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I'd rather have a game about the world's worst driver.

Posted by LikeaSsur

Never thought I'd see a Hot Wheels game. My inner kid is screaming with joy.

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Are there 10 drivers this year better than Hot Wheels?

Posted by LibrorumProhibitorum

Watch out Forza.

Posted by VoidProd

Was that Aasif Mandvi?

Probably not, but first person I thought of :)

Posted by Scott757

Always a good time when they guys drop a Lethal Weapon 2 reference.

Posted by webrunner

did you see that great full screen green energy effect that didn't take up the whole screen?

Posted by JJWeatherman

Never thought I'd see a Hot Wheels game. My inner kid is screaming with joy.

Well, there have already been quiiiiite a few...

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@beachthunder: We are aiming to achieve the fastest time in this decade.

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Man! I really want to know how they cracked the leaderboards.

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Finally a driving game for the rest of us

Posted by J23

Jason Statham presents: HOT WHEELS

Posted by trixnfx

This game is just painful. I rather play Russian Roulette.

Posted by Sticky_Pennies

I wish they did more of those horribly broken motorcycle trick courses, because that part was fucking hilarious.

Posted by ShaggE

I haven't heard a voiceover that passive-aggressive since "RIDER MEET HORSE".

Posted by Fat_Tomato

@jjweatherman: I remember when I got my PS2 as a kid we had two games: LOTR The Two Towers and Hot Wheels Velocity X . . . game was pretty dope!

Posted by Yesiamaduck

I am the world worst driver.... patent pending

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The voice acting reminds me of Crash Time. Simply fantastic work there.

Posted by etdragon

The voice actor telling you to go faster and whatnot sounds like the dude who voiced Matt Miller in the Saints Row games....

Posted by Ravelle

Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver 2 was pretty cool back in the day, that was way more fun than this.

Posted by Fungiefips

Vinny's "How it's made" impression is killing me.

Posted by UberExplodey

good This Old House reference there, Vinny. Norm would be proud.

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Dubstep, yes no?

Posted by JimiPeppr

Stunt Track Driver fo' life.

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Green is for go. HERE WE GO!

Also, I loved this game as a kid, and Jeff seemed to like it pretty well too.

Posted by DonMFJohnson

So you pay money for this "game"?

Posted by jkz

I love This Old House

Posted by rmanthorp

This is my favourite Quick Look of 2013.


Posted by Cloneslayer

Played the hell out of stunt track driver back in the day.

Posted by BLipp18

wait, how is this a Hot Wheels game? Youre not a tiny car in a giant house jumping off sick ramps that are on giant tables. That is the only TRUE kind of Hot Wheels game.

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Posted by GorillaMoPena

Snow mobiles don't even have fucking wheels.

What is society coming to?

Posted by Solh0und

Hot Wheels: Turbo Racing on PSX was awesome. What have they done with the license?


Sadly this is not the worst racing game I've ever played; that would be FlatOut 3. It's horrible.

Posted by seveword

Dat cabinet making.

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Posted by Bartz

That pizza looks so damn good

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Don't know what I like more; the edges of the screen-effects not actually reaching the edges of the screen or the full flips being called 180s.

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The physics on the motorcycle killed me, amazing QL.

Posted by MX

what is the song jeff sings at 19:50

Posted by jmic75

If you put this and trackmania in front of me I'm not sure I'd be able to say which was which.

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Oh man, almost choked to my snacks when Jeff started humming (@mx) Ducktales intro...also some other pretty "good" bad music in this. Cracked up at the prison camp jokes too, great QL to start the weekend with!

Posted by DougQuaid

This game is $30? HOLY FUCK

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Whales love this shit!

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Oculus Rift support?

Posted by CByrne

Game of the Year?