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Posted by RedJimi

Does this video work for anyone? I'd really like to watch some of the older QLs, but this alongside the "Breath of Death VII & Cthulhu Saves the World" just won't open no matter the method, browser or machine.

Posted by automatontribe

The ending is really bad, we all know that, but apart from that I think this quick look is really pretty good. I just went back and watched it before playing the collection a second time.

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hah, there are only three comments for this quick look now. awesome.

i still say the tutorial for shadow of the colossus is terrible, and totally at fault. which is too bad, because apart from that it's an amazing game.

Posted by VoshiNova

Aww yeah! The lack of comments is making me semi-wet.

Posted by serjizzalot

I came here because someone said that I would hate brad after watching this video. I find that hard to believe that someone can hate such a lovable guy. Let's find out....

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@falling_fast: Except I beat this when I was 11. No, seriously. Got a demo disc from a magazine and replayed it over and over, every time I beat the first colossus without dying. It's intentionally handicapped since it's the first fight in the game. Brad is notoriously crap at games and it doesn't surprise me that he completely sucks at this but what does surprise me is that neither him or Ryan noticed there was a huge blinking beeping grip gauge. It's kinda obvious. Ryan seemed to be less "hey bitch do this to continue the game" whereas Vinny is more likely to just straight up tell him what he needs to do.

Edit: The tutorial tells you everything you need to know. Don't really see how explaining all of the controls and what to do leads you to the belief that it's lackluster. This is all Brad for being Brad at video games.