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Posted by jediknight00719

cool looks good

Posted by backflip10019

Yeah tennis.

Posted by HydraHam

Love me some tennis.

Posted by Qlanth

Just slam everything

Posted by AceOfMasta

Yes, Vinny QLs are the best.

Posted by RE_Player1

Love me some Vinny quick looks.

Posted by bayushi

Where is the "taunt" button? :P

Posted by psychotiK


Posted by AlexanderSheen

Glen Tennis

Edited by ericjohnson

OfficeBat Says: Can someone please stop all that racquet, I'm trying to work here.

Posted by homerhitter42

a 50 minute long QL of a tennis game. Why the hell not.

Posted by fox01313

Would actually play this if it was nothing but tennis ghosts.

Posted by RoivaS3ternal

hahaha "I found these clothes..." hahaha

Posted by David_T

Fair spread? Eight current male players, four current female players. That's fairly horrible.

Edited by wolf_blitzer85

Hmm I am having three friends over this weekend. Perhaps it's time to bring the Dreamcast back to life.
Four-player doubles Virtua Tennis in the same room as the other people you are playing the game with is a great time.

Posted by TzarStefan

Novak ftw!

Posted by ArmedBear

My own private John McEnroe meltdown...

Posted by Beck

Yay for Vinny shutout at how much the (Winnipeg) Jets suck :D

Posted by jediknight00719

Is it me or is Vinny saying "thats a volley!" when he really means rally, right?

Posted by DrJota


Also,no Courier x Kafelnikov?This ain't no Virtua Tennis!

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Vinny knows how to put tennis in terms I can understand: DBZ.

Posted by CaLe

Tennis is the only sport that excites me. Seriously, just watch any match between the top 4 seeds and I don't know how you can't be amazed at the sheer skill and athleticism on display. I say this as someone who has never once played tennis.

Posted by clumsyninja1


Posted by Osaladin

Too much menu time :(

Posted by corruptsaves

It's a bit unfair to say this isn't doing much different from Virtual Tennis. It's easy to pick up but feels like it has a bit more depth, Amateur difficulty is too easy.

Edited by Anwar

IRL they don't dive often, that's it.

Posted by roguehallow

Cash: "That guy reminds me of a younger me!"

McEnroe: "Ha ha, Pat, you know you're an immortal wizard who can duplicate himself."

That should be the line. Tell me I'm wrong.

Posted by buckybit

I could watch John McEnroe vs "Jimbo" Jimmy Connors any day of the week. They would make use of Monkey Island style Insult Racket fighting mechanics? - btw, w h e r e are those??!

Posted by DukesT3


Posted by emergency

Should really turn the difficulty up... by the looks of from the early parts of this QL.

Posted by dagas

This makes me want to buy Top Spin 4 for some reason.

Posted by VoshiNova

I demand a video of Ryan on the court. 'Cause man o' man does he have a handle on tennis! It's like he's been a huge fan/player for years instead of a guy who reviews games!

(please no one hit me)

Posted by NickLott

I so badly wanted Ryan's character to take his shoes off and start crying at the edge of the court like Luke Wilson in Royal Tenenbaums.

Posted by Zaxex

Fuck, for the first few minutes I was sure this was a golf game. I need to get some sleep...

Posted by kollay

Virtua Davis up in this shit.

Edited by DexterKid

lol I love how ryan says 'this guy sucks at tennis' and he is playing against djokovic, the current world number one. I think you need to turn the difficulty up or this game is just not very realistic.

Edited by Royce_McCutcheon

You can't play EA Sports games on Amateur. That's for young children. If the scale in this game is like the NHL series, there's still another difficulty setting between this and the medium, Professional setting.

Edited by Joker369

As someone who actually plays tennis a fair amount, the Top Spin games have always felt most true to the sport. This looks too much like Virtua Tennis to really appeal to me. I prefer more sim style sports games.

Posted by Vrikk

Ryan has no idea how sports games work, does he?

Posted by cap123

Amateur on ea games is made for kids, i think. If it's anything like fifa (see: jeff on the vita).

Posted by cavemantom

Grand Slam Tennis: Haunted Armpits

Posted by planetary

Separated at birth: Patrick Klepek and John McEnroe.

Posted by Zelnox

Scrub League!

Posted by ConduitFourSale

novak djokovic is rated as the best player of all time?

Posted by TheHT

Vinny character at 7:27 (top left).

Posted by VirgilLeadsYou

I would play wizard tennis the game

Posted by oasisbeyond

Animations look terrible. Top Spin 4 is the only Tennis game we need this gen. Just bought it for 20$, Awesome game.

Posted by Chazzi27

"That's a volley"...That is NOT a volley, a volley requires the ball to not touch the ground (hence the name of "volleyball")

Now that my net sports snobbery is done with, I think this looks like a solid tennis game, but I still think Mario Tennis owns all!

Posted by defcomm

pow block, anyone?

Posted by Hairydutchman

Skinny Ryan is a good looking guy.

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