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Never played these when they first came around, but I might check this collection out.

Edit: I didn't get credit for the quest T_T

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Well i never played these games but they seem alright, actually they seem better than alright, I imagine i'd love these games if i ever get around to buying and playing them.

Posted by CyleMoore

Looks cool.

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edit: well, at least I tried. Now - onto the QL!

Posted by MrGtD

I played a little of 1, but Jak 2 was my shit. Somehow I never played 3. But I LOVED 2.

Posted by 49th

This is the series I played growing up, definitely going to buy this.

Posted by whatsnme

i love these games, only got to play jak and daxter last night butim hopping to get atleast 70-80% by tonight. and then start jak 2 in the next few days.

jak and daxter really holds up well for being 11 years old

Posted by AlwaysBeClothing

These bandicoots make me want to crash. Wait, I messed that up.

Posted by Hector

I only played the PSP games and those were good. I'm gonna be buying this soon.

Posted by metalsnakezero

One of the best PS2 games I have ever played are now in HD.

Posted by StitchJones

They look really good. These were fun games, shame that simple quality and fun cannot be recreated. What is holding them back? The Ratchet and Clank games are a blast.

Posted by jorbear

This brings back so many memories.

Posted by dbol

God damn these games are good.

Posted by MrGtD

oh my god i remember EVERYTHING about jak 2 now

Posted by JackSukeru

I've played all 4 of the Naghty Dog games, but Jak X is the only one I still own so this collection is an interesting proposition to me.

Jak 3 is probably my favorite with all the different guns, Light Jak powers, changes to make Dark Jak easier to use and let's not forget the FRIKKIN' DUNE HOPPER!! Best vehicle ever!

That said, I've completely grown disinterested in the story or any continuation thereof, so I guess I'm fine if it never gets any more sequels.

Posted by Jrinswand

I hate to tell you, Brad, but Ottsels are most definitely not real animals. It's a portmanteau of "otter" and "weasel."
As for the game, I never got around to the originals because I never owned a PS2. I'll definitely have to get this sooner or later.

Posted by LandGrinch

Honestly, these were the first games I ever played. I need to get this

Posted by Legend

A fuzzy and orange Vinny? I want one!

Posted by captainanderson

Someone is Brad at video games.

Posted by 014

If I can get it on the Vita, this will probably end up on my wish list.

Posted by ProfessorEss

Still brilliant.

Despite already having too many games and too little time, and despite already having 100%ed all three of these games I don't think I'm going to be able to resist picking this up to go through them again.

Edited by LordCmdrStryker

ROLL, FFS. That's how you move fast in J&D. Roll jump.

ottsel = otter + weasel

moncaw = monkey + macaw

EDIT: UNCARTED! YES! Too bad it will never happen.

Posted by steevl

I've only played the first two games, but definitely preferred the first one. Wasn't a big fan of the whole GTA-style city exploration in #2. I have yet to play the third aside from a brief demo years ago.

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I really hope getting all the achievements in these won't require 100%ing all of them... but I bet it will.

edit: Holy fuck Brad is terrrrrible at these games. geezus

Posted by agerstone

Time to death - 23 mins

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I love the entire Jak and Daxter series, I even love Jak X and Daxter for the PSP

Jak 2 blew my fucking mind went it came out, played the first one and loved it, picked up Jak 2 randomly at a store and dear god it was amazing, I was not prepared for the awesomness

I would love to buy this collection but there's still 3 fucking weeks left until it comes out here in Europe. Also, a little dissapointed that Jak X isn't included in this collection

Edited by JamesJeux007

I love Jak & Daxter sooooo much. This game is maybe one of the best 3D platformers ever made (with Crash Bandicoot 3... another Naughty Dog game). It was such a disappointment when I saw that Jak 2 changed everything I liked about Jak & Daxter. I still finished Jak 2 but never played 3. This could be a good occasion to play it (and a perfect excuse to 101% Jak & Daxter for the 20th time).

Also, fuzzy orange sidekick Vinny ? Oh yeah !

Posted by gave1

that voice at the shrine in Jak 2 is totally the evil guy from Inspector Gadget, Forget what his name was...Claw?

Posted by LiQuid3600

How does Brad ever beat videogames?

Posted by I_smell

Jak & Daxter was the first game I got with my PS2, and it was before I had a memory card.
So every day for a while I'd wake up, try to speed-run Jak & Daxter, then fall asleep.
Watching this video I'm realising that this is my Bubsy 3D.

Posted by bkbroiler

The original Jak and Daxter is one of my favorite games ever. It's so weirdly peaceful. I've actually sat on the beach at the beginning of the game and watched the sunrise and set. Such good music, too.

Posted by JackSukeru

I remember being super impressed that the animation changed in the original Jak & Daxter when you were knee deep in water, I also remember eventually roll-jumping everywhere which was so fast that the game stopped you with a stumble animation, sometimes three times in a row, just so it could finish loading the area you were moving to.

Posted by VIGGO123

I have such fond memories of the Jak & Daxter series. They were my favorite games on the PS2.

I see they held up good, will definitively have to get this.

Posted by AcidBrandon18

I remember Jak 2 being really, really hard. Like there was this one race event that required you to be perfect in your execution or you couldn't beat the game.

Edited by paulunga

I still think that, having bought the PS2 collection in 09 or 2010, the first Jak & Daxter holds up really well. It's probably the best Crash Bandicoot game ever.

The 2nd and 3rd though... oof, those haven't aged well AT ALL.

Edit: And Brad shows why I dislike Jak 2 perfectly. Bland and first-and-foremost pointless open-world city, awful difficulty curve with lots of "THAT WASN'T MY FAULT" moments, bad driving controls with forced racing sections. Also shitty gunplay later on. Now that I think about it I actually didn't put more than a half hour into the third one because of the sour taste I got from the second.

Posted by thorkildsen

Dear god brad! play better!

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Yeah Vinny, Inverted for life!

Posted by C4Turtle

I remember getting really REALLY frustrated with that Jak 2 tank level.

Edited by Mumrik

Brad's excuse is usually that it's hard to talk and play at the same time, but he isn't doing any better when Vinny is talking for prolonged periods of time... excuses, excuses ;-)

Posted by Gordy

@AcidBrandon18 said:

I remember Jak 2 being really, really hard. Like there was this one race event that required you to be perfect in your execution or you couldn't beat the game.

Yes, this one mission as Daxter, the first time you're riding on top of a missile. I literally never got past that.

Posted by Veiasma

This is definitely a Brad quick look.

Posted by OneKillWonder_

@Gordy said:

@AcidBrandon18 said:

I remember Jak 2 being really, really hard. Like there was this one race event that required you to be perfect in your execution or you couldn't beat the game.

Yes, this one mission as Daxter, the first time you're riding on top of a missile. I literally never got past that.

That part was in Jak 3. Still kind of hard, though 3 was a far, far easier game than 2 overall.

Jak 2 did have some insanely difficult moments. By far the hardest part of the game is getting ambushed in the back of the slums area by the Krimson Guard and having to fight your way out through an entire army of those dudes. Goddamn that was frustrating, but that didn't stop me from loving that game to death. I played it so much that I had basically mastered every mission at a certain point.

Edited by theinnkeeper

Replayed Jak 2 recently and forgot how bloody hard it is. Died so many times from instances that, I felt, weren't my fault. I believe it was even considered hard by reviewers at the time. Still, I really enjoy the characters and the story is still worth seeing. I'll probably pick this up.

Posted by Heltom92

God damn I have never seen anyone play this badly, I played through all 3 of these games when i was young and I don't remember having anywhere near the amount of trouble Brad has.

Posted by DjDonFrancisco

Played 1 and 2, never finished 3. Enjoyed these immensely.

Posted by MachoFantastico

Don't care what anyone says, I LOVE THESE HD COLLECTIONS.

Posted by Lokno

I played these games for the first time a couple years ago. I liked the first one, like Brad said its very much a Super Mario 64 clone, but with its own character. I didn't like the second two at all, I found them overly difficult and tedious. Everyone is going to say Brad was just being Brad in this quick look. but I think its just very hard to aim at the guy you want to hit, and to drive those flying cars without hitting the AIs. Without the benefit of nostalgia, the shooting is just not fun.

Posted by Vitor

If you ain't roll jumping everywhere to get around, you're doing it wrong.

Posted by Dogma

Both Jak 2 och Jak 3 had some moments that really stuck out to me once upon a time. Spoilerwarning!

About Jak 2:

In Jak 2 the jaw hit the floor when I managed to get very high up and could see the whole town beneath me. It just floored me with the vista I got at that moment. It was incredible for it's time.

About Jak 3:

The second to last boss in the game was awesome! It was extremly cool to chase it around the whole main hub world. It made it feel so big and grandiose! It's an example I still think about when I talk about big bosses. My dream woud have been that the last boss in Shadow of the Colossus would have had such situation where the last fight would take place in the main hub. That would have been extremly epic!