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Crackdown 3 !

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Quicklook, Son

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Get infamous son!

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gonna have to download this one in HD.

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They're really leveraging that new hardware. This looks really, really nice.

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My main question is, can you drink buckfast in this game?

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Finally something to play on my PS4

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Woa, woa! Jeff is a witch and not a wizard?!?!

Have we been lied to?

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Finally, some new good games rolling out.

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Ha, I platinumed this game yesterday and I never once saw a Delsin idle animation. Thank you Giant Bomb for providing the hottest content around right off the bat!

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Activate shit eating grin.

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Next gen idle animations.

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It feels like this Quick Look was moved at least twice, from Thursday, to today at 12:00PM EST, to 1:00PM EST.

I mean...it's not like the embargo wasn't up yesterday, with plenty of video reviews on places like IGN and Polygon.

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Always be a bad witch ;)

@mrfluke said:

gonna have to download this one in HD.

Yup, I normally go with the High setting, but apparently this game looks pretty rad, gotta see for myself! I think this will be one of the games that pushes me towards getting a PS4, I really like this series.

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So this is what an exclusive next gen game looks like. And holly shit is it incredible.

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Who's Delsin Rowe? That's Troy Baker!

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Wait, is the king of the north in this game?

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dem fingers

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So impressive that the PS4 has a game that looks this good so early. Imagine how good games will look in a few years!

That said, this looks like more Infamous in terms of gameplay, and that's not something I'm that interested in.

And I agree with Brad, the sound design in this series has always been garbage. In Infamous 2, if you stood on a roof there was many times where the world just went completely silent. Nothing. This game also sound very quiet. Since it has been this way for three games now it either has to be a design decision, or all their talented people are in visual design.

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It was the longest minute of my life, but I made it, I am the FIRST!

Third* owned

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This looks really nice, but damn does it look similar to the previous inFamous games, and to an extent really boring to play (in my opinion / previous experience with the franchise).

Also I can't stand Delsin as a character, neither the voice, the lines, or the design appeal to me at all.

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I hate the main character, damn what an annoying prick. Kinda sick of Troy Baker as well.

I think the game is fun though.

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@dg187 said:

It was the longest minute of my life, but I made it, I am the FIRST!


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The game looks really nice. I'm excited to play it tonight.

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As a guy from Northern Ireland, I can't help but laugh everytime I see or hear "DUP."

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Clear game save quick looks, always the best quick looks.

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Well look at that. A real next gen game.

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This looks really good. If watchdog looks at least like this, I'd be happy

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Apart from the graphical upgrade, this seems A LOT like the other Infamous games. Which means I'm not really interested. I find that series quite bland.

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Holy shit, those powers look super rad. This game is the only reason I'd buy a next gen console right now. Maybe that isn't enough for a $400 purchase yet.

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The video description is making me laugh harder than I should have.

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It feels like this Quick Look was moved at least twice, from Thursday, to today at 12:00PM EST, to 1:00PM EST.

I mean...it's not like the embargo wasn't up yesterday, with plenty of video reviews on places like IGN and Polygon.

It sounds like you're trying to insinuate something negative, but for the life of me I can't figure out what.

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As a past Seattle Resident, I must say it's SUPER WEIRD seeing how they layed out the landmarks.

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Do you get hurt when you walk over tire spikes?

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It's an infamous game alright. Almost to a fault. The previous games were not perfect and i can't see anything even a little bit different in how the combat, progression and side content works.

For better or worse they made another infamous game and in my case it's definitely for worse.

This just looks super annoying to play. I mean i got bored towards the end of the first one and about half way through of the second one and i'm already bored by this one after watching 40 minutes of gameplay...

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The first game that makes want to get a PS4. It really does look gorgeous.

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Haha, this game's anti-government message is so hilarious. Jeff totally had it right when he said Delsin was one step away from saying "wake up sheeple."

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Wow. Your brother gets over you killing those cops pretty quickly. :/

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still on the fence on buying a ps4. Dont think this game will do it but came close.

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This looks a lot better when playing it that what come across in this quick look.

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@aelric: As a current Seattle resident I completely agree. Did they even look at a map of the area?

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This looks great.

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Bio terrorists, maaaaaaaan.

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D.U.P. huh? Sucker Punch not too up on the last few decades of Northern Irish politics I take it? You don't get to fight a giant super powered Ian Paisley?

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The "This new Infamous game plays quite a bit like the previous Infamous games" critique is a gem :)

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The Dead Sara Nirvana cover is great. I guess it's cool to hate on women singing Nirvana though...

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i have no interest in playing this, but damn if it doesn't look impressive. definitely one of the first "true" next-gen titles i've seen. i'm happy to see more and more developers switching to "next-gen-only" in their development.