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This could be good!

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Meh srry

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no idea about this game

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Been looking forward to this QL, this will decide if I'm getting it or not.

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Let it begin.

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Not gonna lie, this doesn't look particularly interesting. There are enough games that play like Gears of War, I don't need my medieval RPGs to also play like that.

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Blandest game of the year. The colouring and texture just shouts out "NO YOU DON'T WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME", the only thing saving this game is the coop mode.

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Hmm the trailer made it seem pretty cool, but perhaps not.

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Wasnt this game announced that it would use the Crytek engine at last e3? 

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tried it on the pc at a friends house, i can see it being somewhat fun with a friend but singleplayer is kind of boring tbh

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This game is impressively ugly.

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Elven side boob....

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Yep. Don't care.

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Worst game 2011?

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The prisoner was right behind you when you picked up the gold! 

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i saw the bound prisoner! over there blue!

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"Well, he didn't say 'swords to the exclusion of everything else.'"  Lol.

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Doesn't look as awful as I thought it would be, but doesn't look great either. 
Would be alright for $40.

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I've really been looking forward to this QL.  Here we go!  

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Every time I try to pause this video, it restarts.   ...whut?

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Splitscreen co-op is a back-of-the-box feature because almost no one includes it nowadays. I personally prefer playing games with other people on my couch rather than on the internet (and I'm clearly not the only one) so that's always welcome.

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I was waiting for a modern Enclave which in a way I guess it is.. Bummer.

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This game doesn't look great but are you really going to complain that the voice somehow doesn't fit the character model?

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Holy hell this game is ugly.

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Been playing this in small chunks, liking it so far and will defiently play through it as its short from what i hear. Its nothing to write home about but its decent at what it does

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the arrow sound are really awsome

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@TzarStefan said:
Worst game 2011?
Have the number of games you've seen this year hit double digits yet?
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The bastard sword bit was hilarious.

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This game looks depressingly average

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Really boring quick look.

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I appreciate Jeff's restraint in this video 

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this game has absolutely no appeal.

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Looks like a somewhat boring game, with limited char customization. I'll pass.
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I don't know if I've ever complained about a quick look before, and I have absolutely no interest in this game, but just as someone watching a QL for enjoyment: if you're not going to say anything about the game, and just kind of sigh throughout playing it, maybe get someone else to do it, or at least someone to sit in who is good at filling dead air or trying to find the positives in a game. Watching anyone be bored for over a half hour isn't entertaining at all. 

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for like the first half of the quick look, i thought the left bar was the guys health, top/bottom being health/mana, and that the right was the womans health/mana. i mean, just makes sense for a game where you can control both characters that you would want to know the others health before you switch. right?

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I kinda prefer split screen co-op, it will also make a terrible game bearable. Especially if there are ways to mess with your buddy.

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that doesnt look like fun

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I just have to say, I really don't like the menus in this game, they look really bad.  
The "level up" screen just looks like a placeholder or something.
The rest of the game doesn't look that great either, but something about shooting that bow looks fun, but I don't think that would stay fun past the first thirty minutes or so...

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This was painful to watch. Painful.

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This seems like the kind of game that lines the bottom of a Walgreens bargain bin.

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Really boring Quick Look unfortunately. Nevermind, E3 is near!

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I'm sorry but this game looks like ass.

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This looks just ok to me.

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Seems like an average game, possibly made more fun by co-op.