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I have no problem with this.

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This looks surprisingly competent (other than those horrid load times), but considering I was expecting a completely broken mess, that's not saying much. Other than the hilariously on-the-nose name, it seems identical to millions of other long forgotten female centric fighters.

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I love how obvious it is that they didn't want to hire anyone to do voice acting. Plot exposition by a microsoft sam-style voice and the girls themselves pretty much only grunt or make generic "hya" sounds.

How did this get delayed for so long when there is clearly no budget or craft or effort or technical skill put into it? Why does it still exist?

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Jesus fucking christ. I have no words.

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Oh man...that dubstep during the fights.

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Maybe this game isn't any good, but any fighting game will look terrible if you spend 30 minutes spamming only basic attacks against poor AI enemies.

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I think the announcer just said "SPLOITS!"

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Well now I have a newfound appreciation for DoA.

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If I was looking for an exploitative fighting game for man-babies, why wouldn't I play DOA instead?

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FINALLY some diversity in video games. This is exactly what Leigh Alexander always wanted.

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look at all the comments defending the game

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Oh dear, Hatsune Miku has started a trend hasn't she?

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Everything is terrible!

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Considering this isn't exactly a "down time" for good games, I can't help but laugh and love that this site is putting out videos about games like Girl Fight or that Hatsune Mike game.

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My god, even if you're treating this like a gal fighter and nothing more...those outfits are fucking awful!

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How is this game even remotely similar to the Hatsune Miku game?

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I just play GTA V where I got a lap dance from two topless women. So, this is neither the most disturbing thing I have seen all week, nor are these the most poorly textured models of women being poorly animated either.

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This game is just a bit depressing, isn't it?

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Jeff's right on the money, during the quick look I kept having hard flashbacks of all those mountains of obscure, mediocre or worse PS1-era fighting games like Criticom and D-Xhird. People tend to forget that for every fighting game that was actually improved in significant ways when ported home, like Tekken 3 and SF Alpha 3, there are like at least a half dozen Cardinal Syn's and Vs.'s. None of them were quite as pandering as Girl Fight, though.

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Oh man, this game is even worse than the title would suggest.

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Oh a new version of the creepy pervert detector.

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Well this isn't good for video games.

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@cale said:

This is a game for perverts with no sense of shame. Have some shame!

I don't have no shame, I'm shameless!

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Is that Hoth?

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They spent more time in load screens than actually playing.

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This just looks terrible on all fronts. I don't understand how this got delayed at some point, considering it looks like no effort was put into it. DOA5 looks like a masterfully crafted game in comparison; at least they put in the effort to make a story mode that's dumb in an enjoyable way.

In addition to all those terrible PS1 fighting games, it seems reminiscent of something like Rumble Roses, but somehow even worse.

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@posh said:

look at all the comments defending the game

I tried, but couldn't find any.

This game looks pretty bad.

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well this is sad.

+ 0.5 for the posh english robot lady voice. that was kind of funny.

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Sexy.....I mean, this is misogynistic bullshit.

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oh man, I laughed so hard at Vinny's exasperated sigh at "steamy salute"

Think that condemned this game way more than anything else I saw here.

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This game should come to PC. Think about all the modding you could do.

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Look at all of these powerful and strong women who have learned to take control of their own sexuality. Finally, a game that features only female characters for women to play.

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I watched this expecting Jeff and Vinny to skewer it in a hilarious fashion, but it sounds like it just depressed them as much as it did me.

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(No one let Patrick know.)

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LMAO!!! The guys reaction when that image of the naked chick holding the gun popped up randomly was hilarious.

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the only thing worse than this game is the people in the comments who are smugly going "yeah here you go ladies finally a game with only women"

(I do like the music though)

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This isn't even offensive, this is just...Hot Garbage™. Also Jeff's "What the fuck." was pretty priceless.

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What sexist nonsense. Something needs to be done about the horrible discrimination against women in video games.

(Yes.. loving some of the character designs.)

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"It seems competent"

I guess that's true, but what a boring game.

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Ughh...Why are they using Microprose's name to sell this garbage?

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I didn't think girl fights would be so boring.

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Does the music and announcer remind anyone else of Extreme G?

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"Are they fake?"


"It's really stiff"

are not two of the better descriptors for this game.

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I was all like "this game isn't complete shit", then Jeff finished arcade mode and got that picture. Seriously, is this a troll game just looking to exploit all the crying and fighting over sexism in gaming right now?

That and this game totally rips moves from DOA and has stock female voices because I'm pretty sure no women had anything to do with this game. Shame too, since some of the art is pretty cool, alot of it is pretty mantasy stuff but some of it is alright.

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that campaign end screen

what a facepalm, holy shit