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That's not Whoopi Goldberg.

Posted by gosukiller

I love these game-show quick looks.

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I love these

Posted by Shadow_304

Damn so close!! guess i have to go to school now :(

Posted by Joker369

Circle gets the square

Posted by AllanIceman

The real FTW explained! 

Posted by Woodroez

I think that after loading up yesterday's MoH review at 8am on the dot and seeing that at least one dude had already commented, I have given up on getting first comment for a while. Very liberating until...that beast returns to haunt me.
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Oh god yes, yes, HELL YES, must drop everything to watch   
Will Smith is a pleasant bonus

Posted by MisterChief

These games are amazing.

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I haven't got a clue who Brad Garret is, but I want him to die. 

Posted by Jonathan

Tested's William Smith!???!!!

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who would spend actual money on this crap?

Posted by Swoxx

this - this right here, is fucking heaven of entertainment

Posted by Wes899

Oh god yes.

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I love Will Smith. That is the opposite of hate.

Posted by Death_Unicorn

I should totally be studying right now, but no, I'm watching a quick look. THANKS GIANTBOMB!

Posted by Osiris

WHAT, awesome!

Posted by Vitor
@Death_Unicorn said:
" I should totally be studying right now, but no, I'm watching a quick look. THANKS GIANTBOMB! "
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So baaaad

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The great Will Smith making an appearance!

Posted by brocool

This s just got real

Posted by angelfan91

Much like the world, it begins and ends with Brad Garett.
Posted by MildMolasses

Does ubisoft have some sort of proprietary gameshow engine? They should license that out. I'd like to see what Irrational could do with it
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Screw you guys Brad Garrett is the man.

Posted by Skronk61

Pure Comedy Gold!!!

Posted by Ronald

I do wish Ryan wouldn't have goofed off on the first question just to see if the answer the person gives is always Power Rangers for that question. Because there's no way I will ever know that since I will never be buying or playing this game.

Posted by PoppaKyle

I love me some Will Smith, almost as much as some Matt Rorie
Posted by Raymayne

oh god yes

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A lot of those characters look awfully familiar!

Posted by fox01313

The whammy from Press your Luck game was a harbinger of a downward spiral of doom for this game.

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Man they reaaally hate Brad Garrett XD
Jeff is gonna hunt him down real soon

Posted by snuggles_mcduggle

I should be taking my borderlands character to lvl 69, but instead I'm watching this!

Posted by ArtelinaRose

This is one of the best videos EVER.

Posted by MightyMayorMike

Shaky Hands Davis!

Posted by teh_destroyer

Thats enough Brad Garrett for one day :|

Posted by TheAdmin

Will Smith is great!

Posted by phrosnite

I really liked Everybody Love Raymond... why the hate?

Posted by Lone_Villain

This has to be one of my all-time favorite quick looks.

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"I want to buy a video game where I get to see Brad Garrett get clubbed to death with a blunt object."  
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new contender for "greatest line ever said in a Quick Look." 


Jesus Christ, I think I may actually kill myself.

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I am here in defense of Will Smith. 
Who hates Will Smith? Nazis, that's who.

Posted by zombie2011

Yes love these games.

Posted by EOT

Anyone else think that their character looks a little like Kira Nerys?

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Well done Will. Turn it off!