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Awesome. Wanted to check this game out

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Ah sweeet epic QL!

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You guys freakin' rock.

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First loading screen to ever make me laugh.

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leisure suit larry gets half and hour and ghostbusters 17min? come on guys... :p

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Awesome. Was wondering what this is going to be like

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Back off man, it's a Quicklook.

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greatest load screen music ever

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I didn't see Winston in any of the videos that I found. But he is in the gameplay, which is weird...

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"Let the rookie win" lol

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What about the Twinkie?

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Rinkalicous said:
First loading screen to ever make me laugh.
I agree, the loading screen is pretty kick.
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The first game to ever make it worth buying just because of the load screens! FACT!

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It craps out at about 13:18

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You are all pitiful little worms to Vigo.

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So awesome! Can't wait to get playing!

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game looks dull as hell.

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I liked it when Ryan says 'the emotion is there' and there are aload of smiley faces on the wall. Good quick look, but i think the loading would get pretty annoying listening to the theme for about a minute every time. You guys are awesome!!

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You are like buzzing of flies.

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Graphics are pretty bad, but the game looks fun

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This looks great. Can't wait!

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OMG !!!! YES. I've really been looking foward to this.

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Wow, I hope that you weren't trying to keep that gamertag secret! But I agree, 30 minutes for Larry but only 17 for Ghostbusters!

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LMAO! love the tag line.

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Could have been more impressed but looks pretty good. 

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Quotes are killing this game for me.

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maybe it's "μ-on" trap?  (sounds like "myu-on")

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Nice showing of the gamertag. Let spaming begin.

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I want this game more now than ever.

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Who's gamertag is xXxArmorKingxXx?

Edit: It doesn't seem to be an XBL gamertag, must be offline only.

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Looks better than I expected.  think I'm actually excited for this now!

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Pay back on Ryan for all those shout-ins on the Endurance Run.

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This just wasnt a Ghostbusters Quick Look without a reference to On Our Own.  Best Bobby Brown song, ever... after Tenderoni.

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ahh, wait for the reviews

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Leisure Suit Larry was long because it had nothing to spoil due to it being so awful. This was short because it's not LSL and there are a lot of things they didn't want to spoil. I'm glad they didn't show much, I want to enjoy this game and experience it for myself.

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This will be a day one purchase...bustin' makes you feel too good to pass this game up.

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*piano keys*
Do you smell something?
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This looks pretty good actually, i've always wanted to know what it's like cus i've never been sure where Ryan's mixed feelings were coming from, i'm just not a big enough Ghostbusters fan i guess. Grew up with it though.

You can always tell Ryan's playing when you can hear those sticks clackin'
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looks amazingly like ghostbusters, and that's what i want from a ghostbusters game.

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It's looking better than I expected. I would love to see a Quick Look of the Wii version as well.

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Getting it. :D

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watching it it looks a little rubbish but i still want to play it SOOO much, why ghostbusters!!!
i live in england and only have a 360 so will be waiting ages to play this :(

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The game looks really boring.

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I liked the ghostbusters movies as a kid but idk...this looks really boring.

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No quick look is complete without a discussion of Doritos!

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GOTY for me.

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This was going to be PS3 game purchase number 5, but now its a rental