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I think this game is pretty fun. Worth the price, anyway

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I'm interested in this... But then again I have TF2...but still interested.

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WARNING: This uses GFWL on the PC. Also you can barely change any settings. It has a severe case of consolitis.

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YAY!! I am 5TH!!! I got nothing!!!

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I'm playing the demo right now. Its not...great. I'm finding it hard to get matches, specifically in the Psych Warfare game mode, I'm not really enjoying the map layouts and the graphics aren't great. I'm finding it a bit difficult to pick out team mates and enemies too, which could be due to the graphics. I'm going to give it more of a go later but its not really my cup of tea at the minute.

And not being able to mute people easily and not being able to tell who is talking is a problem too.

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@Jumbs said:

WARNING: This uses GFWL on the PC.


I honestly thought Microsoft had given up on that.

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Looks like a worse TF2 that will be dead in 2 weeks just like every other psn/xbla (barring BF 1943) online fps.

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Looks fun but is it?

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"SATAN KING666" man, I totally picked the wrong user name for XBL.

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this a $60 release or download?

I can't tell.

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I dig the QL, but I have no idea what demographic this game is for? I figure TF2 people would rather play that and I'm not sure batman fans would want this? Dono': I like batman enough but I guess I only dig Bats when its serious and not so Adam West.

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I have never heard of this before now...


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@breaking3po said:

this a $60 release or download?

I can't tell.

$15 xbla, psn, steam download.

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@breaking3po: $ 15 download.

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@breaking3po: $15 download

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God you guys are idiots.

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No thanks.

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@breaking3po said:

this a $60 release or download?

I can't tell.

Download on consoles and Steam. Like they said. Alright, watching it now, I assume you were joking.

"This is embarrassing!"

Come on Brad. Aren't you immune yet?

Also, paying for faster leveling is absolute bullshit if the game isn't on a free-to-play model. Wow... Really money purchases all over this game. Go fuck yourself Warner Brothers. I'm not going to support this model with my wallet.

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I don't know who I have to talk too but I want an Office Bat Plushe

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Office bat is the best.

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This looks like trash.

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This is easily the best FPS of the year, but it will be forgotten by the time GOTY nominations come around.

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Lobbies are worse the BF3. Beyond that, game looks flipping cool.

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When they passed a fake soda machine, I was immediately hit with the realization that I MISS the Fear Gauntlet.

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GFWL damn... that stinks. So I am going to have both STEAM and GFWL running at same time. it's going to feel like Fallout3 all over again :-)

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This game is quite good, but I'm bummed out that Ryan and Brad didn't get to show off the Amusement Park level. There's an arcade in there filled with (mostly) faithful recreations of old Midway cabinets, Joust and Smash T.V. being among them. Cool little easter egg.

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This game is amazingly fun... When it works.

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Wow, this game looks really awesome. I don't play multiplayer games... ever. Just not my thing. However, this is the first time I've been really thinking about it. If this didn't have micro transactions, it'd already be in my Steam games list. I hate knowing that rich people can just skip ahead

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Bought the game myself yesterday and am liking it a fair bit.

I've paid a lot more for worse.

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Multiplayer focused, downloadable game? No matter how good it is, it will fail.

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Office Bat is awesome he should have his own series Harvey Birdman style.

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I would love to see this on TNT this week.

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I feel like from face value of this game, that it wasn't meant to be a batman game? I mean it feels like a goofy fps that was ditched and adapted into this game? I just get that feeling.

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Man, this game has a real Bioshock vibe to it. No, I'm not kidding. I'm really talking about the way it looks, moves, the interface...

But even in tone: Bioshock 2's multiplayer was goofy as shit (and fun).

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I usually don't condone tea-bagging, but that victory plop at the end with the squeaky voice was hilarious.

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@AndrewB said:

@Jumbs said:

WARNING: This uses GFWL on the PC.


I honestly thought Microsoft had given up on that.

What's Wrong with GFWL?

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Fun fact

No GFWL game is available in my region on Steam.

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Beta was fun, but I'm not sold.

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With so many microtransactions, i guess that after they sell X number of copies, this goes free to play.

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Hmmm... Looks ok, but I think I'll be holding out for BatmanBatmanBatman.

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@PerfidiousSinn said:

This is easily the best FPS of the year, but it will be forgotten by the time GOTY nominations come around.

Well of course. They didn't throw the gaming press parties and give them crazy free trips. Why would it win anything?

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What a weird game.

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One of the voices in this game sounds a lot like Townsend Coleman provided the voice for such characters as Michelangelo on the original TMNT and The Tick on the cartoon of the same name.

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@PerfidiousSinn said:

This is easily the best FPS of the year, but it will be forgotten by the time GOTY nominations come around.

I'm sure this mediocre looking FPS will be the best this year. There's no way something else could come out in the next 10 months that could beat this quality.

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I love this game but either nobody is playing it, or the matchmaking sucks.

Also, not being able to easily mute dudes is the biggest multiplayer FPS design sin still committed today.

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I'd definitely consider this. Any word on the PS3 version's quality?