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THIS IS SPA...oh bugger it...

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More like "Hello, Spartan Ass"...yeah, forget it...

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Who invited Michael Transactions?

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I'm so mad at how bad this is. Could you imagine if this was just Halo: Renagade Ops? Fuck sake.

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All Units 2?

Posted by SilenceUK

bought it as soon as it hit the store pretty much was SOOOOOO dissapointed :( was like 12 quid for something that you can better for free on IPads

Posted by AMyggen

"Let's just slap the Halo name on this piece of shit."


Posted by BeachThunder

Super. Boring.

Posted by Mars

I don't get all the negativity. I like this game. Not the greatest, but still fun.

Posted by coolowlbro

Man. I got bored just watching Jeff play this.

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I came SO close to buying this a few days ago, just to have something new to play.

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So this is the next generation of gaming, huh?

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"Hey, nice work dawg!"

wow, screw this game hard. Honestly though, I disliked Halo 4 so much that this feels like an appropriate followup to the Halo franchise. I really couldn't care about that franchise any longer thanks to 343i.

Also, the new Spartans are some of the worst characters I remember from last generation.

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I don't think I'll ever understand the whole "I gotta save these items cause I might need them later" thing that people do, Brad always talks about it when something like single use items or something comes up. I just use that stuff, because those items are never unique and you get more so I never worry about it. I understand saving really good stuff for a boss fight or something, but if you go I might need this later though on a boss fight, you're never gonna use that item.

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This game looks like garbage. Also I'm totally with Jeff, fuck one use items.

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Oh dear....

Posted by Payner

Quick look saved me $15, mainly due to the one-time use items for xp or real money, but the rest just looks mediocre. Thanks GB!

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$15 + microtransaction + boring game + one use items = no thanks.

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At around 18:20 the trucks start running over the marines repeatedly.

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I almost feel sorry for Halo fans that are get swindled into this game just because it's has Halo in the name... I would mistaken it for a Gameloft rip-off if I were introduced to game blindly without knowing the name or other identifying aspects of the game.

But given how Microsoft has treated their customer base so far (with the launch games be littered with pay to cheat systems) this is just another game designed to milk loyal fans wallets because they can and majority of consumers are blind (or turn a blind eye) to the nickel and dimeing.

I really wonder how Titanfall is going to turn out, I really wouldn't be surprised if it has microtransactions

It's really sad...

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This game makes me want to play Dawn of War 2... and oddly reminds me of Jet Force Gemini, for some reason.

Why don't all the plants in that first mission face the sun? Use that next-gen technology and Make It So.™

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Michael Transactions strikes again.

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Holy shit this looks boring.

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Looks passable as a F2P game, but $15? lolno.

Seems like every next gen console release has some sort of F2P micro-transaction BS shoehorned into them now, even when their supposedly full-priced games.

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@petiew said:



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this looks so damn boring. bummer

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I bought this on PC awhile ago and was very disappointed. It's just flat out boring. Now if it had a GB announcer pack...

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This game seems to have a sin greater then one time use items, playing it looks completely boring.

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20 minute Quick Look? This game must be rotten...

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This is like the dullest game I've ever seen

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"The aliens look the same."

Drew, you dirty space-racist.

And man, Brad and Jeff really hit the nail on the head about how lame consumables are. They just add negative emotion to the play experience, unnecessarily.

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Why is it legal to make a game this lame?

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This game is poop

Posted by afabs515

I love it when games don't have mission checkpoints :/

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For all the shit this games catching - I really don't think it looks THAT bad. Jeff and Brad are mentioning that it's extremely easy/boring, but the difficulty and damage the enemies are taking looks damn near identical to normal difficulty in a proper Halo. The elites seem to take a little less damage before falling though.

Idk, it just seems like it's not meant to be on a controller/console platform.

It also wouldn't hurt if it was free.

And maybe if they put checkpoints.....

And maybe if it were more of a isometric tilted camera.....

And maybe if there were some feedback when your being hit/shot a.k.a screen shake or visual cue.

: / this games kind of bummer.

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Well that was a clusterfuck

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@donmfjohnson said:

Who invited Michael Transactions?

Don't worry Edge Casey is on the way.

Also this game is kinda a bummer.

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All Units.

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this looks like a piece of shit!

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Desecrating the Halo franchise with a cheap cash-in and adding microtransactions to yet another game.

Is Microsoft actually trying to get a bad name?

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This looks like a bad game and it stands for what is wrong with micro transactions.

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Oh, good lord.

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Speaking of Kingdom Rush Brad.. It's Steam release is the perfect excuse to do another video on it ; )