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Posted by benpicko

Don't really know what this is but I guess that's what QLs are for

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Posted by thebunnyhunter

Humans must answer for nothing

Posted by AMyggen

Gonna get this, always up for a shooter.

Posted by namesonkel

Oh I get it, eagle ship, hatch turrets. Hoh hoh hoh.

Posted by jakonovski

Man only 5 minutes in and already eggs not getting picked up.

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The graphics are great in this game, but Euroshmup gameplay has never really been my thing. Life bars, shops, etc. Always glad to see more coverage of this underrepresented genre on GB, though.

Posted by LarryDavis

Humans must answer for Japanese moe bullshit taking over the shooter genre.

Posted by SomeJerk
Posted by BisonHero

Humans Must Answer.

Gods Will Be Watching.

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Humans Must Answer for Bradley Shoemaker.

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I think the last shoot 'em up I played was Project X on the Amiga. I feel the same way about shooters as Jeff. I used to love playing 'em when I was younger and they were all the rage but kind of indifferent to them now.

Posted by AstroCow

Music and sound effects seem nice.

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Seems like a less interesting Jets 'n Guns. Speaking of it, where is the sequel?

Posted by PimblyCharles

Bonus eggs sound like they'd go well with a bonus soda.

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Nothing beats Jets & Guns.

Posted by MrGtD

i don't gotta do shit, video game

Posted by Nodima

I really like the look of this game and the mechanics seem really neat, but there's no Mac version, so I lose.

Posted by Aegon

This is the first time a "shooter" has interested me.

Posted by Ravelle

Man, I loved Raptor.

Posted by MonkfishEsq
Posted by D4RKSH33P

"Deploy Turret"

"Seek Cover"

"I thought I could make it." - Brad

Posted by alwaysbebombing

Call the Health Care!

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This game is going to seem so old-fashioned after Half-Life 3 actually gets released, simply for that reference.

Posted by BillyMaysRIP

I actually edited the Darius wiki page this Sunday! Check it out if you want more information on Darius.

(Darius had three screen that made the widescreen effect, not two - and the one that people like the most is Darius Gaiden or G Darius which came out much later in the 90s. Darius Twin was the SNES version of the game).

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So this looks kinda awesome.

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Why are your bullet shells falling? It's space. Won't pay money for this game until they fix that; spotty work.

Also, is Brad bad at games? After this and that other quick look, starting to wonder...

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Wait, are the Space Chickens wreaking vengeance upon humanity?!

Posted by Dezztroy

That Pac-Man planet was pretty good.

Posted by soupbones

@brad If you really want a game centered around taking ships down piece by piece, go find yourself Omega Fighter or Omega Fighter Special. Sort of a rare arcade game, but it's on MAME.

The entire game is centered around taking down 1 giant motherside, spanning several stages. It's epic.

This game is nothing like Rtype really - it's more like the recently released Sturmwind on Dreamcast.

Aaaand that makes 2 great games I mentioned here that nobody has heard of. I'm out!

Posted by Shevar

How there is no Newegg product placement is beyond me :-P

Posted by Darkness2386

Half-Life 3 confirmed

Posted by fisk0

The graphics are great in this game, but Euroshmup gameplay has never really been my thing. Life bars, shops, etc. Always glad to see more coverage of this underrepresented genre on GB, though.

I'm kinda into euroshmups, but still, I'm rather surprised they didn't seem to know about the genre - they're pretty much all specifically like this - visually R-Type like, but with health and energy bars, upgrade system or shops, and often have more momentum than japanese shmups, especially Jeff with his C64 and Amiga experience should probably have played numerous of these, and stuff like Soldner-X on the PS3, as well as much of Housemarque's back catalogue are also in this vein.

My personal biggest issues with these games are enemies that take too many shots to kill and limited ammo, both of which seem to be true for this.

There was a pretty funny thread about euroshmups in the System11 forums a few years ago, which while pretty much only using the name as a derogatory term, did have some quotable descriptions of the genre:

For me, euroshmups are most of all a kind of gaming spirit. In fact, all the specificies of euroshmups come from what pedant people would call a "cultural thing".

The real point is that somehow, a shmup is mostly a game where you shoot things and dodge bullets.

This definition is far too vulgar for any european mind. I mean, no real european man can enjoy a simple thing like that AND keep looking into a mirror with some respect for himself. Because it's a definition that makes the game a matter of agility, and not of intelligence and strategy. And this, for a genuine european mind, is the most despicable thing of all.

So euroshmups are a (missed) attempt to level-up the intellectual interest of the genre. So to say, a desperate attempt to turn poker into chess.

This was achieved by adding to shmups the most possible unexpected elements, and basically three ways were used to do this:

- adding difficulties to destroy ennemies (limited ammo, weapon management, etc...)

- adding difficulties to control the ship (ship control taking care of gravity or inertia, etc...)

- adding difficulties in the level design and gameplay (traps and everything that requires a complete anti-natural behavior)

So euroshmups are basically games that tend to give the bigger possible malus to players who rely on skill. They usually are insanely difficult and frustrating for who tries to beat the game by playing it like an action game.

Euroshmups are NOT fun for any normal member of the human kind. But in the end, if you're really looking for a definition, they have only two real caracteritics:

1. They try to fight for some artistic value by being original and prettily drawn.

2. They are designed so anyone who's not a chess grandmaster will not pass level 2.

(from http://shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=16743&sid=8da0bc4533c081780a164b475077bf8c)
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Tutorials are overkill. Annoying. Should've been a separate mode. Slows down the game way too much.

Posted by lockonandfire

@murdoc_: Brad is the worst of the staff at playing while talking. Purely playing, he seems like one of the best.

Posted by Mumrik

Maybe Brad just has really fucking bad eyesight.

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The video previews for the next levels is really cool, have other games ever done that?

Posted by HeavenInBlack

I love that stage 4 music.

Posted by ikaruga

looks great but watching this just make me more hype for ikaruga steam release the wait is killing me

Posted by antivanti

Brad isn't bad at video games. He just can't see text is all =)

Posted by MeatSim

Chicken Chomps is my favorite space fast food restaurant.

Posted by tourgen

The recent Sine Mora is a really great shooter. The PC version is solid too.

Yeah Einhänder was awesome. Played that so much.

Posted by Sarumarine

The weirdest shoot-em-up I've ever seen is Sigma Star Saga for the GBA. That combined R-type shenanigans with random encounters and EXP for leveling up. Even your ship would be random sometimes from big bulky freighters to ships that were way too fast.

This looks okay though. I'm always a fan of branching paths.

Posted by darkvare

lol that half life 3 billboard is just great

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Looks cool, I'd pick it up if it was on the Vita.

And hell yes, Einhander.

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