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this is the one I was waiting for

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Great start to a quick look

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Dis gonna be goat.

Posted by Strafer

Only 40 min? You can do better.

Posted by lumberingjackal

Demon Goats! With jetpacks!

Posted by BruceBonsai

I can dig it.

Posted by PimblyCharles

It's almost as if the developers behind Goat Simulator took all the best parts of Just Cause 2 and Garry's Mod and put them together to make this beautiful, dumb game.

Posted by RazielCuts

This is the real baseball game.

Posted by Sanj

I've run quite a few farms in my day and can confirm that this is an accurate goat simulator.

Posted by Homelessbird

Finally, a videogame for the goat enthusiast.

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Blood for the Blood Goat!

Posted by Chicken008

Finally, a videogame for the goat enthusiast.

Did you miss the release of Escape Goat last week?

Posted by pondwhale

Seems about as well made as the majority of "simulators" available.

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I work in a quiet office with a large number of quiet coworkers. I can no longer watch this at work. Laughing too hard.

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not a SINGLE goat/baa pun

so fucking disappointed in all of you

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Increase that FOV!

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The goat is the most beautiful creature on this planet.


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Something's goat to give, I guess.

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Words cannot describe how happy I am that this exists.

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# healbrad and his perpetual illness

Posted by sravankb

One of the workshop mods was "Australian Goat" and had a picture of a kangaroo.

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Where's Danneh?

Posted by Melos

The game that Giant Bomb should have made.

Posted by Mister_V

Someone needs to make a Skyrim style shout mod called Fus Ro Baaa.

Posted by ManiacalMech

Its a great game, got it day 1 on Steam.

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I love Goat Simulator; but probably won't play it again haha. Did everything there was to see, loved it; but no replayability </3

Totally worth supporting, though.

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This quick look doesn't get my goat!

Posted by Sergotron

This could be the dumbest game ever, and that is why I love it.

Posted by JayCee

The Year of the Goat continues.

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sorry guys but this just gets me every time:


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@mister_v: not sure if it was upf or the lobby with danny, but... no need for that mod. they already thought of that.

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@sravankb said:

One of the workshop mods was "Australian Goat" and had a picture of a kangaroo.

Was it wearing flipflops?

Posted by Do_The_Manta_Ray

Australian goat is just a fucking kangaroo! I can't stop laughing over this.

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Yeah, I'll play Goat Simulator.

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Goats are truly amazing creatures.

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That was goat.

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You know something is good when the R can shoot balls, summon goats, and create a singularity.

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Well, no, not really. It was funny to watch you guys play, but I can't imagine paying money for ...this.

Posted by Kevin_Cogneto

Up from the 36 Chambers, it's the Goatface Killah...

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TB doesn't agree.


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I wish my ridiculously outdated PC would like run this. Didn't mind paying 10 to support it/play it eventually though. Hope you guys aren't done with it.

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better than brothers.

Posted by blacklab

oh thank god. This desk was killing me. Goat Simulator take me away!

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All Hail Demon Goat!

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Nothing is more authentic then Goat Simulator! nothing!

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@thespookiest said:

not a SINGLE goat/baa pun

so fucking disappointed in all of you

you have goat to be kid-ding me, not one pun?

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I loved hearing brad see everything for the first time.