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Posted by artofwar420

This is pretty cool.

Posted by Spam101

damn it, recently bought journey, not played it yet. knew i should have waited

Posted by HerbieBug

Zombie skull game looks rad. Make that with big budget. I buy.

Posted by Yorkin

"No, I don't need my Nostril Shot data in the cloud."

Made me laugh.

Posted by HansKaosu

@Klei said:

Yay! Shit shovelware downloadable titles! ( Excluding Journey and Flower )

shovelware? I dont think you know what that word means.

Posted by Red12b

@DigTheDoug said:

@moomoomashoo said:

Does anyone know what it meant by "Clean Ending" on the Journey section of the disc?

It's the ending without all the ass-to-mouth.

ha, Nice!

Posted by Romination


Posted by Sword5

I enjoyed finding out about the dark violent beast that is locked away inside of TGC.