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Might actually buy this. Very entertaining. I like that you are able to see other peoples' solutions. Could make for a fun night of drinking.

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Human Incredipede

Posted by zipperface

I just incredipede my pants.

Posted by Kerned

Vinny Quick Looks are the goddamned best Quick Looks!

Posted by cabrit_sans_cor

It's too early in the morning for this insanity.

Posted by katelyngadd

Shame the game's graphics are so buggy, it's really distracting.

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It's crazy that Patrick seems to be in nearly every Quick Look these days!

Posted by nemesisND1derboy

Urgh... that is not an appealing looking monster in the slightest.

Posted by Incapability

There's something really terrifying about the look of this game.

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@zipperface said:

I just incredipede my pants.

I'm going to steam to help greenlight this thing immediately!

Posted by Ravelle

@Baillie said:

It's crazy that Patrick seems to be in nearly every Quick Look these days!

And Vinny and I love it.

Posted by BeachThunder

"Kill me now" the game.

BTW, it's available on GOG.

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Ugh, still having trouble with the video player refusing to play video over here. Off to youtube then!

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Don't watch if you get easily frustrated watching people play puzzle games poorly :)

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Love the whole crude woodcut thing this game has going.

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"Patrick seems to have forgotten Rule Number One: never, EVER, allow Vinny to create living beings."

Vinny's wife! What have you done?!?!?

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@Baillie said:

It's crazy that Patrick seems to be in nearly every Quick Look these days!

He's the reason I haven't subscribed yet.

Edit: He's actually doing fine in this one, but occasionally he makes me turn videos off, like the recent Metal Gear QL to name one.

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What about the anus?

Posted by poisonmonkey

This is one funny Quick Look

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This looks highly disturbing

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Holy crap, more VInny impersonations/characters/voices. Amazing.

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@Kerned said:

Vinny Quick Looks are the goddamned best Quick Looks!

Posted by Synaptic

that was a pretty awesome ql...

Posted by Keegs

There's something very gross about this. I love it.

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Is this that Guillermo del Toro game which THQ cancelled? Cause man, this looks tasty.

Posted by Hewitt

...Does that thing have Swastikas for legs?

Posted by hollitz

I want to build legs on other legs.

Posted by LobsterMobster

Why was the monster made of swastikas? ;_;

Posted by GunstarRed

This game reminds me of some of my failed attempts at making walking monsters in Little Big Planet.

Posted by Castiel

That was a good quick look.

It was short, funny and to the point.

I wish more quick looks were like this.

Posted by Devise22

This is amazing. Hilarious quick look.

Also Patrick hate needs to stop being a thing. He's the reason why I found and came to this sight. Great news editor.

Posted by Redhotchilimist

I could not stop laughing.

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This has to be somehow related to or inspired by: http://fantasticcontraption.com/

Posted by Phatmac

Time to buy this game and make my dick monster.

Posted by machinerebel

"Sweet death!"

Reminds me of Spore, but even more fucked up.

Posted by outerabiz

21:00: most excited ive ever seen anyone be about swastikas

Posted by ripelivejam

this is like if qwop and a nightmare had a child :/

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I want to see more creatures. This is hilarious.

EDIT: Just saw trailer and it's amazing. Maybe even incredipedable.

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Seriously Patrick? When you finally switched to browsing creatures, the first page was named nothing but "REPLAY TEST BLANK." And when you saved your solution, it said it was saving the creature. You can only put so much on the whole "I'm playing and being recorded, it's hard!" lol.

Game looks really disturbing but maybe fun? At least something to pass the time. Should be a mobile game though.

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@Scarabus: As much as I think it's kinda strange you wouldn't sub to the site because of one person you weren't a fan of, and as much as I personally quite enjoy a bunch of Patrick's stuff, I would say that if you want more content from the other guys then subscribing may actually be the best thing you can do - a lot of the best subscriber content seems to come from Vinny, Jeff, Dave, and Drew, and in my opinion it's some of the best content on the site.

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kill it with fire!

Posted by mbr2

Fucking another indie platformers this shit is just as bad as Call of Duty.

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This is by the same guy who made Fantastic Contraption, another buildy-puzzle game with a bit more flexibility than this.

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What an incredible name - Incredipede. Why is it that noone has come up with that until now?

Posted by WulfBane

With that opening, I wonder if anybody would make a compalation of "The Voices of Vinny". With that range of Luke, Jack Frost, Ghoul, and now this... thing.

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Really fun quick look, totally glad to know about this game, I think I'll go vote for it on steam.

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Swastika wheels.