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Posted by Erik

This will be brutal!

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff


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Aww if only he swam up we would have seen boooobs!

Posted by illmatic19

Sweet, been waiting for this.

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Sahweeet.. Can't wait for my import!

Posted by Kohe321


Posted by brocool

really curious about this

Posted by PulledaBrad

Anyone else have trouble getting this on release day?

Posted by TheYear20XX

These are awesome games.

Posted by Jeffsekai

The fuck is with Kratos he looks like a skinny african kid


Lol, they just stretched out the old quick time icons from 4:3 to 16:9...they look like shit

Posted by AllanIceman


Posted by artofwar420

I have both games, but I think I'm gonna go for this.

Posted by ez123

Damn Brad, you hit Square 3 times, calm down.

Posted by CoolDrMoney

The GB crew are awful with game release dates. God of War a six year old game? It's not even five years old yet. Minor gripe.

Posted by Simio

Lol at Ryan's "you pulled a Brad" laugh  at 12:45

Posted by SM2099

You were so close to the sex minigame... total letdown :( LOL
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Wow GOW2 looks good. Good enough to be a passable current gen game, graphics wise.
Posted by Rhaknar

That was NOT on purpose Brad, you pulled a brad and you know it! :D

Posted by ProjektGill

I love how in the little description of the game below the video it says the game runs at 720p yet Brad insists it runs at 1080p. I still love Brad.

Posted by CaptainApollo13

Ok now where is my FFVII with better graphics? Lol j/k. This looks really good and I would totally play it if I had a ps3

Posted by artofwar420
@ProjektGill said:
" I love how in the little description of the game below the video it says the game runs at 720p yet Brad insists it runs at 1080p. I still love Brad. "
Maybe it upscales it?
Posted by Sarumarine

Heh, now I can imagine Ryan Davis' laugh on every Game Over screen ever. 
Nice work Brad. It seems like you have a little extra pressure with the office fully aware of pulling a Brad.

Posted by RsistncE
@PulledaBrad said:
" Anyone else have trouble getting this on release day? "
Apparently most stores had their shipments delayed as mine didn't get it on release day.
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Doesn't look to bad but I played through the first god of war once and I have no intrest in playing it or it's 
sequels right now.

Posted by Haze

God I hate Kratos. I would pay cash money for a game where Nathan Drake kicks his ass.

Posted by Foggen

I'm really happy about this package, but I can't justify buying both games again.  That's ok, it's not really for me.

Posted by elitefury

T.C. Carson was on "Living Single" with Queen Latifah, and was never on Martin.

Posted by lebloc

"Get her!" That was your whole plan, huh, "get her." Very scientific.

Posted by JackSukeru

I wasn't to into God of War beyond the first level, for some reason I really dug GoW2 when I played it though.

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Sadly this low-quality video doesn't do this game justice. 
Because really the only thing I want to see about this game is how good it truly looks.

Posted by RedRoach

i played both, but never beat them, but my plate is full right now. probably something worth playing around Christmas time.

Posted by fallen_elite

Ryan was right, the game renders in 720p at 60fps.

Posted by Karmann


Posted by Food

the weird thing about god of war 1 is that there are only like 3 boss fights.  There's the hydra at the beginning, the there's some minotaur thing later and then the final battle.  People remember it as a game of huge bosses, but that wasn't really the case.

Posted by Oziriz

Awesome :)

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I always thought MGS2&3 were the best looking PS2 games, but these still look good for the time. I dont really feel as though up-resing it does it justice though, it looks alittle inconsistant to me; kinda like playing the last gen POP games on PC. Still if you dont have your PS2 anymore (or never did) then this is definately worth buying.

Posted by get2sammyb

Can't wait for my import to arrive.

Posted by Driadon

That sandwich is HUGE. 

Posted by PLWolf

Glad to see others were screaming at the screen, "SWIM UP SWIM UP!! GAHHHHH, YOU BLEW IT, BRAD!" LOL
Can't wait to pick this up, I love this series.

Posted by Milkman

12:46 - Pulled a Brad.

Posted by ryanwho

Looks like a PS2 emulator running on a 5 year old PC. Good?

Posted by Afroman269

Now if only they did this for the Jak and Daxter series. Also do it with Kingdom Hearts...man I loved those games.

Posted by Woocifer

How about clickin on that MAG folder there Brad? how bout it huh? how bout it? yeah? how bout it?....I have a cookie... could be yours... just click on the MAG folder...clickety click....

Posted by DavidSnakes

Still hate God of War...

Posted by DukesT3

Think I might pick this up sometime next month. Hopefully Ill have time to play it! Thank god the holidays are near.. 

Posted by Floppypants

Each quick look I just wish they'd sit there and play the whole damn game.  Giant Bomb needs another endurance run badly.

Posted by SuperfluousMoniker

Dammit, he quit right at where you can find the sex scene in GOW2! WHY?!

Posted by Danterion

Why are GB videos so unbelievably slow to load these days?

Posted by JJOR64

With more God of War goodness, I have to post this video again.

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