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Posted by carnifexseverian

I played the free beta for this a bunch. It was actually stupid fun. If I wasn't picking up Twisted Metal I would definitely buy this. The shooting is surprisingly satisfying and the players have just the right amount of health. Good little game.

Posted by NegativeCero

So is Office Bat a reference to The Office? This looks dumb in the best way.

Posted by fox01313

Too bad that Brad/Ryan didn't take a look in the Quick look on the costume items to unlock after unlocking the female body type. After playing it some, the game is quite entertaining & the grapple/gliding option lets you get all over the map easily to keep the pace moving quickly.

Posted by 234r2we232

This game actually out crazy's the awesome BioShock 2 multiplayer :D

Posted by vinsanityv22

Okay, you got this Batman thing done. Now hurry up and announce Shogo: Mobile Armored Division 2, please! :D

Especially now that you guys are owned by Warner Bros...fast, skill based first person shooter gameplay inspired by Gundam and Patlabor with cutscenes animated by the studio who does Young Justice? That is too awesome NOT to do, Monolith!

Posted by Meltac

@beard_of_zeus: Exactly. I'm not even trying to be pessimistic or anything, but that is just the sad truth.. The only game which this hasn't happened to that comes to mind is Monday Night Combat, but apart from that, all the downloadable multiplayer focused games I can think of, are either dead now or flopped big time.

Posted by Hailinel

Why so absurd?

Posted by ch3burashka

@Bombzinski said:

Why do Americans keep saying "batmens", this is making me cringe every time.

I think that's the point.

It's funny that after all that bitching, the comments section is fairly mild. I'm still slightly miffed that this is basically an FPS being propped up by the license, and is also a vehicle for some quick cash, if the billions of DLC is any indication. However, I'm excited about a non-grey,military-shooter FPS - I love how crazy it is.

Posted by SuperfluousMoniker

This doesn't look half bad. If I liked multiplayer shooters more and hadn't heard that this game got an awful PC port, I'd probably grab this one.

Posted by Tsuchikage

This game looks surprisingly decent considering that I thought it looked like complete crap when I first heard about it. It seems more Brink than Team Fortress 2; classes are based around body styles rather than sticking to old-school dedicated class structures. I'm not sure if it's worth playing over other online FPS, but maybe it'll carve out a small niche for those looking for something a bit different from Call of Duty or Halo.

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This looks like a ton of fun, but since it's on online fps and a downloadable game, it'll probably be dead empty on PSN (or SEN... dangit the nature of that name change is still confusing me). I'm not into online shooters very much, but a game like this that's sillly, over the top, and can be launched with a minimum of wait time in order to kill a few minutes would be right up my alley. Except that in an environment where no one is playing, I'd just waste my money.

Edit: Actually maybe I'll just buy it see what happens. It's not like it's $60.

Posted by Olivaw

This game seemed super dumb to me when it first showed up, just because it seemed like they were trying to have their cake and eat it too - a kooky, goofy attitude married to guns and blood and a general griminess.

But looking at it now, it stills seems super dumb, but in a good way. Also all the progression would really get its hooks into me deep.

If only it did not use Games for Windows Live, I might be interested in it for fifteen bucks. As it is, I'll wait for the inevitable free weekend/steam sale.

Posted by gbrading

At heart it's just another team shooter, but at least there is a lot of flavour content around the sides. I think that brings it above just being average to being proficient.

Posted by Soryuflatliner

man shogo needs to be random pc game, make it happen people

Posted by Bombzinski


@Bombzinski said:

Why do Americans keep saying "batmens", this is making me cringe every time.

I think that's the point.

Oh, that's fine then. I was afraid that it's like, the canon term and it was weirding me out.

The game does look hilarious though. If there was a single-player game made in this style, I would buy the shit out of it.

Posted by RVonE

Apart from the weird premise, this doesn't seem very compelling.

Posted by Shaanyboi

The heavily micro-transactioned nature of this is kinda gross.

Posted by Pixeldemon

From what I've heard, don't even think about buying this for anything but 360. And yeah, unless they're REALLY good with updates (something that's not possible on XBL), it will be dead in a month or two.

Posted by djenson

I can't wait to get home and download this one after work tonight.

Posted by Slow_pC

Yep , reinstalling shogo again... the second time ...

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hmmm.... making this 1st person seems like a poor choice.  If the whole idea is seeing wacky cheapo superhero costumes, it figures maybe a perspective where you can see your own character might be preferable?
edit---  after watching more I think this game might have been okay had they had the confidence to make their own twist on team based multiplayer shooting rather than essentially lifting all of their mechanics directly from other games.  This is just a standard generic FPS with funny costumes.  There's no reason for a fan of this genre to play this over a better, more competent game. 

Posted by IllyAl

The games graphics are like a cleaned up Shadow Warrior , it looks REALLY pixelated and almost 2.5-D.

Posted by squidracerX

Just an FYI here: Brad was saying how "original the idea was". And it is very original for a video game i agree. (i would have loved this if it was the multiplayer for Arkham City!!!). And seeing as this is a WB game who own DC Comics I am not sure which came first here? But there was a Detective Comics run of a bout 4 or 5 issues back in Detective Comics #868 (and they were not great but I think it was the art i didn't like) a while ago now that was this exact plot-line. Written by David Hine. For all I know the writer of the comic also works for Monolith or something. Or it may have been WB liked the idea Monolith had and pushed them to write a comic of it, but I read the comic before I heard of the game, but again i am not sure chicken or the egg scenario here. Just wanted to give the heads up that this may have just been an FPS that the monolith guys read that comic and were like *DING* thats what we need to do! Who knows, but if you like the idea Im sure its a trade paperback by now; it is literally called "Impostors", but the only difference is that obviously Batman is in it trying to stop both sides.

Posted by kennybaese

Does this game have local multiplayer, or is it only online? Because I could see this being tons of fun with four people in a room yelling stuff at each other.

Posted by RenegadeSaint

I really like what this game presents. It just looks like pure, unadulterated fun. No pretention, no punishing imbalances, just pure joy. I will definitely grab this game at the first sign of a price drop.

Posted by Brendan

Am I crazy, or is this running on the source engine? I'm probably crazy.

Posted by Agikamike

@Brendan: Definately not. Pretty sure it's Lithtech or whatever Monolith uses.

Posted by the_r0n1n_named_47

i played the trial on release i might take $15 out of my paycheck to get this.

Posted by Tordah

This seems way better and funnier than I would have ever expected.

Posted by ScreamingFist

Brad wrecking dudes!

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Posted by SatelliteOfLove

"Ive heard you can easily spend hundreds of dollars"
Impulse urge buying is alot easier for publishers to bring into existance than a calculated purchase such as a new system or game that one might take a chance on.

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You guys all act like Gotham City : Impostors is being so disgusting with its microtransactions and stuff like that. And what do you think of Team Fortress 2, then? It has FIVE TIMES more microtransactions linked to it, and heck, nobody fucking says anything about it.

Oh and don't you dare giving me that bullshit excuse that TF2 is free to play. It went free to play and then they added a shit-load of microtransaction items. What about Gears 3 with its 180 DLC items, then?

As for Impostors, you don't HAVE to buy those cosmetic items, you just need to play three our four more matches to unlock it in-game, what the fuck is the big deal!?!? This is what you call GRINDING? Then MW3 and BF3 are some major clusterfucks of grindfests.

Posted by CitizenJP

lol wow this is the best i've seen brad in awhile. slayin people over here. :P

Posted by ThePantheon

Brad killin it. Love it.

Posted by Addfwyn

I don't really like batman at all, but this looks like it could be a fun downloadable shooter outside of that.

Posted by Zaxex

This game has so much style; short of a few minor technical issues I'm thoroughly impressed with the game. It reminds me of when I had fun with Call of Duty; I don't know how long I'll stick with it but it's well worth the asking price for some multi-player fun.

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Posted by Xymox

$4 to take your pants off... i'll take it

Posted by LemonJoose

Grapple gun = sold! I am an old Quake 2 Expert CTF addict. Although this grapple looks more like the default slow-switch hook of Zoid's Threewave CTF for Q2. I wonder if Monolith might consider putting in a fast off-hand grapple like Q2 Expert CTF had?

Posted by Aarny91

Not as bad as I previously thought.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

I shouldn't have gone back and re-watched this after playing the game. The PS3 version looks like garbage compared to this. It's awful at things like loading in textures.