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i want to unlock the low res spartan armor from halo CE.

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question for subscribers. does the HD video look like actual 720p? does it look like you were running halo reach in your monitor, or close to it?

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Cant wait untill the 14th!

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Just want to say watched the whole thing via the mobile site, quality html5 video on android :D

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that ostrich had a family

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The downloaded HD video.... OH MY GOD THIS IS FANTASTIC!! 
Uh... can you guys really afford 5000+ people downloading 1.2 GB files? God I hope so. This is gorgeous.

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Looks a lot faster than the other Halo games. I'll have to try this out during Christmas break or something.

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Yes, Jeff, always look behind the waterfall! I've told this to people and they look at me like I'm crazy.

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The video has small artifacts in it for me too. I checked my flash version and tried multiple browsers. I'm just going to wait so it doesn't get spoiled.

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Oh, I get it! "Chief" concerns! Hah!

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ahh yess, just in time for the school year.

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I'm guessing you can use Master Chiefs voice in firefight. Just a guess.....

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I still don't know if I want to play any more Halo. Played the hell out of the first three, but I skipped ODST because I stopped caring. It looks like I should maybe start caring again?

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it tastes like halo.

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looks pretty much like a Halo game. Well done Bungie.

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Man, this game looks so cool, I'm very excited for it.

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legalize da kush, ya'll

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FPS of the forever. BRING ON TUESDAY.

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CMEN... I get it.

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Oh, right,, HD! Completely forgot about that.
EDIT: 1.2 Gigs, goddamn.

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gona test the HD download

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I'm gonna wait until next week when I get the subscription to watch this in HD.

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lol idk how to use forge but i think i have a better idea then jeff :p you guys seemed lost lol

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Wow this game has changed my mind about halo. Used to dislike it now it looks pritty cool.

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@ChuckNoLuck said:
" Is anyone else having a problem with HD on Giant Bomb in Chrome? Video looks like this for me.  "
Poking around a bit, the new videos are .mp4 container files piped through flash rather than the older style of .flv container files. Even if it's only a problem in Chrome, try updating your video codecs / video players (I've had a lot of success just downloading and installing the CCCP (combined community codec pack)). Report back with results, positive or negative!!
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Wow watching this QL made me realize how awesome this game looks, I may pick it up sometime after launch. 

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simply can't wait

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@Lebensbaum: talking intelligently about various aspects of a game and playing competitive games at the same time isn't exactly easy
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who cares about Halo Reach quicklook.  GIve me my GAMEROOM quicklooks, NOW!

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Was that multiplayer map a remake of Sanctuary?

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Nice quicklook. The Forge world looks amazing but it would have been nice to see a bit more real building instead of attempting to make exploding chain reactions.

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Pretty menus.

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@Rawrz said:
" Was that multiplayer map a remake of Sanctuary? "
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The Halo-fied Ostrich things running around the level made me laugh, for whatever reason -- especially when Jeff ran one over.  
(Seriously, what the fuck are those things? Are there ostriches in the Halo universe?)

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41:15 is totally blood gulch

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wooooooooooooooooooooop can't wait

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I watched the first few minutes and shut it off. I'm getting the game so don't want to spoil anything. I'll watch this in about a week or so.

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Looks great in HD!

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Its not a reach that this looks great in HD!

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I really wish they released halo games on the pc now

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Haven't read through comments but the sound is de-synced near the end of the video.

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@ashbash159 said:
" Haven't read through comments but the sound is de-synced near the end of the video. "
yeah i'm getting that too, really annoying. great quick look though, definitely going to buy this
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If I was going to play a Halo game it would probably be this one, but I have completely fallen of the Halo bandwagon. Also, the first comment quest is way easier over at ComicVine for those interested.

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@Lebensbaum said:
" Watching Jeff play competitive multiplayer and attempt to use Forge makes me wonder if he's actually the right person to review this game. On the other hand, his lack of experience mirrors that of many people that may be "familiar" with the series, but actually have no idea what they're doing. "
That's kinda how I feel. I may not agree with them some of the time and I'm often concerned with how familiar they are with these games before they review them, but the reviews are completely honest, frank, and I know that nothing aside from their personal opinions had any impact on the score. 
Besides, I've never used the scores on this site as the primary indication of a game's quality. It's the actual written part of the review as well as the discussions on the Bombcast - the discussions that allow everybody to give their input, not just the one happened to be assigned to the review - that help me to get a feel for what the overall consensus is. 
I <3 GiantBomb.
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I really, really don't want to watch this.

But at the exact same time I really, really do want to watch this.

On one hand, watching this will just make it even worse having to wait for Tuesday, on the other - it's more Halo: Reach video.

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Forge World seems gigantic; wasn't expecting that.