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Now with added camera views!

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Cars. Cars. Cars.

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So, is this worth a buy? I've been looking for something similar to GT/Forza for PC, and this is the closest so far. the lack of "car collection" is a bummer, though.

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Does Drew play standing up as well?

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Hopefully this feels more like the first GRID game.

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Lets race.

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Yeah DigitalAutoSports

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Let's race.

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Did Drew whistle a little bit of "Life is Beautiful" in there?!

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All the Dreff Quick looks! CARS!

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Did Drew whistle a little bit of "Life is Beautiful" in there?!

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i prefer spintires

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I thought one of those names was Connor Oberst and I was wondering how he even figured out games.

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Oh god damnit. I was really hoping for a good cockpit in this one.

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I'm enjoying this game so far. It pretty much seems like a straightforward racing game, there's not a ton special about it as far as I can tell, but I'm still having fun going through the races. I liked the team building and customization of the past games more, and it kind of sucks that it's not here. Also, the cockpit view is pretty bad, but it didn't surprise me one bit after the whole kerfuffle with Grid 2.

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You don't need tires anyway.

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Aw ye, love me some Codemasters/Drew quick looks.

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25:05 - Visions of Deadly Premonition

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This should be good.

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Rubbin' is racin'

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Great content output by Drew and Jeff! Thanks guys!

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Too many content.


My favorite kinds of autosport occur on grids.

This is relevant to my interests.

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Definitely looks better than the last one. But I still think I will wait for the price to drop...

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site is broken, if this goes anywhere wonder how many first! posts there are. lol

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Whenever I watch a racing game Quick Look I can't help but wish that Giantbomb had a racing guy on staff, it just seems games like this get represented badly due to the people demoing them apparently having little to no experience with the genre.

You could almost hear the change in interest and attention when they went from normal racing to 'destruction derby' in Jeff's voice. And then the comment that it's basically the same as usual racing as all you do in both is smash into other people.

Unfortunately this issue isn't a specific to Giantbomb, the majority of the games media pretty much overlooks the genre these days... and every new racing game coming out seemingly being met with the usual 'it's just another one of those'.

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next car game the next?

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Not releasing on PS4/XB1 is a giant fail imo; I'm dying for a good racing game :[

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Game has a leveling system for multiplayer as well, basically structured like a second career mode but multiplayer. You get experience and money from each race, you can level up each racing discipline as well as each car(ones you buy). You get a separate garage in multiplayer that you can keep a limited amount of cars in, basically if you own the car you are racing with you can have a custom paint job/custom tuning/upgrades otherwise you need to take a loaner car that doesn't accumulate experience or have the customization options.

If you want to play this game muliplayer I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you set your steam download region to somewhere in Europe. UK-London for example, you'll need to restart steam. That way you get put in the European lobbies, im there right now and all the Playlists are full and lots of custom matches.

North American servers are a graveyard any time but prime time.

Freaking love this game muliplayer, been waiting all year for it, bought a Logitech g27 for it, LOVING IT :D Hopefully drew actually ends up giving this one a chance with his racing wheel setup because it's pretty great.

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Drew and Jeff QLs in bundles!

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Game audio is too low.

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I haven't been able to get into one of these since the first Dirt game. Their career structure doesn't appeal to me at all. Good to see the "xtreme" commentary is not there.

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25:10, great now that's gonna be stuck in my head all day!

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You probably don't need those tires anyhow.

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As I think @Jeff pointed out, this doesn't look too bad for a last-gen game. Sometime I wish I was into racing games still; might've checked this one out, then.

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Maaaan, it looks so bad and undetailed. I wonder if its because this is from old console.

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@oceanripple: Drew is probably the best you can expect. He's into racing, but not 100%.

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I really wish this had been on the new consoles. I would've picked it up in a heart beat, as I really want a new racing game (I got a lot of game time out of Forza 5, and now it's time for something new), but I don't want to go back to the old consoles.

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I guess this isn't so surprising since they're real world locales, but that track they're playing was also in Wipeout 2048, right?

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I keep my index and pointer finger on both trigger buttons at all times

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Thirty-two minutes of street racing and drift racing (the only racing that Jeff likes). The last eight minutes shows one open-wheel race (i.e., throwing a bone to those 'other' people). Then we hear "...and that's Grid Autosport". There's a lot more to this game than that. A very poor quick look that makes this game look like a Grid 2 copy and paste.

Drew should have done this one solo.

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@kubqo: There is 4K textures for the PC version.