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Spoilers: This game is average.

Posted by Termite

Jesus Christ, that's a long QL.

Posted by august

Hey I'll just watch this before holy shit ti's an hour and a half.

Posted by kn00tcn

whoa length.. & i thought codbo was long

Posted by Kjellm87

This is not "Quick" look at all, have to wait until tomorrow with this one

Posted by Jeffsekai

50% of this is load times. PROGRESSS

Posted by bhhawks78

Their interface looks like a damn myspace page jesus.  Maybe take an extra year and fix the damn aliasing and UI

Posted by thereaper2950

Damn!!!!! lol

Posted by jonnyboy

That's crazy real simulation there.

Posted by ZeroCast

Gran Turismo 5 Quick Look : The Real Authentic Look

Posted by Afroman269

Great so you still have to be a crazy person to really get into this game. If I was going to pick something to go with, I'll just go for Forza.

Posted by xdarnokx

looks great! 

Posted by Joker369

ahh close

Posted by litrock

SPOILERS FOR COMMENTS: blue names are way into it, green names are dismissive, everyone else shrugs and enjoys the super long video.

Posted by GJSmitty
Posted by TopCat

yay  happy thanksgiving everyone

Posted by jelyk

UI is awful.

Posted by Ketchupp

The upgrading music makes it sound like a SNES game

Posted by drag

A what look? 

Posted by Gizmo

I'd rather play Dirt 2.

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Watched this yesterday on ********.  (I don't do advertising...unless I get paid.)
Good look into some of the game and unfortunately I'm not that impressed by it. 

Posted by GS_Dan
@august said:
" Hey I'll just watch this before holy shit ti's an hour and a half. "
It's 2AM. I really doubt I will watch this... 
But I inevitably will, which is depressing.
Posted by LiquidS

 "You can play as a tree" -Jeff

Posted by Homeslice

I pre-ordered this, and I'm returning it without opening it because I can't help but think that so many elements of this game, because it took years and years, were done a long time ago and put on the shelf, and as a result, are now pretty dated when you look at the competition.
I'm a disappointed Sony boy.....

Posted by shuref00t

Wow! More like an Endurance Run than Quick Look.

Posted by Droop

Too bad my PS3 is giving me the Red Screen of Death : <

Posted by TheMasterDS

Comparable is a good word for this game from the looks of it.

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An hour and a half of driving? Must have been one crazy stream. I think I'll just stick around for half an hour.
EDIT: Okay maybe less an hour an a half of driving and more an hour of menus and twenty minutes of driving.

Posted by Wuddel

Core game seems good. The menus and stuff are fucked if you just want go play. But I guess I am not the audience.

Posted by Cramsy

Spoilers, it takes 20 minutes before we set foot in a car

Posted by Red12b

the ending of the live stream was awesome

Posted by Delta_Ass

Looks like Hideo Kojima lent a hand in making these cutscenes.

Posted by Jerome85


Posted by D0tti

Don't know if Jeff & Ryan noticed this, but there time and date were wrong.

Posted by Michaelblack18

the second intro song is Planetary (GO!)  by my chemical romance off there new album

Posted by brocool

1 hr and 30 mins, wonder how many gigs that eats up

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More like, moar liek... Bland Suck Jizz Hoe. I'm not proud of myself. Wow, I think this might be the longest QL yet. Oh, man. Those opening credits... 
Oh, man. Not that I have a PS3 (though I plan to once it's possible for me to do so), but as a fan of the first few Gran Turismo games, this seems kind of horrible. I'm glad they didn't install or set their clock, though, it's making this a lot funnier, and that's what I come to this site for, bumbling footage of games I can't yet play. 
Laff @ BP.

Posted by heatDrive88
@Beforet said:

" An hour and a half of driving? Must have been one crazy stream. I think I'll just stick around for half an hour. "

You'd be highly, HIGHLY mistaken if you thought this entire stream consisted of actual driving around in-game.
Posted by ZmillA

this game seems meaningless to me without a racing wheel

Posted by ShalashaskaUK666

Forza looks way better, WAY better

Posted by Tarsier

holy fuck and this is getting 8.5s? generous much?

Posted by MegaMetaTurtle
@brocool said:

" 1 hr and 30 mins, wonder how many gigs that eats up "

Mr Gerstmann's Twitter:
Just heard that the raw file for that GT5 Quick Look is 102GB. So that'll take a while to compress, will hopefully go live at end of day.
Posted by lawlerballer

some great elevator music there lol

Posted by Kratch

This is a Gran Turismo-ass Gran Turismo game.

Posted by Scrumdidlyumptious

Yay long quick looks

Posted by Ferros

That is some busted ass UI.

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if you don't think this game looks good...honestly...what is it that you are expecting from a racing game?  I love Forza...and I jsut bought this and can't wait to play it.  People watching foozeball tho so I'm restricted from playing atm.   The snow looks kinda lame tho.

Posted by zacharai

Oh God, I love Taco Bell.

Posted by Newjack

Comedy Death Ray references!