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I LOVE "Golden Sun"!

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Wow, I'm glad they did a quick look at this.  I'll comment more when I've actually watched the thing.

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Actually interested about this game.

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I really enjoyed the GBA versions but I never really looked into this DS version... Ryan seems to know quite a bit about the series so that is reassuring.

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finally get to watch the bottom half of the screen!? WHAT!?

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Huh, I was under the assumption this was a remake of the first game. I didn't realise this was actually a brand new chapter of Golden Sun. That makes me more interested in it now.

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Something beyond the start menu!? Sold!!

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A new golden sun! w00t

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That music is totally Golden Sun. Yay.

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I'll watch any QL featuring V-pain

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I love this series!

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"Roast em! "
Vinny learned  from P4...those were good times.
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Hell yea, good ol Golden Sun music!

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Can't wait to watch this, loved the GBA games.

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My concern for JPRGs is at an all time low. This QL solidifies it. Unchanging genre remains unchanging.
For the love of... damnit, do something!

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Wow, they got this early. There's not even a release date announced yet. 
EDIT: Nevermind. I see the release date. That's like 5 days away. Gamestop hasn't even posted that date.

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Ugh, random encounters. I loved the first one back in the day, but nowadays I just can't stand random encounters. :/

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So many damn DS games I want to get. 

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Might have to get a ds for this game. I suppose I should just wait for 3DS but I want it now!

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If JRPGs were a gang, Golden Sun would be the guy who jumped me in. Got mad love for the dude.

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This is probably going to be my GOTY 2010, words cannot express the excitement

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my nostalgia senses are exploding

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Cool. The GBA games were really good. This seems to be more of the same.. in good and bad

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YYEEEEAAAAAAAAAH BOOOOOOIIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!! bin waitin for this for fuking ages!! 
its pronounced D-JINN!! ryan davis!!! 
uhhh i think lol

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I love that text sound that plays for every syllable the characters say. Sounds almost unchanged from the first two games.
EDIT: Oh hey I guess that jump sound is pretty much unchanged as well.

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Ryan's Garet voice sounds like Tony from Comic Vine...

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Wish they kept the original 2-D animation, though. The first two games looked way better.

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I just noticed Garet's sick 'stache. That is incredible stuff.

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It's like a Ryan and Vinny-athon!

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The best handheld RPG returns.

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Hmmm, this or Dragon Quest...

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Oh man, oh man! I remember why I liked the first one now. Will definetly have to get this.
But yeah the way the characters just go on and on can be a bit annoying at times, that was definetly in the first one as well.

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vinny;s issac is spot on

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Damn it all to hell, now I have to buy a DSi.

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FANFARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like an awesome RPG!

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In other words, I simply love the series.

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Well this is more than they showed on the Happy Hour that one week, at least.

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This looks really cool.  
Vinny's Isaac kind of sounds like Ellis from L4D2 sometimes.

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Pointless Banter: The Genre.
Really wish I had a DS, played the hell out of the first two games.

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This game looks interesting. Might try this one out later. I have not played any of the other Golden Sun games though.

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Great QL, and now I'm totally done with caring about Golden Sun, no offense to the game. It looks cool, but I can't do DS games - small screen + touch controls = unplayable to me.
This video also reminded me of why I enjoyed FFXII so much. No random battles and the ability to tell my characters exactly what to do without the constant worthless pressing of buttons was heavenly. I actually felt in control instead of annoyed and/or frustrated.

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a DS JRPG and no Kessler, WOO!

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Oh man. It's exactly what I remember from the GBA games with all the inane puzzles that require you to be in the exact right place. And all the platform jumping. Oddly enough though, this game doesn't look half bad. Maybe when I need a DS game I'll pick this up.

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@heatDrive88 said:
" Well this is more than they showed on the Happy Hour that one week, at least. "
I was hoping they'd open up with that when I saw this posted.
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Cant wait for this game hopefully it lives up to its name.