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Seems like this should be an interesting game. Can't wait to see this.

Edit: oh, also, first.

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Infamous is looking far more swish than I expected.

Posted by thehunter1320

where is the video?

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I cant wait to see Infamous, i just got a ps3 and i am looking forward for that game.

Posted by CommodoreGroovy

Your Mother!

Posted by Pakorn1

Video no exista

Posted by Zaapp1

We got here before they did...

Posted by Dastan

Where's the video guys?

Posted by Djeffers03

i aint seeing no video bro

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Talk about a quick look

On a more serious note. I'm glad you guys are QL'ing this as it is a game I'm very curious about and would like some firsthand unfiltered opinion on it. The comedy is just a bonus.

Posted by GreatFunStuff

is this standard quick look procedure?

Posted by lukeyk

So far this looks amazing.

Now only if i could see it....

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OOOOOOO i wanna see it.

Whats up crackdown?!

I've never watched a brad quick look where he didn't die...

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YIP!!!  Infamous.

Posted by Dustpan

Wish i could watch this :(

Posted by gingertastic_10

quick looks, still my favorite thing on the site, very nice

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Yes it's up and working !!! :)

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got tricked into pre-purchasing it today
i know i would have bought it .... i'm actually happy that i pre-purchased it

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I was trying to talk to my mom about this game and she though i said Notorious instead of Infamous whoa :O

Posted by galerian

Uh... I'm stoked even more.

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There should be a moratorium on video game characters named 'Cole.'

Posted by fraser

Totally pulled a Brad.

Posted by Haze

Man I want this game.

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Works now....friggin sweeeeet

Posted by Oljud

I can only see half the movie then it stops

Posted by Pakorn1
Oljud said:
I can only see half the movie then it stops
Your junk is broke. It worked fine for me - try refreshing maybe?
Posted by jkz

Probably going to pre-order it

Posted by GreatFunStuff

looks better than crackdown... which i guess would be the "exclusive" equivalent.

Posted by Venatio

Damn I cant wait for this game

Posted by thegoldencat7
fraser said:
Totally pulled a Brad.
Numerous times.
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Yeah, this game is so pre-ordered :)

EDIT: Don't worry about dying Brad; I tried to record some gaming stuff while trying to explain it and MAN is it harder than you think! I have +1 respect for people that don't die on these things.
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This is looking better now that I know how the exploration and navigation works.  I wouldn't mind exploring the city.

Posted by nekoNari

Thanks for the quick look. I really wanted to look at the game, and you showed it to me! Great video.

Now I'm really interested in this game.. I really regret not having PS3 now.

Posted by Aas

Am I going to have to get a PS3 now?

Posted by needforswede

okay...THIS might be the game to get me to buy a PS3, finally.

Posted by Crono

This video cements the fact that making this a Day 1 is indeed a great idea.

Posted by yevinorion

Awesome man, glad to see the QL. Can't wait for the review. :)

Posted by KinjiroSSD

Brad, you can hang off the side of the train and use it as cover while you do that misson.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

Looks pretty good. I don't know if I'll pay $60 for it though. Probably wait for a price drop.

Posted by Jimbo_N

Difficulty in infamous actually seem pretty harsh, even on Easy.. Í don´t know if I´m into that..

Posted by Aaox

Brad dies a lot.

Posted by Reuben

Game looks wicked!

Posted by MagikGimp

Finally, a game with animation when characters change the direction they're running in.

Posted by FinalDasa

a reason to have a PS3

sony fanboys rejoice
and i thank god my roommate has one :D
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Posted by mordukai

I pre-ordered mine last week, looks awesome. I wonder how prototype will be compared to this game.

Posted by killdave

Looks like a cool game but the pop in graphics are annoying me so much !!!!!!!!

Posted by cityofdis0

Looks awesome. Brad was pulling some hella Brads there.

Posted by Riicochet

Pulled a brad.

Posted by rargy

Don't have a lot of PS3 games.  Pre-ordered.