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Posted by Erik

Never heard of this shooter, but can't wait for the quick look.

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awesome    might be worth a buy

Posted by Dynamitekyle


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Sunday Quick Looks are always much appreciated.

Posted by Rhaknar

yay sunday quicklook, was hoping for this

Posted by DominicWhite

Bah, they wussed out for this video. Twin-stick mode is Easy Mode. The default setting is single-stick Gravitar/Gravitron style, where you thrust and shoot in the direction you're facing, meaning that maneuvering and fighting is a lot more tactical and challenging.

Posted by gosukiller


Posted by EvilDingo

Cool... I was totally playing Turbo Raketti the other day on my Amiga - Using right stick to direct your fire seems wrong for this type of gravity-based spaceshooter, though.

Posted by nanikore

Looks pretty good.

Posted by CL60

Did Ryan just ask why there's water in space? They found water on both mars and the moon.

Posted by Jiquk

Yay quick loooooooooook!

Posted by Tovan

Huh, looks like a pretty interesting game.

Posted by Romination

I'm pretty much digging the soundtrack, too

Posted by mm665

This look nice.

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A cool visual style but the music is really nice too.
Also, there's water on Earth.  We're in space.

Posted by Tebbit

Played the demo, and it was pretty fun. Although I have neither the talent, nor the inclination to use the level editor I still think it's pretty awesome.

Posted by Diamond

The soundtrack was made by Cold Storage (who did the original WipEout soundtrack, among others) FYI.

Posted by lizardspike

That's not the bookcase.

Posted by MeatSim

Oceans and volcano's in space!!!

Posted by JackSukeru

I like the look of this, I might pick it up actually. Seems like a good game to zone out to.

Posted by lordzod4

That's Gravatron 2

Posted by Floppypants

That's not the bookcase!

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If Ryan loves this art style so much he should play Defcon.

Posted by JJOR64

That game looks really rad.  I might have to get it.

Posted by EVO

It's the sorta game that's good in small doses, as it can get tedious especially when hunting all the crystals and shit. Otherwise it's an awesome game that will tide me over until PixelJunk Shooter.

Posted by Scarabus

I tried the demo. Looks neat but after a while it feels like I'm struggling with the game to keep the ship afloat and I have little patience for that.

Posted by Korwin

Sweet synth soundtrack.

Posted by stinky

looks good.

Posted by kollay

rocket lawnchair.

Posted by Metiphis

I love Sunday Quicklooks!!  All other websites are dead on Sundays.  Thanks!

Posted by AURON570

looks nice

Posted by cornwalliz

that's not the bookcase

@Metiphis said:
" I love Sunday Quicklooks!!
Agreed! Its the best!!
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This is so Subterranea it's not funny (or Sub-Terrania... whatever).

Posted by erinfizz

This looks really neat. It's too bad most any shooters like this stress me out.

Posted by Sarumarine

Now we know that Jeff stacks his levels with Bony Aliens and Rocket Lawnchas.

Posted by SoothsayerGB

Ryan seemed very content.  This game must have a soothing effect on raging bears.  Playing this game must be like eating a giant sub with all the fixings and drenched in vinegar and oil.

Posted by Jackal888

Looks like Pixeljunk Shooter. I think I will get this game for PSP. I do not think Shooter is coming to PSP.

Posted by Th3dz

And then I quickly programmed a gravity game in XNA :D

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My god......  it's Solar Jetman 2010.    O_O

I will gleefully pay five dollars for a DLC re-skin of this game to 8-bit Solar Jetman.  GET ON IT!

Posted by GunnBjorn

It reminds me a little of 'Thrust' for the C64. 
And yes, i'm that old.   
Posted by kidzombie

This game looks pretty cool to play. Totally digging the style

Posted by Hamst3r

This is definitely quite sexy. It looks a bit easy, but it probably gets more difficult. The dual-stick mode is nice. :D

Posted by TheHT

yeah there's some nice music there.

Posted by Swabbleflange

This is my game of the year without question. That seems like a pretty premature statement at first considering how long it's been out, but basically it ticks almost all the boxes in my favourite genre. It does the gravity gameplay of Gravitar, Thrust, OIDS, Solar Jetman, etc. Does it with glowing vectors (which is how all videogames should look if you ask me), has a great chippy soundtrack and a level editor to boot.
The only thing it's lacking is a cargo grappling element as in Thrust.

Posted by JoelTGM

cool game.  That level editor looks well done and easy to use.

Posted by John1912

Not the most interesting QL, but love when they randomly reference some game I played when i was 7-12.  Kinda have fond memories of playing Lunar Lander on my uncles comadore.  Makes me laugh a bit at how simple but rediculasly hard the games of my childhood were.  So bizzare to have fond memories of games that now a days if I ever came across anything like them, I would scoff at it and say WTF is this shit, before turning it off within 2 mins.
Posted by trimon

quick look on a sunday!???!?! what a blessing ^____^ 

Posted by RobotHamster

I think i might get this, its only $10

Posted by skilzlost

amazing looks great.. 
ps3 really is getting better and better. 
thanks for the quick look 

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