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and first

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Yes. I recall this being one of the teasers for the main game. 

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Ahhh! This will be the best QL ever! O.O

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sweet QL

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I literally just finished playing this before this Quick Look popped up.
That ended so differently than mine.  I didn't even see the chainsaw over there... ouch.

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Did this just come out in the US or something?

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It was not available on launch.

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@THE_END said:
" Is it worth the price? "
Nope, but for free it is! 
Well, how much are they selling it for anyway?
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When I played through this DLC, I hid a bit longer, snuck around behind him, then he chased me downstairs.  I ran out the garage and made it away.  I was so creeped, I didn't go back and play through it a different way.  This was a nice ending to see too though. :)

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Best nut shot ever.  Wow.

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It was out at launch for me.  I have had it downloaded since I got the game.

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Better be free for everyone down the line, I remember this as the debut gameplay. Man they're lazy, same voice for Scott Shelby (didn't need the credits to tell me that).

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i liked Ryan saying "thats a good place to call it"... well yeah Ryan, because it was over :P

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WOA NELLY what a finish.

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@THE_END said:
" Is it worth the price? "
The price of free?  Yes.

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yessssssssssssssssssssss best quick look ever!
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WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH bad end, i feel that in my daddy bags.

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" yessssssssssssssssssssss best quick look ever! "

I agree with this.
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Wow, the voice acting is actually bearable.

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Did anyone else notice all the typos and spelling issues in the subtitles?

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This should be interesting, knowing Vinny's involved. 

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That was a pulse-pounding, action filled ride

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@Horace said:
" @nohthink  It was out at launch for me.  I have had it downloaded since I got the game. "
Same here.
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Your eyes are creepy lady.

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@THE_END said:
" Did this Quick Look just show the entire DLC or is it longer than this?  How much longer than this is it?  At the end of this Quick Look it appeared to be the end of the DLC but I could be wrong. "
That showed one run through of the DLC.  You can extend the playtime by exploring other areas (they didn't go in every room of the house), making different choices (ie stay quieter longer so the killer doesn't hear you, hide when he comes looking, etc.) and generally just playing out the various options. 
Remember this was created to show the press what the game was going to be like (how it controlled, how different choices affect the outcomes, etc).
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That was awesome.  For the first time I actually wish I had a PS3, so I can play this.

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Quick Look IN a Quick Look!? Mind = Blown 
EDIT: OMG Greatest QL Ending Ever!

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Awesome, me and my friend just finished playing the full game and it was amazing.

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Ryan's insane reaction after she started the chainsaw TOTALLY MADE THIS QUICK LOOK.

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holy crap! why was there not an endurance run of this game!?

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 Oh wow, I chose the WRONG quick look to watch while eating lunch. I almost lost my burrito when they went in the upstairs bathroom.

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OOOO very good quick look too awesome

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Sam Douglas played the killer in this because this scene was Quantic Dream's vertical slice of the game. It's actually his face in the version that was shown in 2008.

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Oh my God, that was fucking intense. Amazing and really creepy. I didn't know Heavy Rain wasn't scared of being that gruesome or bloody. Cool!

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I always thought Bruce Willis should have grabbed the chainsaw in Pulp Fiction. Seems Madison Paige has one up on him.

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Oh, awesome. A Quick Look. I'll check this out later.

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That's pretty much the entire game. There are no other locations and the alt endings can all be done in a few minutes by just choosing a different option in the last chapter.
I investigated the entire house room by room and item by item on my first playthrough before the killer comes back and it lasted about 45 minutes.
Not worth $5. $2.99 at most.

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omg that was amazing, lol

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well i think that guy has... SAW BALLS .......     BOOOM ! 

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It is quite fitting to watch this quick look while outside my house, it is pouring it down with rain.

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Ahahaha he fell on a  chainsaw