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I have somewhat high hopes for this game.

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this is not the first comment.

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I really dig the style they have going in this game.

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This can only be amazing... in a train wreck sorta way.
EDIT:  Things appear much tamer than I anticipated.

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Yes! This is what I was waiting for long time.

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Oh boy this is going to end bloody!

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This is sure to be a GB must-see.
I was wrong. Game's too competent.

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Wow. this actually looks pretty sick.

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This game sure likes a 6/10 to me...

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Gosh, Kane and Lynch are messed up. They're the most ugly, miserable and pathetic fucks in gaming.  
And for that, I love them.  
Even if they are just poorly written clichés.

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Finally the game that gets Jeff fired from Giantbomb.

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Seriously cannot wait.

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Man, this looks really interesting, the kind of really cinematic experience that could be really cool without Jeff completely ignoring what is going on and talking over everything.

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I really hope this fad of releasing demos to a very closed audience, who are for the most part people who HAVE ALREADY PURCHASED THE GODDAMN GAME. So instead of say, giving someone who went to see a movie in theaters trailers of that same movie when they then buy it on DVD or bluray, how about you just give him like, an early copy of the DVD. Same with games, how about instead of trying to sell the goddamn game to a couple people and everyone who pre-ordered the game, let the people, the majority, who are unsure of how this game is (especially with this game, considering the previous game), see just how much better it is and convince them to buy it. When I see a game is bad, I don't not buy it, usually I buy it, see its bad, and then return it. That's the nice thing about the consumer lifestyle, if something ain't good, you just bring it back. Not releasing a demo isn't going to help your sales, and with a game like this, you kind of need to release a way for people to see if this game is worth buying, when the previous iteration wasn't really, until maybe it got real low in price.

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  "The circle is now complete. When I left you, I was but the learner; now I am the master." 

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Credit this game for the birth of GiantBomb, I mean the 1st one! lol

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If I want non-police/military modern urban combat I think I'll stick with the Condemned series or 50 cent blood on the sand. The characters in this game just don't seem appealing enough for me to want to play the game & see what happens to them. Apart from the extra floating camera while running, the game itself doesn't look bad for what it's trying to do.

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I felt abit ill after I played this demo last week. 
Headache inducing.

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I was disappointed with how badly Army of Two depicted Shanghai; I really hope this game models the city a bit better.
Single player does look a lot like Army of Two gameplay though

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jeff look out! its that game that you gave a bad review!

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So when is Giant Explosive starting after Jeff doesn't give this game a high enough review? 
But really this game actually looks to be fun, the effects are really awesome and I kinda can't wait to play it now.

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Oh god the sprinting in tight places gives me a headache.
In open areas it looks great though. 
Game looks like it could be good, but sadly i don't think i can handle that awesome camera.

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Man, you guys are so funny.  Recalling what happened with the whole GameSpot review of this game's prequel is hilarious.

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YES finally, the deciding video wether i buy this game or not

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I fully hope they won't make Jeff review this because there would be exactly 0 meaningful comments under it.

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I enjoyed the first game even though I didnt get a chance to try multiplayer before It went back to the video store

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Finding anything other then chopsticks in Shanghai restaurants is actually kinda tricky. :P
Game looks great though, and it looks like it could be fun to play also. Here's hoping.

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@JeffGoldblum said:
" Finally the game that gets Jeff fired from Giantbomb. "
Get ready for a lot of these kind of comments...
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Props to Jeff for taking it on.  A lot in with his history would have just passed the game to another reviewer.

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I do like the weird filters and camera effects, it at least gives the game a bit of a unique look. Will be very interesting to see the response to this game.

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This looks ok... the story is the most important thing I think. 7/10 - 8/10 is my guess

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Jeff knows there are a lot of people who want to hear what he has to say about this game.

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I was actually starting to feel ill every time he sprinted. If I do get this game I'm definitely putting it on steady camera. 

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Looks like a generic 3rd person shooter with MP that is complete crap.  If Jeff gives it 4 or 5 stars I will rent it.
Doesn't look like much at all.

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Shame no squad based play = / no sale for me.

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Oh Snapz!

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I really didn't like the demo and the feel of the game. The undercover cop stuff was interesting, but the gameplay just isn't there.

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 I'm 15 minutes in the video and from what I'm seeing It's a huge improvement from the previous game.
I like the new visual and camera but I still don't enjoy the shooting gameplay, still too arcade for me (but definitely improved).
I think I'll buy it this time (although waiting for a "mega mondays" at zavyy, it still isn't worth 50-60 €), and considering it has Co-Op mode and multiplayer, I'd dare to foresee a 1,5+ Million sold copies.
For me, this time - from what I saw in the QL - they hit the target (hoping the story doesn't suck as we moving toward the end, as in the previous chapter).

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1 sm0ke W33d, brah.

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Kane and Lynch strike as the type of characters I'd rather be shooting at than controlling.
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Here's hoping the PC version isn't busted.

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Just watched the quicklook. Although this looks way better than the first game I can't see myself putting down $60 for it.