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39 points in game name Scrabble

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I love Vinny Quicklooks!

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I love Vinny Quicklooks!

You sir, are a champion among men.

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Did Saul Bass design the intro?

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Oh man. Im gonna play the shit out of this.

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The comedy in this game is right up my alley, definitely picking it up tomorrow.

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Welp. Buyin' this.

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Doesn't seem to be on sale on Steam yet, despite it having a set release date. Looks crazy awesome.

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Looks alright. Nothing is pulling me in... But I maybe a monster.

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I want to thank you guys for doing this QL. I had only a passing interest in the game (the live-action trailer was interesting, but the snippets of gameplay I saw didn't sell me) but now I NEED to play this game.

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Is this not by Brendon Chung because damn someone is suuuuuure biting his style, hard.

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What the hell, Darlington is my home town. In fact that's where I am now!

I never thought I would see the day when Darlo was a setting in a video game.

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I'm calling it now, this is going on the Giant Bomb GOTY 2014 list. What an amazing experience!

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@razielcuts: It's not. It's by this guy. He seems to be talking to Blendo quite a bit, though, so they seem cool?

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This looks real dumb. I stopped watching 10 minutes in.

...Because I don't want to spoil anything else! I dig games that can make me smile.

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This is totally Airplane! or Naked Gun: The Game.

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Good thing I don't want to stomp kittens. I enjoy fun!

Also Airplane! Is on Netflix now

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This is obviously GOTY.

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I'm so glad y'all quick looked this. I would've never wanted to buy it!

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I watched about ten minutes before stopping. I need this.

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Bad humans gone wild.

Going to go talk to steam.

Steam says tomorrow.

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This. Fucking. Game.

I love it

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First game I've ever pre-ordered. Can't wait for this.

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Loving the Goldeneye health bars.

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I had little interest in or knowledge of Jazzpunk before, let's say, this morning. I don't think I've ever been as sold on a game after seeing 5 minutes of it than now. I'm 100% in. I need a funny game in my life right now (even by UK standards, oh my god I feel like it started raining in December and hasn't ever stopped)

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I'm with Brad... had to stop watching because I wanna see it on my own. Looks very interesting...

Now I'm off to the wine cellar.

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Best intro ever created.

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I really like the aesthetic of this game but it looks like one of those titles like Frog Fractions or 30 Flights of Loving where it's like "Hey, here's a bunch of completely random stuff and isn't that awesome because RANDOM AND CRAZY!" I just don't get games like that I guess cause to me, making a bunch of seemingly random stuff happen in a disconnected way doesn't come across as inherently fun for me, it's just weird.

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Very happy to see my pre-order of Jazzpunk will be vindicated. My kind of dumb fun.

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I'd pay to watch Vinny play this game.

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Upset that I can't buy this yet.

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First I was totally "dafuq?!" but that .RAR joke got me.

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The Goldeneye joke is what sold me!

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This is freaking amazing.

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Shout outs to Adult Swim Games. They seriously publish some awesome stuff.

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Meemaw's secret pigeon pot pie recipe made me laugh quite a bit.

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That's totally the health meter from Golden Eye.

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Looks great.

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@xite said:

This is totally Airplane! or Naked Gun: The Game.

This. None of the recent Epic Movie (not that recent anymore, but y'know, past 80/90's...) type of randomness hasn't done it for me at all, but this randomness is working brilliantly for me and does remind me more of those two movies in a very good way. Tempted to buy.

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This actually really made me laugh. If it ends up being the right price when it comes out tomorrow i might pick it up.

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Is this not by Brendon Chung because damn someone is suuuuuure biting his style, hard.

I thought the same thing but I feel like both can exist. The art design is reminiscent but It's focus is comedy where as Brendon Chung incorporates classic film concepts into his direction/design. Although, it did remind me of Gravity Bone a bit. I was thinking more of a Stanley Parable comparison with all the absurd humor.

Definitely picking this one up.

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What did I just see

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It is going to be $11.99 - 20% off regular price of $14.99 - for the first week on Steam - source.

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@borp said:

I'd pay to watch Vinny play this game.

Yea I feel like I'd rather watch Vinny play this than play it myself. Like most comedy, I feel like it would be best with other people not sitting alone on my computer with headphones.

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Now this, this is my kinda stupid right here.