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More Halo 2 DOHOHOHO.

Posted by skadbob

HD is working very nicely. This game actually looks beautiful!

Posted by Rhode

Damn, it will surely take a long time to get used to enemies not dying almost instantly from gunfire. It's been such a long time since I last played Halo. Great QL for sure, well rounded.


looks like Halo to me. If you like Halo then yah. If not then hey ho. Enjoy Halo Fans. (I'm not one but I am being nice :D)

Posted by Mumrik

Now I see why they say Halo games shouldn't be played on "normal". This looks like "easy" or "very easy".

Posted by Tasus

The audio is slightly out of sync.

Posted by Binman88

Game looks incredibly boring and straightforward.

Posted by cap123

I'm going to wait til i've played it myself i think :(

Posted by angelofioren

Looks really cool. Maybe I should go back and finish Halo 3. I never got that done.

Posted by KillyDarko

I haven't played Halo since Halo 2, but the MP on this doesn't seem to evolved at all since... Unreal Tournament. The campaign looks cool, though, and that's all that matters to me anyway.

Posted by chinatown_1992@hotmail.com

Its time to remember Reach

Posted by dubios451

Anyone else have the bottom bit on the screen of their HD stream go all wonky at around 19 mins, or just me?

Posted by Slumberpunch

Pre-ordered this the other day.  Amazon has a 20 dollar credit and 99-cent release day delivery, so not a bad deal there.  The HD video quality is amazing.  Great work, guys.

Posted by Lord_Ozma

Da Kush. You must legalize it. 

Posted by Pkshields

All right, 1.2GB. My ISP is going to hate me soon.

Posted by ThePantheon

legalize da kush sums up my attitude towards the Halo franchise.

Posted by The_Laughing_Man

I cant get over they keep calling it :BUNGIES last halo game" 

Posted by ManlyBeast

nice quick look. Enjoyed it.

Posted by Onno10

I never really liked halo but if you say this looks bad and boring you're on crack.

Posted by Finstern

Bit of an audio desync towards the end

Posted by Addfwyn

Halo isn't quite my thing, but the QL still looked interesting to me.  Probably not something I'll ever get around to play though, myself.  But hey, cheers to those who will be playing it

Posted by Cheebahh

It annoys me that the multiplayer seems to be the standard afare of "Shoot, melee, grenade, die"

Posted by moneykins

lol @ lowering the "high" quality of videos, in addition to adding download and HD buttons for non-paid just to tell us we have to pay.

Posted by Forkstik

HD is totally awesome! 

Posted by eduardo

I kinda wish there was a version of Halo games with just the campaign for people like me who just like playing through those in that mode, not touching multiplayer. I'd totally get that version, I hate Halo multiplayer.

Posted by fedorajay

ODST and that Halo 3 multiplayer disc came with my 360 and I didn't enjoy them very much so I won't be getting this. I do, however, want to see what new IP Bungie comes up with.

Posted by Drakhir

Visually, it looks much better than the previous games. I'm afraid some people will get tired of the gameplay, as it seems to be similar to the other ones.

Posted by willardbd

I was seriously thinking of taking a pass on this game.  I want this really bad now.

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Lol, another halo game, Brad said "its September"

Posted by atomicvoodoo

I really would like to pick this up, but I'm going to try to wait and see if the Legendary edition goes for cheap in a few months.

Posted by Willy105

Sounds like quite a production, but FPS got old a long time ago, and this doesn't change it enough to get back into it.

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@sawfish22:  Hey Adam, I just really like the Halo series. Read the books and all.  I like quicklooks, but I'd just rather experience this first hand than through the "GiantBomb lense".   I'm not this way about all games, just a few.
Posted by Seanebaby

Gah!  Now I have to buy this....preordered

Posted by angryemu

I just can't get excited about this. I'll rent it, play through the single player once, and send it back.

Posted by Atilac

halo 1 dropships are fucking awesome

Posted by Wes899

Blah armor lock. I did not miss you at all. That nearly ruined the beta for me.

Posted by fisk0

So, you can't create enviroments from scratch in the forge, just put stuff in pre-defined maps? Rather disappointing considering how it's been described as a full featured level editor.

I haven't played much Halo, just a little of the first one on Xbox, and some Halo 2 Vista for PC, the latter which was very disappointing.

Are the covenant still voiced in english to sound like bad guys in a disney cartoon or the Smurfs, I couldn't quite hear it since the game sound level was pretty low in this quicklook?

Posted by sear

I have always found Halo games to be too slow and clunky and full of racist Texans.  And that was just the first Halo on PC.  Can't say I'll be buying an Xbox for this (or anything else for that matter).

Posted by theberserker

46 minutes?  I'm going to go put some coffee on

Posted by fisk0
@sear said:
" I have always found Halo games to be too slow and clunky and full of racist Texans.  And that was just the first Halo on PC.  Can't say I'll be buying an Xbox for this (or anything else for that matter). "
I'm prepared to buy an Xbox for Limbo if it doesn't turn up on Steam in the coming months. But for Halo? No.
Posted by Ghostfish

The HD video like most of the others has a lot of digital noise to it.

Posted by Jeffk38uk

So tempted to get this, not really for the multiplayer, never played it, but for the campaign and story.

Posted by The_Laughing_Man

Is it just me or when they started multi player did the audio get all strange and out of sync? 

Posted by iamthemoneyj

HD sound is kinda laggy

Posted by Pop

Pshaw Halo is not bungies greatest creation Oni is maybe now they can start working on Oni 2 :D. But anyway joke aside looks like an awesome halo game I'm sure people will create some crazy stuff in forge.

Posted by zombie2011

Quick Look? More like long look am i right? 
This game has so much content in it i'm surprised it didn't take longer than 46 minutes to show them off.

Posted by Crono

Not a Halo person but was still interested enough to watch the quick look and yep, it is definitely halo.  It looks pretty good on the exterior though I have to say.