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More Ghostbusters... no, thanks.

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Second. I'll take it.

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Who ya gonna call?

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Yay for video content.

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Quick Looks make me feel good.

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I ain't 'fraid of no Ghosts.

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who ya gonna call?

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Who am I gonna call?

Posted by ProfessorEss

Marshmellow Man! MARSHMELLOW MAN!!

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Ray Parker Jr. lives in the sanctum of my heart.

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I aint fraid.

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And the flowers...are still standing!
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Looks like I was right to not buy this.

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Y'know, I think some kind of tracking and trapping mechanics could've made this game different enough to be worth checking out.
As it stands it's looking crazy generic.

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I ain't afraid of no quick look!

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Who you gonna call? Giantbomb!
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Looks incredibly boring.

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they ain't afraid of no budget, they just didn't have one.

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@Bacchus said:
" I aint fraid. "
What if I were to inform you that there is something strange, in your neigborhood!?
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Vinny/Ryan QLs are my favorite. They could probably pull off a morning radio show.

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the last game was a lot of fun, both single and multiplayer. this kinda looks like generic shite. :/

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There's also a Steam version :P

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wow its come to the point where i didnt even watch what they were doing, i just listened to what they have to say while i did work around my room.  
What have I become?

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Best part of this game? When you hover over the demo (and im assuming the game) on the xmb, the ghostbusters song plays on a loop. i think ill keep the demo just for that

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Played the demo, snooze. I'll watch this later see what they think.

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It's fun, but it's not nearly as fun as it should be. The writing is pretty awful, too. 

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Game itself doesn't look too bad though I'm surprised that they couldn't get the original ghostbusters looking vaguely like they did from the films for the graphic novel parts. Will definitely give the demo a try & go from there.

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crossing streams works in magicka....

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a friend instant regret buying this game, i can see why

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No online multiplayer in PC version? no thanks.

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Ghostbusters is still my favorite movie of all time and one of my fondest childhood memories (in The Real Ghostbusters cartoon).  I liked the last GB game but this one is really boring, there is no direction, and the difficulty is kind of annoying (full health but 1 hit kills by random ghosts on normal?)  I bought this because its GB, but its hard to recommend it even at $10.  

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Past experience with Metroid Prime and its thoroughly obtuse and obnoxious use of color-coding tells me I will hate this game.

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Just what xbox live needs, a dual joystick shooter. It's been hours since one of those has come out. Thank goodness......
meh. meh meh meh.

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@skywing:  You're not alone, I've become a fan of the Quick Listen myself.
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Luigi's Mansion is still the superior ghostbusting game

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hahaha B-gon. The best ever.

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Seems like a decent co-op game.    

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I like this. It's like Ghost Trick, only it's a shooter. And on a console. And there's no puzzle solving.

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I deleted the demo last night after like 2 minutes playing it.

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"I ain't afraid of no ghosts" is a double negative which means he isn't afraid when there are no ghosts around.
So Vinnie infact ain't afraid of no ghosts.
The more you know

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busting makes me feel goooooooo

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Dr. Janosz Poha is the name you guys were looking for.

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Why would they make you play as 'rookies'? 
If they already have off-brand versions of the movie characters in there, and no VO, surely they wouldn't need extra licensing to allow you to play as them. 

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Luigi's Mansion was more GhostBusters than this pile of ectoplasmic tripe

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@Jumbs:  Nope, no online co-op for PC again!
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I enjoyed Ghostbusters TVG but this doesn't look that great.

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Ryan sounds... ill? Somethings off with his voice.