah~ Bah~

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@Klei: Uhhhh that was kind of an odd comment.And what kind of runner runs in 50+lb armor in an almost crouched stance?I feel bad for that guy.

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Posted by Dark_And_Grey

Anybody watch the Gametrailer review and see "Giantbombing" constantly popping up in multiplayer with kills haha Also I really want this game so bad

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I wish there was a filter so you could see only Member comments or free users if you want to. I'm getting tired of the lame youtube like comments from the free users.

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I would buy a shirt that says "What's up, I'm a Brumak".

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this quick look smells of compensation of the blind eye to same ole same ole, and weird "awesome" "cool" drops about meh things. 5 stars for a same ole third game of the same thing, and the same crappy mulitplayer?

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Edited by Devinant

I can't see that anyone has posted the official Epic-link in order to get the Griffin character (Ice-T). It will redirect you to a Facebook page. Accept the terms, get the code, input the code directly from the dashboard or on Xbox.com. Here goes:


I'm really looking forward to Gears Of War 3. I hope I'll be able to finish of the last book - Coalition's End - before the game ships.

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@Dark_And_Grey: No, but I'm going back there to see lol.

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Crouch walking, let alone roadie running is total nonsense That said: Woot! Pre-ordered. Can't fucking wait!

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Just FYI, a code to download Griffen was available to those who were friends with the Gears of War 3 page on facebook. You had to "like" a specific page to get the code. I, for example, have redeemed the code on xbox and and have Griffen waiting to crach some skulls. :) Can't wait for this release. Thank you so much for the peek!

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Posted by RandomInternetUser

I reallllly wish this was on PC. I absolutely adored Gears 2, but my fifth Xbox broke last summer and I declared fuck it and got a PS3 as my new console. I really do not want to buy an Xbox just for this.

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Posted by Diablos1125

I am so PUMPED for Gears 3 after seeing this XD

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Posted by AnEternalEnigma

Video starts doing a really weird blinking thing halfway through.

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Posted by Rocospi

People actually like bullet sponges?

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Posted by shakra

I want to play through gow2 again now.

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Posted by GirlsGeneration

Nice quick look guys

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The new version of Trenches is a lot better now. I didn't like that level in the beta.

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damn I can't watch any more past the 5 min mark.  Too good.  I'm already going to buy this.  I just want to play it not watch it.

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@MadaRenrut said:

this quick look smells of compensation of the blind eye to same ole same ole, and weird "awesome" "cool" drops about meh things. 5 stars for a same ole third game of the same thing, and the same crappy mulitplayer?

A lot of people really like the 'same ol same ol' of Gears. A lot of people also really like the multiplayer. Incremental improvements on things that people really like aren't a bad thing.

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Posted by davecuk

Looks great.

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Posted by SatelliteOfLove

"Easy" has always been for when your ass runs out of the ability to absorb ass-beatings.

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Posted by Solh0und

Looks like I'll be playing this in Arcade mode....Co-op style!

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Posted by advkow

This game is gonna rock!

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Posted by Eojay

Cannot fucking wait for this.

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Posted by ConduitFourSale

three minutes in and that dudes exploding out of the ground ist he most BOSS shit I've ever seen. ready for this one.

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Posted by TheMasterDS

Sounds really cool, but I'll pass. Don't feel like it.

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Posted by RelentlessKnight

I find it funny that Brad says the graphics looks better than Gears 2 and that's the same exact comment when Gears 2 came out and looking better than the first Gears. How ironic.

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Posted by DragonNinja789

Looks great sounds great. Wish they showed more story, Jeff!!

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Posted by JackFoster

@gamb1t: That's not very good logic..

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Posted by wafflez

today is the day of not so quick quick looks

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Posted by ZmillA

@RelentlessKnight said:

I find it funny that Brad says the graphics looks better than Gears 2 and that's the same exact comment when Gears 2 came out and looking better than the first Gears. How ironic.

Thats not ironic at all

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Posted by advocatefish

50 mins is too long, it might give away too much for me. I can('t) wait till tuesday.

No going to watch it but I'll just say IM PUMPED for Gears 3.

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Posted by bunkerbuster05

GOD DAMN I can't wait. Never seen the bursting from ground locusts before. Totally badass.

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Posted by InfiniteGeass

It's too bad that the shotgun is still jacked up in multiplayer. It's what always turned me off from the competitive modes of any Gears game.

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Posted by ch3burashka

I think "Fuck Yeah" should be a concept - enough games employ it.

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The whole JEFF thing 99% killed CashWhore---- sorry I mean GameSpot for me.

The final nail in the coffin was that they totally raped GEARS 2 in its review and gave THE PIECE OF CR*P that was BRAID 360 game of the year, WHERE MOST/ ALL other XBOX GAMES WERE MULTI PLATFORMS but GEARS 2 was NOT EVEN IN THE LIST OF NOMINEES. This is what stopped me using GS

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Posted by Tarsier

fuck this RATED EM FOR MATURE!!!!!!!!!!!!

1000000x volume

come on gamespot i mean giantbomb

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Posted by dagas

I bought Ikaruga when it came out on XBLA because I had heard so much about it, but only managed to complete the first level. these games are not for me. Also this is 1200p while Ikaruga was 800 IIRC. I hate that almost no games are 800 anymore. Also I hate it when the video finishes playing while I'm typing and it jumps over the the next video and I had to go back and type this all over again.

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Posted by anbumakura

I wasn't really all that excited for Gears 3 until Tuesday when I remembered it comes out next week. This has only served to increase my excitement. This game looks amazing.

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Posted by Orange_Pork

"Why else would he have a du rag on unless he was bald?"

Dude... it's a do-rag. You wear them to protect your do. As in, your hairdo.

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Posted by Sammo21

@rjayb89: yeah, i think he did the review for Joystiq but was going it for IGN (when he was still there).

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Posted by Grilledcheez

Well I preordered just now...looks great.

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Posted by belin43

why you like this games ,i don't understand..never

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Posted by Wholemeal

@belin43: I'll never understand why people play sports and racing games. I'll never understand why people play farm simulators and train simulators. I never understand why people play fighting games and FF games. Whatever man, to each their own.

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Posted by IceColdGamer

@belin43: Speak Engrish?

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Nice Arrested Development reference at 10:25! Come on!

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Posted by LiquidPrince

Too much menu showing, not enough story gameplay showing.