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This is exactly why I love Giant Bomb. And aww man, Daim! I haven't eaten that in a long time.

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"This guys name is diarrheabullets"  
oh my god i almost spit out my tea

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Man Forge World looks too awesome. Wish I could play this.

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@bananablade:  Guy in one of my games last night was "ballsdeepinurcat"
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I wish I had the time to beat that game...

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Wow, Forge World is huge!

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@onlineatron said:
" I'm going to play as a female.  Samus is ruined as gaming's 'bad-ass mechasuit' chick now thanks to Team Ninja and Other M.  So a female Noble 6 seems the way to go.  "
Samus is still a badass. Other M hasn't really changed that.
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I guess it's too much to hope for a PC release. Well, another reason to get a console someday, I suppose, seeing as how there aren't any big PC titles besides Civ 5 coming out soon...

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Say it with me everyone, "hoar-hay" (Jorge).

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woohoo, catching up on QLs FTW!!

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