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Lets do this!!

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Seriously, increase the TV volume.

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Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit, holy shit! 
I'm excited!

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May have to get this..
looks mightily BRUTAAAAL

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The beginning of the end

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OHHH yeas fooL!

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I love God of War

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Hells to the yes, Kay-Rizzy is in the hizzy.

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Yeah, let's rip these fools a new one! HELLS YEAH!
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I was hoping this game would be longer. Any chance of story dlc peeps?

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Yay! I like ripping fools!!!

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This is a video game.
I like God of War conceptually, but I, like Jeff, would much rather watch someone play it.

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Kratos always sounds like he's gargling to me.

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I did a quick look too  =]

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Am I the only one who thinks that the blood in the GOW series looks absolutely crappy? I mean, the games always look great, but the blood looks hideous to me.

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I only got excited for this about a week ago, but man I am fucking excited.

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"Great, lets go through hades crotch, that's the way to salvation" 
Lol, i love you guys ;)
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I dunno if I want this or not. It looks alright.

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@Twilight said:
" Am I the only one who thinks that the blood in the GOW series looks absolutely crappy? I mean, the games always look great, but the blood looks hideous to me. "
i agree, ever since the trailer with the tons of skeletons ive said this, the blood looks really weird, like big blobs of blood. Game looks amazing tho, and i want it bad
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Can't wait for this game!

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I was super cold on the thought of more God of War, but jesus fucking christ, this game looks SO GOD DAMN GOOD. It's so visually impressive!.....Man!

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Can't...watch. Must stay spoiler free until next week!

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Thank you Giantbomb

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Yeah budday.

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damnit!!! ryan davis is reviewing it... thats automatically no 5 stars, maybe even 4...

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Why does the exposition at the beginning take place in a Titan's colon?

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When I finally get a PS3 this will probably be the 4th game I will buy after MGS4 and Uncharted 1 and 2

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i aint watched it yet, but im one hundred percent sure this QL and game are going to be fuckin awsome

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Game still does not appeal to me.

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This one section of hell in GoW3 is probably better than the entire Dante's Inferno game.
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I know, it's a videogame, but I am horrified how these games rape greek mythology. My anger is stronger than the one of this 'Kratos'. 
... was baffled by the Freudian analysis of the game appeal from Dr. Ryan and Dr. Vinny - they are right, of course. Kudos, gents.

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@rjayb89 said:
" Game still does not appeal to me. "
Yea, I don't like God of War games, or pretty much any of that genre, but this game is looking damn good in every aspect.
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@GEP said:
" I did a quick look too  =]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJeFFwjEunc "
Get out

You can really hear Ryan mashing those buttons.

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@NintenDood: Spoilers: Kratos kills gods
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@bitcloud: The game most definitely looks amazing and from what I played in the demo it's a pretty solid hack and slash game, but like Jeff said in a recent podcast it just doesn't connect with me.  Maybe it's too much macho for me.
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The game looks amazing. I'm seriously considering buying a PS3 pretty much just to play this. And Uncharted 2. And MGS4. But that's it.  Shame the quick look is so short though. Why only half an hour? I don't get it. They've done hour long quick looks before.
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This game looks so awesome!

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I love the quick look and I'm probably getting this game, but is anyone else sort of aroused by the Gorgons now that they look all realistic? Anyone? Ok, I think it might just be my fault for watching this during one of my..."urges". 
...My family is in the other room, OK?!

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........wow...... make sure you turn the volume down
haha :P
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There comes a point when a quick look doesn't become a quick look anymore. They have to create a line somewhere. Besides, what more is there to see? Its god of frickin war ;)
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Probably a rental. I definitely didn't buy my PS3 for one game (God of War 3).
But, hey, some people like God of War 2 with better graphics.

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I hate Kratos so very much. So very very much.

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So Awesome! Can't wait til next week.

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26:10 - NOOOOOO1!!!!11!

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Fucking awesome! But where's the amulet that slows time? did they leave it out?

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Yep, that's God of War.