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The weeaboos are getting restless.

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So mah johng and metal gear for an hour basically. Not that much fun to be had here.

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Ugh god damn it, Japan.

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Man, the Don'T Starve promotions look way better on the Japanese store.

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Needless to say I'm a little apprehensive about clicking the play button.

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At 12:50 that tower reminds me of the first tower in the Dam in Goldeneye 007.

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If only Jeff wasnt so terrible at Majong we could of had Majong Anime Sexy Time with touchpad

Damn that Metal Gea 5: Phantom Pain trailer is still really good.

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Is that first "game" really just watching anime girls sing? Moving the camera is the only input? Why? Just watch a YouTube video. I don't get it.

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Somehow Jeff got himself a Japanese PSN account and "accidentally" downloaded a bunch of... things.

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"Anime is for jerks." - Jeff Gerstmann, video game historian

Anytime there is a conversation about anime this pops up. In any location.

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I need to get that Yakuza. I imported Kenzan, inscrutable moonspeak does not deter me from my love of that series.

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@rickyyo said:

@dark_lord_spam said:

"Anime is for jerks." - Jeff Gerstmann, video game historian

Anytime there is a conversation about anime this pops up. In any location.

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Aaaaaaahhhhhh Caged Bird... that's classic song about a kidnapped 9 years old girl sold to a prostitution ring to work as a "Host Girl".

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Indeed... I mean, is there a game in the history of man that has aged worse than the first Toshinden? I remember seeing and playing it for the first time back in the day and it was just about the most amazing thing I'd ever seen, atleast as far as fighting games go and now 18½ years later it's absolutely atrocious... You'd be hard pressed to find a bigger drop than that...

Is it possible that you're just a big fan of your memories of Toshinden? Because those games are bad.

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Also gotta say that I'm a big fan of Battle Arena Toshinden III, got that game for free and I loved it

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Man I want to play sudoku now.

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Is this where the anime lives?

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@aaox: Wait, is this not an anime website?

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Casual racist Quick Look time! (But still very funny)


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Oh my god, they made the ultimate Sony Press Conference Cameraman Simulator!

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Haha, I love that Jeff says he doesn't hate himself enough to buy Dynasty Warriors but has no problem downloading Dream C Club.

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@brad @vinny @jeff

  • Japanese MGS voice actors remain unchanged. Young snake has always been voiced by Akio Otsuka. In MGS 4, Big Boss is voiced by Akio Otsuka's actual father who in real life had estranged relationship with his son for years, until Kojima managed to reconcile them by casting them together in MGS 4. In MGS 3 and Peacewalker, Big Boss is voiced by Akio Otsuka.

Oh wow, never knew that.

I haven't been paying that much attention to MSG5, but that trailer has gotten me pretty hyped.

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japan is scary

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@aaox: We are all anime editors in our hearts.

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Man I know this was mentioned only in passing, but I really liked Elysium for the cool looking tech and special effects.

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Why so many baka gaijin who just don't wakaru nihon's bunka here? /sarc

It seems a lot of people made up their mind on what this Quick Look was going to be before even watching it.

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I can't wait to safely watch this at work!

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I don't get some of these japanese games...

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Did the Mahjong game really need a "molest the anime girl" option?

Of course it did.

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good lord, the motion blur in metal gear solid is insane. hope there's a way to turn that crap off.

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@humanity: I liked it for Jodie Foster. Mmm

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The mahjong game actually has a demo, just enter the game on the frontpage (hit right) when you enter the Japanese PS4 store. It gives you the freedom to turn down the anime by 98% and make it a somewhat serioustime mahjong-game albeit singleplayer only.

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bunch of nerds

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I remember learning how to play Mahjong because of Suikoden 3. Man, that game was awesome.

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This basically turns into a Metal Gear Ask Me Anything and I'm alright with that.

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"The spunky one!"


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Mind blown

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My Mahjong partners can't possibly be this cute

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I love how the Dream Club girl lineup illustrates how this anime "offer something for every possible pet turn-on" marketing trend has gotten so coldly scientific. One hair color for every color of the rainbow. A couple girls with glasses, and one with an eyepatch in case that's your thing. Most every girl wears a different style of leggings, so you can probably find one depending on your very specific preference. Same deal for hairstyles. Personalities are largely divided into the most common anime archetypes. Bust sizes running the gamut. A variety of different panty types.

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Every time jeff does something like this and then for example goes on to mock people for still enjoying dragonball I wonder if he's just a weeee bit of a hypocrite. I mean how does someone just stumble in to buying anime perv games like this and galgun and censored-upskirts Hatsune Miku. haha

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@lazyaza: Because Jeff secretly thinks that he himself is a jerk

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How come I do not get charged tax on the American PS store though the PS4. I always got charged tax with the Xbox360. It's gonna save me a ton. I buy a lot of games.

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How come I do not get charged tax on the American PS store though the PS4. I always got charged tax with the Xbox360. It's gonna save me a ton. I buy a lot of games.

FYI many states still require you to pay taxes on untaxed online purchases. It's called Use Tax.

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i recently made a japanese psn account to try out that ryu ga gotoku ishin! demo. the demo's only for ps3 atm though

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This was nowhere near as crazy/entertaining as I had hoped, just boring for the most parts. Some good bits still, though.

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Konami did release an English version of the TGS gameplay demo. Kojima Productions said in their podcast that Ground Zeroes is suppose to prepare players for Phantom Pain. The story of Ground Zeroes will make more sense if folks played Peace Walker.

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I never properly learned to logic out Sudoku so Jeff's methodology pretty much blew my damn mind.

Edit: also Brad shouldn't feel bad about not being able to read katakana. School courses are just about the least effective method for learning a language.