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Oh boy, here we go!

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This gun be good.

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Oh no...

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Can you see their panties?

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Oh god yes.

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-grabs a drink and a snack and prepares for an hour of the Giantbomb folks poking fun at Japan-
(and an hour of Brad pretending to know 日本語)

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I'm so hyped for this!

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Vinny Jeff Quick Look?

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I'm just hoping the comments are as hilarious as the ones for Project Diva F.

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Japan's main export is weird shit.

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It said you can't select this content right now, not that it wasn't available in your region. I'm assuming it just hasn't unlocked yet? Dunno.

Akio Otsuka will remain as the voice actor for Snake in the Japanese version.

It said 鬼斬 (made up word meaning something like Demon Slayer), not おにぎり the food.

The 'experienced' majong player is semi-reluctantly implying that you're touching her in a place which you shouldn't.

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Can not wait to watch this later.

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It's days like this I am remembered why I choose to keep living.

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Tell me about the touchpad functionally but slowly.

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Damn. I'm at work at the moment.

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Haha! Wow, this totally reminds me of the batshit craziness that watching anime was while growing up.

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Never change Japan.

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I need to make a Japanese account and "acquire" some of these.

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The framerate isn't holding up? Yeah it's like it's you're watching a beta of the game shown at fucking September TGS due for release in the second half of March. Christ.

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I'm loving that so much of this is making fun of the Giant Bomb community.

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Dream Club is like Fight Club, but with a lot less Brad Pitt in it.

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The dreamclub one was just a demo presentation of all the girls available when it comes out on launch. It is basically a dating sim^^

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Wow they're so bad at Mahjong, I'm deeply disappointed in Brad.

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YES! Ive been waiting for this ever since you twit that!

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This video just keeps getting better.

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Hearing them stumble around MGS facts is always fun, always so wrong! but can't really blame them.

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This is going to be amazing. *settles back in chair with breakfast, prepares to be entertained*

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Giantbomb + Japanese games = Renew Subscription

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This... this, is what I was looking for!

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Oh God!

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Dang Brad, your Nipponese is nearly all but gone. And stop rubbing that lady Jeff!!!

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Oh god, no

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I like that backstory, I would play that

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I'm glad they decided to take a stab at Japanese PSN. This video looks like fun.

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Japan? I thought somebody closed that place down after the alpaca love thing.

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What'll be better? The video or the comment section?????

Wait and find out!!!!

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This sounds too good.
The animation in Ground Zeroes looks pretty sweet.

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Yes :3

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The ultimate MGS game will be made when technology reach the point where Kojima's brain is hooked up to the internet and his mind is streamed into our livingroom holograms.

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Let me guess, this is another hour of laughing at a different culture?

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I need to make a Japanese account and "acquire" some of these.

I downloaded Dream Club. I wish there was more to it.

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I resubscribed premium for these kinds of things. Give Diretide.

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eye patch girl is probably under cover solid snake?