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Posted by CaliforniaPants

@kmaura: seriously man? just dont be a dick, its not hard. respect people.

Posted by Bats

I had purchased this before the quicklook was even over. I like it when it's NES games but with some of today's sensibilities. Looks wicked fun, reminds me of Gunstar Heroes a lot. If only it had a melee/throw option too...

Posted by antivanti

This one looks very NES accurate. It might have been possible on the actual NES or at least something very close. Shovel Knight is pretty accurate but fudges some things like aspect ratio, parallax scrolling and so on. I kinda want to see what this would look like on an old 4:3 CRT TV =)

Posted by GuardianKnux

Hey guys. In response to you talking about if the game could be made on an NES, you should read this article by the Shovel Knight people. They talk about every way that they break from the NES rules.

Breaking the NES for Shovel Knight

Posted by Sessh

4 Bucks for this? I'm in.

And the "Game's called Jet Gunner." comment is golden.

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I demand more Jason! In front of the camera!

Posted by TournamentOfHate

Thanks Dan for finding out the release date, price and platform(s) beforehand haha. Well done! :D

Posted by 07ron

Band of Brothers is one of the greatest things ever made. Watch it, Dan :)

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Cheese curd power! activate!

Posted by Lurkero

"The game's called 'Jetgunner'."

A true Giantbomb moment right there.

@castiel said:

I'm a little tired of all the nes looking games coming out at the moment. I know a game might be great even though I just don't give two shits about it's visual style, but I'm at the point now where a game has to get really great, and I mean great, reviews for me to check it out if it got a nes look.

Sometimes I wonder if developers limit themselves because they think that's what people want. I want diversity. Developers please go crazy with the look of your games. Please.

I agree. There is nothing wrong with games looking like NES games, but I feel that it's usually not because that visual style compliments gameplay. There are plenty of games available that have old-school gameplay without using 8-bit visuals so I think it balances out.

Posted by TheKreep

@castiel: For the most part, I don't think a lot of developers choose to go with the NES look because they want to pander to an audience.

Based on nothing but pure speculation, I think it's two things:
1) A lot of developers these days are people who grew up with 8bit and 16bit games, and they have a genuine enthusiasm for the style.

2) It's a lot easier to make 8bit and 16bit stuff look and sound very presentable with limited resources.
Which isn't to say that I think devs who make this kinda stuff are lazy!
More just them really knowing when they can and can't do with what they have.

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Is Dan and Drew the new power duo now that the West coast office has been shaken up?

Posted by aceofspudz

Dan: "I saw Band of Brothers."

Me: Oh, Dan. No you didn't.

Moments later:

"Actually I didn't see Band of Brothers."

So good.

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@aceofspudz said:

Dan: "I saw Band of Brothers."

Me: Oh, Dan. No you didn't.

Moments later:

"Actually I didn't see Band of Brothers."

So good.

So good, just the way Jeff says certain questionable things are so good.

This game looks super cool. (Edit: Just bought it for $3.01 after selling dumb Steam items.)

Plus, Band of Brothers is on Amazon Prime and I gotta get on that.

Posted by Hef

@californiapants: Pants in the shape of California trigger me so if you'd please change your user name I'd really appreciate it

Posted by nnotdead

If you think this is cool you should also check out Oniken

Posted by Gren

Jason the real hero of this quicklook lol.

Posted by Beinhart

dan and drew quick looks are the fucking best

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@food said:

I had to google what cheese curds look like:

Seems accurate! Also apparently a Minnesota thing.

We have them in Kentucky too. They look gross but so, so good.

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Why would you patch out controller support?! that is insane. i was just about to click buy on Steam when i decided to look at a couple of reviews first and noticed this. Close call.

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There was an NES game where you punched things that gave you a little robot buddy with variable shooting abilities that shot stuff out...I think.

The two part jungle base robots are pretty reminiscent of those big blue robots with red heads in the 3rd stage of TMNT.

Posted by JesusHammer

Does Dan just buy every good thing and then never watch it and just sell it? Goddamn it Dan.

Posted by RuthLoose

Between this, Shovel Knight and that game that's basically Super Metroid, I'm pretty happy with where the indie games scene is headed


Posted by KillDeer
Posted by teekomeeko

Dan: *Jumps* "Hyaa!" *Dies*

Damnit, I love Dan more by the day.

Posted by SodaDog

"Rain forests are old right?" Underrated quote.

Posted by MachoFantastico

Thank god Jason's there to explain things to Dan.

Posted by Matterless

"Do Germans make robots?"

-Dan Rykert, the only film major who has never seen Metropolis

Posted by Carac
Posted by BradfordGarvey

@sodadog: And he says it as if rainforests naturally contain bridges, and those bridges are also old, just like the rainforest. It's a gem!