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I would like to know more!

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I Love Fridays

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Delicious content.

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And now for the word of the day: "crapass"!

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Babarians is a pretty good word.

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so are you guys gonna be reviewing man smoothies on the bombcast this week?

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I want to know what they were looking at before this..................

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If this is Dungeon Keeper all over again, then SOLD!

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@yesac2004: No, you really don't. Ignorance is bliss.

I hope Patrick doesn't write an article about it.

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Ryan Davis' favorite movie is "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me."

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I must know why they hate the internet. Apart for the usual reasons of course.

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when are they going to make a game about the second intifada impanada?

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@alibson said:

@yesac2004: No, you really don't. Ignorance is bliss.

I hope Patrick doesn't write an article about it.

Good job, now I MUST know

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@simkas said:

@alibson said:

@yesac2004: No, you really don't. Ignorance is bliss.

I hope Patrick doesn't write an article about it.

Good job, now I MUST know

Feed us!...Feed us the delicious hate!

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This just makes me wanna revisit Dungeon Keeper... From what I've heard this might not be the game to re-imagine that experience, but someone should really explore that concept. Dungeon Keeper done correctly is a really really great concept.

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Yes! I've been waiting for this.

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Von Fairweather sounds like Rickety Cricket.

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Mmm-mmm...tastes like bad voice acting...

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Something actually bothered Ryan? I didn't know that was possible.

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I watched totalhalibuts wtf video of this and he unsold me on the game based on the AI stuff, two minutes in to this video and already vinny has debunked the no AI myth, looks good but looks hard as shit

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I feel like Ryan is pretty harsh in this quick look. I rarely criticize any of the guys' ability to play a game but Vinny needs to take a second and actually read the fucking tool-tips. If he had he would've realized he wasn't getting any materials because he keeps capturing them which was clearly useless because he couldn't collect treasure. If you're going to play a game like this I know looking at tool-tips is kind of boring but the video is almost an hour, 5-10 seconds to read a tool-tip isn't really a big deal.

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That's a lot of impuns.

Also, the spell at 20:57 smells like Harry Potter.

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Is all the hate to do with that site stealing all the wiki stuff?

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So are those Fire Warlocks always there, or were they just unlucky? Seems like a pretty dick move to pull in a tutorial level.

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This video shows, that some games aren't suitable for the QL format. At least when you go in uniformed. It's a Paradox game- should have been obvious that you can just go in cold. Sorry, but that's just my opinion, feel free to ignore it.

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I wish they would do a Quick Look of The Internet. It sounds horrible.

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sure you let out enough hate Ryan?

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I wish they would do a Quick Look of The Internet. It sounds horrible.

They did. It's in the Eurotruck QL.

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@kortex I don't really want to name the site because I don't want to send traffic their way, but yesterday during the TNT people where posting in the chat about a game wiki site that had copy-pasted a large amount of information from the Giant Bomb Wiki, so far as GB place holder art being on their site. Then again that doesn't seem like the sort of thing that would get them so angry, considering how funny they found the gamebomb.ru stuff and I doubt Patrick would write a post about it if that was the thing.

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That wizard dude is Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The human rights guy.

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Super glad you fellas did a QL for this as a few people were interested in seeing this game before putting their money down.

Hmmm, for myself this seems close to Dungeon Keeper, but with less free form building, which is a bummer. Probably going to wait for a Steam sale (by which time there should be some patches too)

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I was cautiously curious about seeing this game box art around, but not knowing what it was all about. Hope this quick look will help me clear if it's a buy or a pass.

Listening to some 50 minutes of Vinny and Ryan also doesn't hurt a bit. Love this particular combo.:)

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This was painful to watch.

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you can tell vinny is a dad now that he misuses pop culture words like "yolo"

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Here is what got Ryan so upset. It's not so much the content, it's that it's part of the former Whiskey Media Suite now, with bottom of the page ads on Screened.

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@sirdesmond said:

I wish they would do a Quick Look of The Internet. It sounds horrible.

They did. It's in the Eurotruck QL.

"I fuckin' hate computers." - Vinny Caravella, Prototype 2

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Babarbian sounds awfully like Bavarian.

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@aelric: Well that made me look silly. Now I feel bad for the tested guys.

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I like this it's confusing and delightful at the same time.

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"Ahh, the elegance of PC gaming."

In the console version you can't make tunnels at all. The rooms are just inaccesible, and you win by doing nothing.

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@bladefire: If I didn't know better, I'd say you hadn't been watching very many quick looks on this site. Not reading obviously placed tooltips and hints is a time honored tradition. Honestly, it's not really their job to make a positive impression of a game.

There are basically two types of quick looks: ones that are of a game they've already played a lot of before release for review and are showing off, and ones where they're looking at a game, often for the first time or after only checking it out for like 10 minutes. This is pretty obviously part of the latter. And history has shown that watching them flail around terribly is usually more entertaining than watching them sit around reading tooltips.

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I'm really liking this. It looks a little clunky, but it reminds me so much of Evil Genius that I'm willing to give it a go.

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I played this and was a big fan of Dungeon Keeper. It has the look of Dungeon Keeper, but has none of the charm, and the UI is tedious.

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@3:50 the wizard did Agent York Morgan's patented two fingered chest tap

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resisted impventures , good show

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This game looks bad and unfunny.