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This will be freaking epic!

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@Erik: No doubt about that. Looks freaking lovely
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I want this soooo bad!

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Can't wait for this game.

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I got a code for the demo from Sony yesterday. To say I was surprised is an understatement. I played through the demo and it is awesome God of War - just what you expect.

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2 minutes in and there discussing the right way to rip someone in half.....YES!
This has to be one of the best QL's ever 
All the jokes were hilarious especially the head ones and seeing them cheer at the gore.
 This game looks fricken sweet.

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Wolf Gauntlets!!!

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I like the seamless transition from title screen to gameplay.

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Played it a few times last night, its amazing.

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Looks a lot better than it did at E3 but those were some grainy videos anyway. Also looks like a lot of fun.
"That's using your head!"

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Demo it up!  
Looks pretty good.
Also, Centaurs can definitely be female; see Fantasia.

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Beer = μπύρα = bíra phonetically.
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Is this on PSN? I can't see it on the UK one.
EDIT: Never mind

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Brad needs to learn how to use a block button. lol

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"dont think...feel"
im glad to see chie's words have use everywhere they are used.

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frothing at the mouth this game looks awesome
inb4 "Why can't this be done on 360?"
(sorry bad joke XD)

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Suck on that losers ;P

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Epic. Just epic.

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This game is gonna be EPIC!!!!!
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This game looks so damn good! And man, I never thought that the previous god of war games were cringe worthy, but this is mad close.

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sure looks like GOW

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Sinewy dismemberment. Cringe-inducingly awesome.

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Nathan Drake descended from Kratos? Maybe Maybe?
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i liked the simultaneous "OH!"ing

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This game looks tight!

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For whatever reason, God of War just never appealed to me.  It's just too button-mashy.

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Brilliant. Kratos is really pissed this time round.

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@Castiel said:
" FIRST!  Suck on that losers ;P "
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Even though i saw all this before, i totally didn't remember much of it and damn, it's sick!! both ways!

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I've never been interested in the God of War franchise and this showed me I'm not interested in this one either. Standard hack n' slash.

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"He's not gonna be too into that"
I love you Jeff.

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"Remember no Russian"
Sly MW2 reference, Jeff

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Never been too much into GoW, but MAN does this look AWESOME.

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Dave, you are AWESOME. I mean... awesome.
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"I can't find my car keys, they must be somewhere" Dave needs to be more quicklooks!

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Can't wait.  Looks amazing.

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love the crow quote at the beginning:P

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Hey, look guys, it's God of War! 3!
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@GunnBjorn: actually is beera if you pronounce it...but you are right on the translation.Well done!
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The Dave ... makes things better! 
Must say there a nice lineup on the PS3 these days.

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Kratos should have an ability to make a mosh pit with the titans.

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@Peanut said:
" Brad needs to learn how to use a block button. lol "
Exactly what I was thinking while watching this.
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So many awesome quotes from this QL!

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Oh God, those head puns... lol
I was never too into GoW before, but this looked awesome. Also... congrats to Brad for not dying in this QL!

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this is such a GOW rip-off