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Posted by drumpsycho89

man i love the design of this game!!! its soooo kool!!! love the little band dudes!! hehe

Posted by Andorski

Great spatial puzzle game.  The trial gives off the impression that the game is really easy, but I found some of the later levels in just the first chapter to be a head-scratcher at times.

Posted by Piranesi

Stopped 5 minutes in to get code and buy game - the power of QLs!
Edited by GrandMarshal

this game makes me sleepy :/

Posted by StandStrong

Have put about 3 hours in this game so far, and really loving the style and also the puzzles. Have one problem though, it keeps freezing during the game? I have experienced this problem 4 times now, and its getting to the point where I am not wanting to play it. Does anyone else have this problem? 

Posted by Kyle
@StandStrong: I've had the game lock up on me too, but it only happened once.
Posted by MeatSim

Secret games!? What else have you been hiding from me Xbox!

Posted by Capum15

Looks pretty cute. Not Epic-Yarn kind of cute, but cute.

Posted by ArchScabby
@Capum15 said:
" Looks pretty cute. Not Epic-Yarn kind of cute, but cute. "
You're right.  It doesn't seem as forced as Epic Yarn.
Posted by TepidShark
@darkjester74:  The font in menus is the exact same.
Posted by RenegadeSaint

This game starts out simplistic, but actually gets quite beastly towards the end. Great and innovative puzzle game.

Posted by MattClassic

That Sebastian dude's face kind of bothers me. He looks like one of the eyeless demon doctors from Jacob's Ladder.