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Posted by MattBodega

When Ilo and Milo touch, the honesty is too much!

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Posted by ttocs

Haven't heard of this one before.

Posted by Coldplay619

I want to hug this game.

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This game looks nice.

Posted by drag
Posted by Jolt92

This game is okay. Puzzling is good, story/dialogue is fucking horrid and does nothing for me. The music isn't that good in spots. That's my five cents, but it's still a nice game.

Posted by JustinSane311

This game looks awesome...I remember watching Norm play this on WP7

Posted by loungemonkey

I need to pick up the full game...the demo won me over with it's cuteness.

Posted by Crono11

I really like the look of this game. I wonder how it plays on the WP7.

Posted by MarioBoza

This game is great I bought it. Super Meat Boy is in this game, you dont play as him but you see him in the background jumping off a wall. :D

Posted by zombie2011

This looks great, i'll definitely get this.

Posted by radioactivez0r

It's a pretty clever little game; I for one like the music, and the text dialogue and random "story" text is totally off the wall in a good way.

Posted by buhssuht

so adorable 

Posted by Suigyoken

I so need to have plush versions of Ilo and Milo made.

Posted by RidgeRich79

I'd buy this game. This would be great for me and my girlfriend to play together. 

Posted by Jeffk38uk

Seems like a pretty good arcade game, and I can see why it would fit the 7 Mobiles. Kinda weird implementation of co-op tho.

Posted by Dany

oh fuck this game looks adorable!

Posted by Wes899

This game looks great.

Posted by wwfundertaker

I fell asleep, need to re-watch it.

Posted by Blair

Very cute.  Hopefully Giant Bomb will kick out a review at some point.

Posted by ImBigInJapan

I was hoping for split-screen too. Waiting for the other person to push X? Lame.

Posted by ViciousAnchovy

Ilo and Milo look like cherry bombs.

Posted by NickLott

This is a great game, been playing it a lot this past week.

Posted by SomeJerk

Oh, it's Bug on the Sega Saturn!

Posted by Flipyap

I demand a second opinion quick look from someone who can appreciate the disturbing amounts of cute contained in this little game. There weren't nearly enough ohs and awws in this one. 
Because seriously, holy shit this thing is adorable.

Posted by JayCee

Crazy adorable art-style with this game. I can dig it.

Posted by kalmis

Game looks good no doubt. I usually like puzzle games but this is just way too cute 

Posted by Sarumarine

One thing I realized is that Brad is always down for Multiplayer. Too bad about that missed opportunity for split screen.

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@drag said:

" Here's where you can get the early access code (for the XBLA trial)  
http://wp7supersecretaccess.ilomilo.com/   Recommended, game's goddamn adorable.   "

Huh. It's not working for me...Not the site, the actual code that the website generates.
Oh nevermind. Took me 3 damn times, but I finally got it.
Posted by WolfmanJenkins

I really like the style of the game but I don't know if I would buy it.

Posted by retsub101
@somejerk said:
" Oh, it's Bug on the Sega Saturn! "
except this is good
Posted by ch3burashka

Well, it's cute. I like the patchwork-esque art. 

Posted by JackSukeru

Some parts of the level design reminded me of Kula World for some reason.

Posted by issun187

I have no idea what this game is about. It looks dope, though! ;)

Posted by TheVideoHustler

This game is just so vomit inducingly adorable

Posted by mrsmiley

this game is fun, but will put you to sleep if you play it late at night haha. a great game to play with the girlfriend. :)

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That Sebastien guy kind of sounds like professor E Gadd from luigi's mansion.

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Looks like a cuddly version of Echochrome combined with LittleBigPlanet's artstyle, menus, etc. Looks cool.
Is this actually on XBLA? Wife and I would probably enjoy this a lot.

Posted by WickedFather

Yep, on XBLA right now.  I think the reason you can't have split screen is because of the way the puzzles are constructed.  You'd kind of break them if both of you could move at the same time so they'd need to retool levels for single and dual play.

Posted by Teaspoon83

Played the demo over the weekend. Fun but the multiplayer with my wife could be worth trying.

Posted by gbrading

This looks like the spiritual successor to Microsoft Tinker. Very nice art design.
Posted by Hector

getting this for sure!

Posted by Deeveeus

The best exclusives are the XBLA and PSN ones, I swear!

Posted by ProfessorEss
@Deeveeus said:
" The best exclusives are the XBLA and PSN ones, I swear! "
yeah, I can get behind that statement.
Posted by TadThuggish

Something about this reminds me of The Adventures of Cookie & Cream.

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Look at Brad pretend he's never played this... lol. 
Edit: jk he admitted it eventually.

Posted by EoinMason

God, I want to give this game a mega hug. So damn cuuute.

Posted by countinhallways

I like the style of this game a whole bunch.

Posted by Asadasa5

This game looks interesting, and definitely adorable. I'll have to look into it.