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Dude i would so not play this game when high :P.

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@DiGiTaL_SiN: How the hell are you like always first?
Anyway, this game looks CRAZZZZY!
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Only Jeff can handle this much craziness!

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This has been a great week of Quick Looks.

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It's funny how this is actually sort of "easy" after having played some Touhou games.

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One of the few times it pays to be color blind.

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I am loving this consistent flow of Quick Looks we are having this week.

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The present is colorfull.

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What is this I don't even

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The mispronunciations keep on coming

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jeff minter is my god

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Damn this 13 min Quick Look put more strain on my eyes than some epic 2 hour Firefight matches.

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Man, that game has seizure written all over it.    It's also hard to focus while watching it for some reason.
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Basic Tutorial ----> "If the sheep escapes, the flower will all explode."  
Logic thus Dictates ---> "Well that's why I want a black hole, so it will suck up flowers... so they don't explode." 
................ O.o!

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i think my eyes just broke

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I'd never heard of Jeff Minter before now - although I had heard of Space Giraffe - but I really like the way this game is made.  It's all incredibly stupid and fun and immature and it's a small breath of fresh air from the super-serious-grey-and-brown-grit that a lot of games seem to be designed around in one way or another.

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I love me some British Toast.
However, I fucking HATE neo-hippies.

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Hahaha  the difficulty names had be cracking up. It's so rediculous it's funny.
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Totally rad

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I think my eyes are bleeding.

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Is that 1-up cow a sprite from Earthbound?  

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Maybe there should be an epilepsy-warning? :P

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That video hurt me.

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Okay, my head exploded. Jeff Minter obviously did some major amounts of LSD.

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Wow.... My head is killing me.
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lol love the curry difficulty levels

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Great interview with Minter in this months Edge.
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Get out your hemp milk and play some GRID RUNNER REVOLUTION!

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seizure WARNING

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I may have to pick this up looks like my type of game.

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Cannot watch that for long. screws with my eyes.

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Finally, I have a game I can use to figure out if my friends have epilepsy!

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I love the idea of chaos in a game, especially shooters, but I just got bored after about the first 3 mins of this quicklook. Not disparaging the quicklookers, just the object of the quicklook. Honestly I think this game could be fun... but for about 20 minutes.    

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I seriously don't feel very good after watching this quick look, I'm scared to actually watch the game on my monitor

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13 min of GridRunner and it was already too much. If I ever play this game, it would be 10 min chunks with 15 min interval

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Now... I need the Mutant Camel games on Live.

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Ow, my brain

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wtf is that
looks like crap

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My face fell off watching this.
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I really hope this makes its way on to XBLA. Space Giraffe is probably my fav game this gen.

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I just got a seizure watching that. Ouch my head hurts. OMG. My nose is bleeding now. ggggggggggggggggggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh................
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my brain hurts
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Lol at Jeff's pronunciation of Cornish Pasty.

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This game looks like crap. The visuals doesn't make any sense and it's hurting my brain. 

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Hope they are paying you overtime Drew. 

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Oh, god, my rods and cones!  I could not imagine playing that without a steady supply of Visine next to me.

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It definitely looks like a Llamasoft game! To be honest though I've never really properly played much of their stuff, and I'm not sure if I want to. I totally respect what they do, though.