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Posted by SinGulaR

Sure looks like a 10$ game.

Posted by PowerSerj

No nostalgia here, just indifference.

Posted by Psynapse

no nostalgia for me... does 0 for me too.... hah

Posted by sheira

Dude, awesone.

Posted by AllanIceman

I love these gameplay voiceovers.  More please.

Posted by bobpie24

Just looks like a waste of $10.

Posted by Scooper

Awesome I can't believe this is finaly out the hours and hours I spent down the arcade playing this it was sooo intense! I can't wait to play it.

Ps. All of the above is a lie.

Posted by Latheesan22

I love these quick looks. Nice work

Posted by eastbrook

Again, great idea to have these video quick-looks with commentary; keep them up

Posted by Shadow

dude....that track is ripped straight from Burnout 3 Takedown.  I mean there's no mistaking that.

Posted by RHCPfan24

I like these quick looks you guys are having. More please :)

Posted by Jatsu

The game doesn't do anything for me, but as many others are saying, this format of video feature with the voiceovers certainly does. I love how loose and free form it is. Stream of consciousness all the way!!!

Posted by Weltal

I'm absolutely loving these "Quick Look"s.

Also, I don't think you could get me to pay $5 for that game.

Posted by ep_driver

Game = Lame
Quick Looks = Awesome

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

Never heard of it. But it has some really classic rally cars! Lancia Delta FTMFW!

Edited by AndrewB

I said to myself "this doesn't look like a *bad* game;" and it still doesn't. However, seeing as it seems to only have one real track, with a few differing layouts depending on the difficulty level, that doesn't seem like a game that could hold my attention very long at all, thus would probably not even be worthy of the somewhat meager $10 asking price.

By the way, guys, keep these quick looks coming. They're all very informative, and in some cases, they're actually selling me on a game I might not otherwise even play a demo of, let alone buy the full game.

Posted by zoozilla

Quick Looks are a great idea.  Keep them coming.

Or else.

Posted by Steven

I prefer long looks, I could watch this stuff forever.

Posted by Phished0ne

i do enjoy any game with a MINI Cooper in it...espcially if its the old Austins....

i did pay 10 bucks for that Shitty Italian Job game -_-..

but i still wont buy this one
Posted by DJ_Lae

I'd pay five bucks for that.

Posted by Zuul

I might consider downloading it if it were the doritos game with t-rex's in it.  But otherwise not worth the cash.

BTW: Quick Look's: keep doin' em!

Posted by wrecks

Just make a seperate Quick Look Video section and pump em out! these rock.

Posted by Razor

Mystery Theater 3000.   ME WANT MORE PLSE!! :D

Posted by canucks23

i love these quick look's, great work guys.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

That game kinda looks like fun actually. Even if that fun only lasts for 5-10 minutes.....I'm just sayin, looks fun for a bit.

Posted by haribammi

this just ignited some sega rally "those were the days" emocion. If i wouldn't be such a cheap nobo I'd happily pay for that. Apart from that, very nice voiceover quicklook thing, totally takes the "historically relevant" stamp off the rating process. Humanity will prevail.

Posted by akumasan

I enjoyed playing the arcade version of GTI Club (I've seen it around quite a bit back then, I guess we just love anything with a mini Cooper in?). It was okay, nothing special.

The only vehicle based arcade I want to see remade is Prop Cycle. That game was rad...sorta....kinda...
Seriously man, flying bicycle!

Posted by max3000

I remember playing the arcade version. It was awesome.
To really enjoy this game you need to play from the cockpit/bonnet cam.

Still, 10 bucks for this is too much. Maybe if they added more cars/tracks.

Posted by olly69

This used to be good in the arcade with two machines hooked up, i wish this had split screen on it.

Posted by SoothsayerGB

Thanks for the preview, first off.  For some reason I really enjoy watching you guys playing games and giving commentary.
  Game doesn't interest me in the slightest.  A racing game really must bring something new to the party, for me to give it any interest.  This just looks like any other generic racer, but way cheaper.  Not meaning price either. 


Posted by Alex_V

I remember it as an okay-ish arcade game - I suppose the city streets and smaller cars made the game distinctive vs Daytona / Ridge Racer / Sega Rally at the time. It seems okay to me - people seem to like racing games, and here's another one.

Posted by mubress

I used to play this all the time in arcades, mainly because it was the only driving game there. I'd normally be waiting to play SF or sumthin though when playing this....
So quite nostalgic for me, but I played the demo and it's about as bad as I remember. Oh no wait it's worse because you get a wheel, handbrake etc in arcades, and I don't have one of them at home.
Therefore will not be purchasing, even if it was cheaper I still wouldn't.

Posted by TheClap

Love the quick looks, not loving this game

Edited by DukeTogo

I saw this in once in an arcade a very long time ago, I wanted to play it for so long having seen pics of it in EGM (RIP) and when I finally got to put my $1 to play it I found that the steering wheel was busted.  The big draw of the game was the (at the time) spectacular visuals and the fact that it featured small rally cars in a city.

In its day this was one of the best arcade racers around and was close to being the successor to Power Drift.  It just shows that it's too little too late looking at the comments of youngsters who never enjoyed a proper arcade experience.  It reminds me of Sega releasing Spikeout on the XBOX when nobody gave a shit.  This should have been on the DC, just like that game should have.  Putting it out now just feels like a missed opportunity and will only get love from the few who were really into it back then, and even they might be put off with it's sparse feature set compared to a $20 Burnout Paradise you can get.

Posted by spiceninja

I've never even heard of this game. It sure wasn't in any arcade I ever went to as a kid.

Keep up these quick look vidoes. We all love them even if it is a game no one cares about.

Posted by MagicKiwi

These 'quick looks' are awesome, please do more.

Posted by KillerKahuna

Man you guys I love these videos you guys do with the quick looks

Posted by zityz

Like Everyone else has said, love these quick looks, always gives a good impression on what the game is like when your actually seeing it being played with thoughts. Awesome job. Keep it up!

Posted by KnifeySpoony

It is doing nothing for me nostalgia wise, I actually have never seen it in arcades either.

Posted by Wright

"quick looks" need their own tab =) would be the best tab ever, naturally.

Posted by Xander51

I hadn't even really heard of GTI Club until it showed up on the PSN Store, and I used to frequent arcades quite a bit in the nineties.

Posted by TwoOneFive

you guys should change "quick look" to something more catchy, and sounds more giantbomb exclusive. its a great feature and i don't think anyone else is really doing this. its awesome though and gamers REALLY appreciate this style of previewing.

Posted by meatball15

This game blows!!!  I played the demo and it sucked.  There are actually invisible walls preventing you from going airborne off the tracks!

Posted by Freki


Now there's a game that won't get any of my money - did remind me of the good old PS1 days though :)
Posted by Yocke

I played this game in an arcade at some point. Was pretty fun in a cabinet. I remember that the whole gimmick it had going for it was the handbrake. That's why you need to use it all the time. When you're in a cabinet that makes sense, when you're playing with a controller, not so much.

Posted by a0me

It was a really fun and unique game back in the days (12 years ago) and I was really excited to hear that a console version was coming out at last.
The thing is the game has not aged well and the 10$ price tag doesn't help.
To be fair though, I don't think racing is a genre that usually ages well.

Edited by BlueJester

quick looks are awesome.

Is this the game that has the hot potato mode in multilayer?  I seem to remember the arcade version having a mode where you pass a bomb by bumping your opponents. My dad and I loved the heck outta that mode.

Posted by TG_SOLID

Yeah, I too got that 'Burnout 3 Takedown' feel from the map. Since I still play that game (I only got a Ps2 this summer, lol (I am a PC gamer at heart)) it was instantly recognizable as very similar to the "vineyard" level from B3 TD

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