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*yawn* looks lame....

Posted by K9

Hopefully there is quick look of new warhammer 40,000 coming along as well.

Posted by Aether

Love the vids. Lots of Jeff on this site. Needs more Ryan though!

Posted by Jeffsekai

yes! a quick look at dawn of war 2 would be sick

Edited by Aaox

Awesome stuff, guys. I mights cancel my pre-order though, for something better.

Posted by JJGIANT

Nice one guys

Posted by Scooper

Not so into RTS games anymore, dabbled in Age of Empires back in the day and a bit of Red Alert but they're just not my kind of game I guess.

Edited by TooWalrus

Very Halo, I like it. The only thing I'd complain about is that god-aweful green...

Posted by Montoya


Posted by AnEternalEnigma

Giant Bomb seriously needs to start shitcanning the idiots who do the "FIRST!" garbage. It's really fucking annoying.

Posted by Eric_Buck

Who cares if they say FIRST? What difference does it make. Lighten up.

Posted by Seroth

Jeff stole my gamerpic. >=[

Posted by MeatSim


Posted by AdventChild

Very Halo.  Not very RTS.  Looks kinda OK though.

Posted by zeox

Damnit Meatsim, that was my line :P.
Looks alright, though I'd never even think about playing an RTS on a console

Posted by Hairydutchman

The game looks boring as hell.

Then again, I don't like RTS and Halo.

Posted by Reverseface

Glad to see commander shepard from mass effect in this game....oh wait...errm

Edited by strangeling

@ Eric_Buck & AnEternalEnigma

I'm for smacking the "firsters" around a bit.  It's great that they're first, but use it for something.  Go ahead and claim your place as first, then edit the post and add a useful comment/opinion please.

The quicklook makes it look more appealing than the trailers have to me.  I'll have to go ahead and give the demo a try.
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Also not an RTS person, but I did like Halo's storyline enough to read some of the books and play the games. This however looks like it would be a good story, but a tough game to play.

Note to Brad: I don't know if this will make a difference in how you play, but I found in the demo at least that you could toggle between different subgroups by pulling the Right Trigger, or select just one type of unit by double pressing the A button.

Oh and people who post just to be the first, and have nothing to say are all really just looking for negative attention. I think those posts should just be deleted out of hand.

Posted by MildlyPsycho

All Units

Posted by AnEternalEnigma

Because people who come on here and yell "OMGZ FURST!!!" add absolutely nothing to the discussion about the subject matter. It's fucking pointless and they need to either be muted or banned entirely.

Posted by Eric_Buck

Very good point strangeling.

Posted by Deluge

I find it odd that they broke out all these new units that you dont get use 20 years later in Halo.

Posted by Neverwinter27

So it looks like Halo Wars will Dominate the RTS genre this year

Posted by Seram

I wasn't too sure about this game, but the quick look makes it look pretty good in my opinion.

Posted by TomA

Looks fuckin awesome fuck the haters stop complaining the controls are great.

Posted by MichaelBach

Looks like fun, I will get it

Posted by Kohe321

Good quick look.

Posted by PowerSerj

What I like best about this game so far is the Halo feel it has to it. I know, it's a Halo game, it's obviously going to feel like Halo. But watching this Quick Look really made me want to play some Halo since it has that same ambiance to it.

Posted by gamefreak9

Ugh i dno why ppl are excited about warhammer.... i was excited bout the last one but it sucked... its trying to get that warcraft 3 approach to it and its not working.... leave real time tactics to blizzard... actually starcraft 2 will also take over strategy i think

Edited by DukeTogo

At 2:00 it looks like they're playing Vindicators.

Posted by BiggerBomb

Someone cue up that "Game designers are creative" picture. It's almost like they decided to model the protagonist directly from the default male John Shepard! :O

Posted by eduardo

I competely turned around on the game... I'm kind of interested now.

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

looks very solid

Posted by spiceninja

All Units!

Posted by DECA555

for fuck sake MS, let Halo die 

Posted by Berkie

The demo is pretty fun, I want to try the full game.

Posted by SlimDogg95

I am not an RTS gamer. But this has my attention. Another great video.  All Units !

Posted by TwoOneFive


Posted by GeekyDad


Walked away for a few minutes, came back, and still this video isn't all that interesting. I'm afraid watching an RTS being played doesn't make for good entertainment, regardless of the franchise attached to it.

Posted by SmokePants

If their goal was to make the Halo of the RTS genre, then they failed miserably. The original Halo was streamlined in such a way that it made its contemporaries look archaic. 7 years later, regenerating health is all the rage; grenades and melee as parallel attack systems to the primary weapon are commonplace; tactically limiting the number of weapons you can carry is pretty standard. These tweaks made sense regardless of input device; it just so happened that they translated very well to the more limited controller imput.

Halo Wars doesn't make its contemporaries look archaic. On the contrary, it tries desperately to embody the archaic and dumb it down for an audience that the developers secretly scorn. And that's just sad. Ensemble's last project turned out to be little more than a multi-million dollar shoe-horning operation, where the shoes being horned were woefully out of fashion to begin with.

Now, if I had to pick a Halo of the RTS genre, well, that would be World in Conflict. But even that might be too much for a controller. The Holy Grail..... err, kind of sought after, be-nice-to-have-if-it's-not-too-much-trouble console RTS formula will remain elusive for the time being. Oh well.

Posted by MagicKiwi

I don't get it. Most of the people who are way in to Halo seem to be people who are way not into RTS. And this isn't a good looking RTS...


"for fuck sake MS, let Halo die "

Guess what. This is the FOURTH Halo game. There have been like 17 Final Fantasy games, and about 17 Metal Gear games, which from your avatar you seem to be a big fan of. So shut the fuck up.

edit: Oh great, you're an asshole AND you just happen to be from Calgary. Why am I not surprised. :D

Oh, and BTW Jeff and Brad you guys got "gold" at the end of the mission not bronze.
Posted by Scarabus

Graphics-wise it looks very plain.

Posted by SoothsayerGB

Great video, I will buy this game now.  Want to see how a RTS will work out for a console.  Been a long while.

Edited by Death_Burnout

Man...not my kinda of RTS at all, the disappearing bodies really throw me off for some reason too.

Posted by GamerGeek360

I really want this game.

Posted by jeffyg3

Looks awesome

Posted by Wright

kinda reminds me of aliens vs predator extinction lol (I played that game longer then I should have)

Posted by Razor

Besides Starcraft and Warcraft RTS series, I'm a casual fan of the different types of RTS games on the market.

This HALO WARS does look freakin FANTASTIC, the SCORE (AUDIO) is 110% HALO :D.  Based on this mission only, the controls are pretty good. 
-However, the frame-rate dips 2 low on even the most minor clashs of groups.  This could be a huge letdown in online multiplayer matchs.

Sidenote, EMPIRE: TOTAL WAR is FUCKING AMAZING MAN, maxed settings, this game brings me back to my childhood with collection of fake ARMY MEN/GI JOE infantry.  The battles are not so good upclose because it kinda is SHODDY but, from afar you won't notice so much.  From afar, this game ROX,
-You kinda need a pretty powerful 9800gtx/C2D/2GB/....... or better PC to run this bad bad boy.

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